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Description of Quiz Panic General Knowledge

The first LIVE MULTIPLAYER crazy Quiz where you play instantly: no more waiting for others to join! Featuring thousands of THEMED QUIZZES, fab NEW GRAPHICS and crazy characters!

Play 20-player LIVE rounds in this never-before-seen mobile game! Discover just how fun General Knowledge Quizzes can really be:

• Copy the other players… without ever getting caught out!

• Change your mind any time you like… and we won’t judge!

• If you get the wrong answers… you can still win!

• Carry on quizzing… even when you’ve been knocked out!

• Panic… but in peace!

▶ Will you simply mimic everyone else? Will you change your mind? How about a spot of bluffing?

3 game modes

▶ Panic Mode: 4 to 6 players fight it out in a 5-question quiz! The winners make it through to the next round… Chaos Mode!

▶ Chaos Mode: 20 players, 10 questions, eliminations, select questions… a whirlwind of madness!

▶ Friend Mode: tackle 1 to 10 friend(s) head-on in a LIVE assault!

And there’s more!

• Anyone can play - age 7 to 117 years!

• A whole heap of free games available every day!

• The questions and players you’ll be up against are matched to your level and skills!

• More than 20,000 questions!

• Close to 100 question categories

• New cute and cuddly buddies: Quizzies!

• 100 missions to accomplish

• Make your way through 10 stages of evolution

• 30 rewards to unlock

From the developers of Superbuzzer and some of the most successful online versions of quizzes … with a total of more than 10 million players!!!

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More Information Of Quiz Panic General Knowledge

lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:2.0.46 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Gerwin Software

User Reviews


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Mohibur Rahman 2018-12-19

The bottom half of the screen is cut off on my Google Pixel 2XL. I spend 20 coins to play Chaos mode but for winning in 1st position I get back 15 coins? Absolute joke! I haven\'t given the game 0 stars because I enjoy it when I can actually play with enough lives. Isn\'t the idea to get people playing your game? Not limiting them by allowing 3 lives and having to wait forever for more. Angers me how desperate of a cash grab this is. Characters are fun and sound very similar to Minions.
Thunderstormxxo 2019-04-06

Amazing game, super fun and really does make you panic. Enjoyable for everyone. Some rewards are questionable due to the price you\'ll pay to receive it.. Apart from that, its an all round amazing game.
Kloalabear 124 2019-08-08

This game is really fun for some short games, however I wish there was more lives (hearts ) so that I can play more games more quickly, instead, I have to wait 20 minutes for just one life (out of three lives) to reappear. Saying that, I do really like the concept of the game and how fun it is to play with others.
Lovely Leen 2017-06-22

Put pink in as color option and bring back quiz tower
Amanda C. 2020-02-06

I would rate higher if the bugs were worked out. I wait quite a while for enough players in Chaos Mode, only to be errored out just as the game is about to start. It has happened multiple times. I also get errors on the main loading screen quite frequently. The game itself is really fun! The questions are challenging, without needing to be a genious to know the answers! The errors make me not want to play as much though, because it\'s really frustrating.
Lili Michelle 2017-11-16

The game is great overall I just hate when I click the answer first and then I end up getting only one point. It have done that to me many times and I decided to not say nothing about because I like the game so I hope you guys fix it. Another thing is that I wish y\'all would allow us to talk to our opponents because the wait time is usually very long and it gets boring just staring at the screen waiting for someone else to join.
L MD 2020-06-23

This app has not been updated by the developers since 2018 and ever since i began playing quiz panic which was years back there was always THE ISSUE with CHAOS MODE and the developers never fixed it even when they did update the app also there are even times when the app wont even load shame because this game is loved by many players.
Laura Chrissy 2016-05-17

Wish I could play more The whole 3 lives thing holds you back and interrupts your momentum when youre on a streak. So if you could play as much as you want, it would be even better. But I still give it 5 stars because it is a fun game.
chris fegan 2019-08-20

Nice design and concept, but have to wait way too long waiting for enough people to join to start a game, then frequently crashes when 8 out of 10 people have joined.
Starr Girl 2016-05-31

How to make quiz panic a better game Quiz panic is a nice quiz game and the Quizzy is so cute but got some ideas to make it better.There\'s only 2 kinds of games plays maybe u could add more.And you added 2 more things for Quizzys to do but maybe you can make up talk to eachother when we play. And add more levels. And make mini games for us to play with our Quizzy. Maybe u answer a question and then if u get it right u move up a space and u play it with other people.This game is a good game but needs more features.