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Description of Quora — Ask Questions, Get Answers

Quora is a Q&A platform that empowers people to share and grow the world’s knowledge. People come to Quora to ask questions about any subject, read high quality knowledge that's personalized and relevant to them, and share their own knowledge with others. Quora is a place to share knowledge and better understand the world.

* Ask a question and get helpful answers

* Follow topics and browse quality content

* Learn from credible people with first-hand knowledge

* Answer questions and share your knowledge with the world

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lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:3.0.43 Publish Date:2021-09-21 Developer:Quora, Inc.

User Reviews


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Ankit Raj 2020-10-02

The app is good. Informative and Useful. The issue is with the refresh rate and opening. Even though it is not a bulky app, it behaves like it and even in the higher Ram enable phone. I don\'t know about Apple devices but in Android its frustrating to use. Try to make it more reliable by making it light and fast. And if possible make the app little sorted and arranged. After opening, it feels like the app was stuck in a quake and all the contents just got scattered.
manoj Kondreddygari 2020-12-05

The app experience is super. I like It very much. And the theme is very simple and easy to use. I love the app because I loved to use it daily for my all daily life. If I had any doubt I will browse on Quora. It will give best answers and relevent answer and you can also ask questions also and you can get answers. It is like a game. You can answer or you can ask.
Bipin Pandey 2021-02-07

On top of my mobile phone I get to see internet speed. While using other apps I get to see a speed of 15 to 40 mbps but while using Quora app, I will see 5 to 100 kbps only. And guess what, when the app is not able to load even after 30 to 45 seconds, frustrated, I will close the app and will start doing something else. And this happens every time.
Sapphire Lynn 2021-02-27

I really love Quora, and I used to only access it through the website. It has spaces for basically anything, whether it be musical interests or animals, TV shows, etc. The reason I gave the app only 4 stars is because sometimes it will freeze while I\'m in the middle of writing something, kick me out, and when I get back in nothing is saved. Besides that, it\'s great. You can interact with different people and have questions answered, while answering them yourself as well.
Josh Hall 2020-10-08

It\'s alright, I used to enjoy it more. Issue is that people are making money asking questions but not for answering them. There are thousands of repeat questions, not even rephrased. It is supposed to be proper English only but it isn\'t and then there are people who get crazy with corrections. There are minors who should not be on here. My biggest issue is this, if typing the question in google nets a positive and absolute answer to a well known question and answer it shouldn\'t be asked here
Koushik Vijayakumar 2020-12-05

The app is making my day worse. Loading a content takes too much time. There have been no major updates in themes or other options apps like reddit provide. I cannot personally save my answer. Notifications are not regular. I can only choose one pic at a time . For each every pic I have to go find it . This is just very frustrating. My replies to a comment often goes nowhere. They are nowhere to be found. If I view it later the comment is present but my reply is not. I cannot download pictures
Kay Cuthill 2020-11-04

Very interesting app, it has loads of information that you perhaps wouldn\'t normally have access to. Quora also has incredible amounts of diffent subject matters which you can then filter down even more. I enjoy keeping up to date with random information. It stimulates your brain and learn at the same time. Can\'t praise this App enough 👍🤔
Aalia Chaudhary 2021-01-30

I like this app, but the reason for 3 stars is that, mostly when I try to use it, it says, \"No connection\". I try rebooting my phone, but nothing changes. If I go to any other app, which uses internet, the app works very fine. But I dunno what\'s the problem with this app..... Please fix the problem if possible. Thanks :-)
Maury Juana 2020-12-10

The quality of your Android app makes me want to smash phones. It\'s slow as molasses on every recent flagship Android 10 phone from numerous manufacturers that I\'ve tested it on, it\'s bizarrely frustrating trying to use text formatting, and if you somehow open the \"add url\" prompt, might as well just restart your phone if you want to compose an answer or comment. Has a habit of arbitrarily moving chunks of text around with no user input required so I have to edit 90% of submissions. Truly awful.
Abhishank Paul 2020-10-20

The app is very good and easy to use. It does not create any problem while operating and has a decent interface. One thing which I did not like is that in my Galaxy Tab A 10.1, whenever I click an answer, the answer does not get minimized and I have to scroll through several answers which I opened and reach the next question. Please kindly fix this issue or tell how to fix this as there is no option in the settings which is responsible. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars