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Description of R-Net Mobile

Your account, your transaction, your customer satisfaction!

R-Net Mobile app gives you access to your bank accounts from anywhere, anytime you like!


• Overview and history of current assets and liabilities

• Credit card transactions

• Bank transfers to your own bank accounts

• Bank transfers to national and international bank accounts saved in your Raiffeisen.Net address book

• Bank transfers to all national and international bank accounts that are not saved in your Raiffeisen.Net address book

To use these functionalities, you need a Raiffeisen.Net contract and a LuxTrust Token.

You may also find (even if you’re not a Raiffeisen customer):

• Contact details, opening hours and the geographical position of the nearest Raiffeisen branch and ATMs

• Useful numbers to get into contact with Raiffeisen


• Accessibility

• Flexibility

• Security

About us

Raiffeisen is a cooperative bank – which makes all the difference. We are committed to supporting you and serving your best interests. As your cooperative choice, it’s only natural for us to trust those who trust us.

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More Information Of R-Net Mobile

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:4.2.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Banque Raiffeisen s.c.

User Reviews


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S Grg 2019-02-10

Still bad!!! Launching and login to app is fine but once logged-in it is not working only scrolling the page and 1 or 2 menu thats all but rest doesn\'t work at all. I even couldn\'t log-off or close the app. So I had to force close it by going to recent item and close it.
Carlos Moreira 2020-10-23

The only issue I currently face is that I have to enter my Luxtrust login details every single time. Please follow the eboo banking app on this and enable the simplified access by fingerprint ! Thanks
Roy Sta 2018-10-11

The app tells me it needs to update. The store only shows options to uninstall or open (current version)...?
Kevin Moro 2018-04-06

En \"quick banking\" wier net schlecht wou een einfach mat engem code oder fangeroofdrock seng compten kann kuken
Timothee Church 2018-10-11

Je ne comprends pas l\'utilisation de Luxtrust mobile sur 1 seul et meme appareil. Comment scanner le qr code ?
Benny 2019-01-30

the app often has major issues: it is often impossible to make payments, the app doesn\'t react to cards such as pressing a case or a button. very frustrating
Franck MAGNAN 2020-10-27

App is very unstable and connecting to luxtrust mobile became very cumbersome.. I cannot default my credentials anymore from local safe app (used to save securely the user name and password for luxtrust authentication) and once I\'m in luxtrust, I do not come back in the banking app.. Two regressions from previous one that are not user-friendly at all. Changes for less isn\'t really good work
laura vidal 2019-02-03

man... i\'m giving 1 star because i can\'t give less! worst app ever! have to log in 10 times, buttons are ignored can\'t make a damn transaction but if i go to the bank to do it ... i have to pay... they must be kidding me right? really not reliable... it would be better they didn\'t propose products they don\'t even know how to use!
Zayna Philippi 2019-06-17

worst app ever , even one star to much for this app , you want to know why?!!! i have to login many times to finish what I want to do on the app it make me losing time. all the commenction in the bills French or German language i receive right , when I want to write the commenction impossible to write it in French or German letters I have to use English language lol that\'s crazy.
Raoul Thill 2018-11-29

Doesn\'t work at all, button presses are ignored, no menu changing possible. Worst banking app to do something now and fast on your mobile, very bad user experience.