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Description of Racing in Car 2

Sick of endless racing games with third person perspective? "Racing in Car 2" might be the game you are looking for. You drive your car in cockpit view through the endless traffic and realistic environment. Go as fast as possible, overtake traffic cars, earn coins and buy new cars. Eventually, become the king of the global leaderboards.


- Easy to learn and drive

- 3D realistic cockpit view

- Endless game mode

- Different locations and cars to choose

- Simulator-like controls

Try Racing in Car now to see how far the mobile racing experience come nowadays.

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More Information Of Racing in Car 2

lable: Racing - Games Current Version:1.4 Publish Date:2021-11-20 Developer:ckgames

User Reviews


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William Bohrer 2019-04-21

It\'s really fun-you drive with movement of your phone! But I only put 4 stars because there is one tiny annoying ptoblem, I think it might be a little glitch: You only get points when you barely pass other cars, and the round is over when you crash into another car. The second car you can buy with points is 7500 points, and I have been playing this game for about a month (this was written in April 2019) and I only have 2500 points. Thanks for reading my review!
Supreme Winn 2020-10-25

Can you please add a \"distance covered\" feature? I don\'t really want to play for the points I earn (I like them though) I want to know how far I\'ve gone before I crash. And thank you for this game. When I feel down I just play it and feel in control. I feel I can crash multiple times and still be able to continue... Something I\'m scared of doing in real life, at the moment. So, thank you for giving me some control.
KEDAR HUBLI 2020-11-27

Ads,... ads.....ads..!! One of the big concerns in many of the reviews.....! Solution: PLAY THE GAME WITH THE DATA OF(DON\'T KEEP INTERNET ON. THIS CAN ALSO BE PLAYED IN OFFLINE MODE. And also, there are no levels in this game... Thank me later,, Peace ✌.
Angel Corona 2021-01-28

This game is so much fun I can pretend I could drive a car but something is wrong when you drive next to a car and drive to it sometimes you will not crash sometimes my speed will go different it will go to 24 or 12 I love this theme so much for five stars
Segai Mampshika 2020-12-28

This a nice game and i enjoyed playing it, the way one slow down to avoid accidentc and you accelerate to pass other cars on the road. Its said when ine crushes and imagine how real the truth is in real life; SPEED KILLS FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD, #ALIVE_ALIVE!
Alester Williams 2020-09-23

The most I like about this game is the fast cars and the speed it\'s one of the best driving games I ever played I hope they make more driving games just like this one this is a very nice game to play anywhere anytime anyday that\'s why I gave this game five stars and thumbs up 👍👍all the way it\'s nice
Shamima Nasrin 2020-10-25

This game is nice, But...There is some importants that can be made Like- The graphics are dealable but it it can be improved, also more cars would be great, the maps should be free and u have to pay in game mony to unlock them would be better, also dainamic time should be a thing in the game.
MD sonu 2021-02-22

It is a very enjoyable game but when played it for a time I\'m finding it boring because it not enough car and sceneries and we are going on the same way and with the same car. And one is also very bad about game is that to unlock a scenery, we have to pay for it and to remove ads also.
Sandra Pyette 2021-01-08

I wrote a review already... But I wanted to edit it and so I come back and my review is gone. I\'m not sure what\'s up with this game but you can\'t exit out of the game, I also lost about 10,000 points. Damn and I already paid for this game looks like it\'s my loss. Shame it was a fun game to just doesn\'t seem honest. I like my money back but I\'m sure it\'s not going to happen.
Kendra Calixte 2021-01-18

I like the game but the fact that you have to drive close to the vehicles does not make any sense to get the money and you have to use your real money from your credit card or to get my stuff to play let\'s just being your money that isn\'t anything very nice game don\'t get me wrong but I\'m a kid and 10 and I like the game but the fact that you have to use your money you\'re actually money to get new cars and get streets is just not right that\'s why I give the four star rating but i like it tho