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Description of Radiate

Connect with other people around events & communities!

Meet new friends, ask questions, get hyped, or anything else you want. Just be polite while you're on here :)

Oh, and we have a sweet multi-colored rhino.

"One of the primary reasons people go to festivals is for the community, and that’s what Radiate provides." -Insomniac

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lable: Social - Apps Current Version:2.48 Publish Date:2022-05-17 Developer:Radiate

User Reviews


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Abby Burkhalter 2020-12-21

Only way to login is by having facebook. I deleted my facebook for good earlier this year. Facebook has ruined politics in this country and to make your app only avaliable to those who continue to use it is pretty dumb. I would love to use radiate as a replacement for finding out about shows and festivals since I no longer have facebook because finding out about shows and events is literally the only thing I miss about facebook. Guess I\'ll have to keep my eyes out for a different app. :(
Gabby De Leon 2016-07-10

LOVE the concept I\'m a first time user and to be honest.. I really think this is a great app for those who like festivals or would like to know more from the community itself (we all know how negative this community is perceived). Only downside to this app is how glitchy it is on my galaxy s7. Tells me it can\'t connect to the server way too many times(yet some pages still work?) I know the app is fairly new and needs adjustments so I can\'t really complain. It\'s working and I\'m happy but could use some improvements.
Brian Touhy 2016-07-21

Great idea, terrible app EDIT! GOOD APP! I love every aspect of this app, but its functionality is absolute garbage. Horrible loading times, crashes often, and generally glitchy. Ill change my rating once they fix these issues. EDIT: They updated the app and most of the problems are fixed. Good job!
rye fogle 2021-01-01

This app is NOT for crappy people. If you don\'t rave, don\'t download, go to your local bar get drunk and be a creep there, don\'t creep in my scene, you won\'t last long here.
James Young 2019-05-05

I have had a horrible experience k this app. it is so buggy on Android. the app honestly only works 40% of the time I open it and will crash 10% of the time any time I click on a button. not sure how to fix it.... but it max for a miserable experience
Kyle Westerfield 2019-06-16

this app is so trash. the worst of the edm scene all bundled into one app. good concept, terrible execution. you can\'t even unfollow events that you have no interest in going to and see thirsty men and thotty chicks trying to get free tickets. most people selling tickets look like scams and I\'ve only had 1 honest encounter with another person from radiate.
MINK 2019-11-30

Just discovered this app and it\'s not letting me sign up. Facebook keeps saying that this app doesn\'t exist.
Tony Nauta 2018-12-01

Edit 11/30/18: All videos play again! Does exactly what I want, can meet new people with similar interests, connect at events, create groups, post crazy pix. Also the crashes/bugs are slowly but surely being worked out.. Isn\'t crashing as much as it used to.
ronnie c 2019-09-24

This app is janky as hell. Videos autoplay and the sounds keeps playing even if you exit the app or go to a different section of the app. Errors when opening a notification. Auto refreshes that ruin your place in the timeline.
monique munro 2018-10-09

I had this app on my temp phone, then finally got a new fancier phone, and i cant use it. Its stuck on the intro screen with no way to log in. :( Btw i have project fi and the new LG thin.