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Description of Radio Online - PCRADIO

We are glad to our present new online radio broadcasting app. Hundreds of radio stations of different genres are available in fast and small radio player.

Now you can listen to all the stations in high quality even with low speed Internet connection. Enjoy your favourite radio stations everywhere – whether you are driving your car or having a picnic with your friends – all you need is mobile Internet (24 Kbit/sec and more).

PCRADIO is battery efficient and can be controlled from your headset.

To the owners of the radio stations: if you want to add or remove your station please contact us via add@pcradio.ru

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:PCRADIO

User Reviews


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Justin Buss 2019-08-27

Music constantly pausing
Leigh-Ann Karp 2017-11-17

Terrific app! I listen to it everyday while I\'m at work. Either to stream music for the seniors I work with during activities or special events/parties, or for myself while sitting at the computer. I only listen to the oldies stations, 1920\'s to 40\'s which are hard to find on other apps. Or you can search an artist\'s name (not every artist but most popular ones) and find a discography station with only music sung by that artist 24/7. Can\'t go wrong with 8 hours of Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin 😁
Greg Z. 2019-04-18

They\'ve now added two features: fade-in & fade-out, and auto-play when Bluetooth (re)connects. But a huge omission is the lack of settings to turn them off! Every time BT gets disconnected, it starts playing on its own, after reconnect. How stupid to change default behavior w/o a setting for switching it back. I\'m reverting to the old version until or if this is ever fixed. The app is cool, efficient, and has sweet discography \"stations.\" Useful equalizer!
A Google user 2017-10-01

Had this app on my old phone and loved it. Got the new version on this phone and it\'s even better! Really does work with slow data when I would run out of 4g. Keep up the good work on this app guys! Would love to see a grateful dead station sometime. ;)
H. Scull 2017-05-14

I have sirius and the channels here have 90% less commercials and it\'s only $5 a year. 90% less commercials mean that much more music. Please don\'t sell out. Where did the record button go? Now it just links to youtube. Not good to remove features from a paying subscription app!
Chuck S. Gideon 2017-08-17

This is a really nice radio streaming app. No frills, just great selection, a bunch of different genres, and really good sound quality with a built in equalization. To top it all off, it works great without WiFi !!!
Tom Doan 2017-05-11

This is probably the best no-frills internet radio app for Android. There were some radio apps that I used to use, but I switched to this when they started to get too ad-happy. UPDATE: Deducting one star for new intrusive ads.
Alex Uprise 2019-08-17

One of the best internet radio applications available, to say the least. A VERY LONG list of different radio streams from all over the world to choose from. This app also boasts simple and uncluttered UI, stable and absent of bugs. Definitely a must-have on your smartphone! Personal wishes: a function for managing custom personal stream collections/folders/tags; a function for adding custom radio streams; availability of exportable listening history with track names.
Vitali Smirnov 2018-11-02

I have tried many online radio apps, all of them has one big problem, they stop streaming for no obvious reason and don\'t start until you turn them back on. This app does wat it should and does restart if the stream breaks. Also selection of stations is enormous! Good App, a little unusual set up but then you work it out, it\'s all fine, thanks to developers!
Steven Koon 2017-07-08

This app actually breaks the scale with its continuous improvements. My favorite things are the equalizer, the low data usage, and being able to play in the background. However, there is one issue with cycling through channels in the background. The order of the channels you cycle through doesn\'t seem to be in any reliable order. When your on your favorites list, sometimes your next channel you cycle through in the background would not be on that list and then sometimes it would be.