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Description of Ragdoll Car Crash

😎Prepare for the 😲craziest😲 sporting event ever conceived!😎 Are you up to:

💥- Driving ultra fast?

💥- Crashing?

💥- Watching awesome destruction?

Then Ragdoll Car Crash is the game for you! This ultimate arcade experience will have you laughing with joy.


How far can you make the ragdoll go? Try out for yourself!😎

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.0.51 Publish Date:2022-05-31 Developer:BoomBit Games

User Reviews


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Ed the red 2020-03-15

Every level, every play is just a repeat of itself. Touch the screen to start moving. That\'s really it. That\'s all there is to this \"game\". Every try. Every level. Every play is THE SAME EXACT THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. THIS \"GAME\" IS BORING!
Justin King 2020-04-19

Good game idea, poor execution. I assume the physics are correct, but everything else is lacking: - The first car upgrade looks to be a year\'s worth of playing. - The dance the dummy does when setting a new record is, in a word, LAME. I think they tried to make it \"funny,\" or \"cool\"... But it comes off as extremely amateur. - The dance is blocked with the score screen anyways, so either way it\'s a pointless gimmick, and one of the reasons I\'m uninstalling. - Ads.
Denis Zen 2020-04-15

An ad EVERY run. Not only will I uninstall your game and not change my rating I will not download any of the apps that you have advertised on your app. And I\'m going to contact the other developers of the apps and tell them why I\'m not going to download their app because of you. MONEY HUNGRY SCUM.
Andrew O\'Hara 2020-04-27

The game is lots of fun. If I\'m being completely honest, I\'d probably give it more of a 4.25-4.5 bu, I really like it, so I just rounded up. The reason I was more inclined to a slightly lower rating is that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to which car you choose or the purpose of the various outfits or accessories. Do they help you in the game or are they just random? Ultimately, as much as I\'m enjoying the game, I really wish there was a clearer picture of how to improve your gameplay.
Aiden Smithson 2020-04-13

A bit samey same, needs perhaps longer map with maybe different roots to take on lead up? Car is heavy and not easy to steer on approach to impact. Also maybe more emphasis on the dummy breaking through the windscreen, just for giggles (maybe show off some physics in slomo impact with flying glass particle effects before camera zooms out to dummy flight) Finally the ability to control approach speed would be good to allow use of early stages with a powerful car?
matthew bromley 2020-06-14

Nice game but the ads......i realise developers need to make money, but ads after every level!!! When i try and get rid of some ads they open Google Playstore, which is wrong. Sometimes the ads come on when i\'m in the middle of upgrading the engine and bounce, which is annoying.
John Malone 2020-03-28

I enjoy the game I think it\'s a great time waster play it on the bus play it on my break at work stuff like that. My only issue is for some reason my offline earnings no longer show up.
Charlie Deycon 2020-03-16

Fun game, but far, far, far, far too many adverts. Ridiculous amount of adverts, just ridiculous.
David Freeman 2020-05-16

Great game before... the update. Previously it was a click and it would just accelerate, now there\'s a bar that moves to select the amount of acceleration. This is where the issues started. It says \"tap to start\" however half the time it doesn\'t work now. Take off the bar and put it back to how it was, not a good change!
Sahil Chaudhary 2020-03-30

Seems quite impressive but after playing a few levels it gets boring just because in each level you upgrade some parts and hit the car with more power. There can be some tasks, ads are also a problem they are irritating after a time!