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Description of Rage Road - Car Shooting Game

If you can keep your head …

It’s chaos out there on the open road! Homicidal maniacs in a frenzy of rage, tearing up the highway in tricked-out cars and trucks in pursuit of… YOU!

Crouched in the back of a pickup with just your gun and your special-agent training to see you through, can you survive the hailstorm of bullets and endless onslaught of racing enemy vehicles? If you can keep your head when everyone’s gunning for it, then Rage Road might just be the game for you…

🚘 Shoot from the hip at break-neck speed!

★ Hybrid technology: Unique gameplay combining race and shooter elements for maximum action and thrills. As your enemies storm up behind you, use your sharp-shooting skills to take them out before they get close enough to gun you down or blow you up.

★ Safety features: Get your aim just right and you can shoot up multiple enemies, as well as causing spectacular collisions that bring down several vehicles at once. Or take cover behind the tailgate, bide your time and pick off enemies one-by-one – just watch out for the real speed merchants and kamikaze bombers.

★ Intelligent design: Over 80 strategic shooter levels that require you to count your bullets and plan your shots depending on the type of vehicle and number of passengers. Complete levels to earn cash and crystals that you can spend on upgrades for your truck, your gun and your character.

★ Great in-car entertainment: Fun graphics and a banging soundtrack to keep you energized and entertained as you smash your enemies, plus 11 different locations, each with color variations to ensure you never get bored in the back seat.

★ Reliability issues: As if the endless stream of psychotic highway bandits wasn’t enough, between levels you’ll have to deal with the sardonic comments of your glamorous boss, who’s not at all impressed by all this reckless macho road rage.

★ Superior equipment levels: 13 unique weapons to collect and select – from pistols to SMGs to assault rifles – with a total of 45 different skins. Power, reload speed and magazine size all vary from gun to gun, so find the weapon that best suits your playing style and the demands of each particular level. If you can’t snipe ‘em, blast ‘em!

★ Choice of trim: Upgrade your truck with a wild range of aftermarket addons and paint jobs. Work on yourself, too, with 4 different elements of your character’s outfit to upgrade and match, taking you from a sober secret agent to a flamboyant green-haired highway warrior.

★ Ultimate performance: 4 varieties of hard-to-kill boss in formidable customized vehicles to really test your shoot-from-the-hip skills. Armored vehicles can take some real punishment, so dodge incoming fire and keep plugging away until you finally reduce these monster trucks to heaps of scrap.

No respect for the highway code!

Those maniacs are breaking the rules of the road left, right and center! Come on, agent, it’s your mission to make them pay! Bring them to justice with blown tyres, wrecked engines, and exquisite multiple kills.

That’ll teach them! Take out those ne’er-do-wells in style and bring some law and order back to Rage Road in this all-action highway adventure.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.3.14 Publish Date:2021-08-19 Developer:SayGames

User Reviews


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Andrei Talmazan 2020-05-19

(The game is just awesome, so much fun so many possibilities of enemies falling out of the car. Totally recommend it!) This was my first impression, then after the update where you can only use the starting pistol and all the others weapons you can get only by luck at the start of the are is just ridiculous, used to play all the time was bored waiting in line etc. Now it\'s just stupid, I regret updating the game. It really was awesome and physics are very cool, but all was destroyed.
Erin Anderson 2020-04-22

Gameplay is ok, but the controls are in need of refinement. There should be a way of aiming and firing separately rather than just having the character autofire until you need to reload. The whole mechanic is very awkward. Why did my character stop shooting? Oh, stop aiming and tap again. The first shot is always wasted because the cursor always starts in the middle of the screen and you move it from there. Every. Single. Time.
CallMeEggson 2021-01-09

The Game is fun, but my only issue is you can never afford the guns that cost money. So your only option are the guns you can get by watching an ad unless you wanna spend real money so the guns don\'t cost more than your game money. And there isn\'t even an option to watch an ad for money. 8/10 Edit: it takes some time to get money and the maximum price is around $6,400
Koba Quave 2020-04-18

It\'s an amazingly simplistic game. And very fun. If you guys are open to suggestions/ideas, I think it would be awesome if you could implement an \"endless mode\" or a \"zen mode\". My only complaints are the gun prices, the fact that the gun shop stops giving you any guns besides pistols and smgs after a while and the ads (obviously) but other than that, keep up the good work and please do take my suggestions into consideration. I would love to be a long time supporter of rage road.
Magna Thedra 2020-12-28

Pretty fun action-shooter game. Non-stop shooting to stop the enemies, in whatever vehicle or however they come at you. Will come back to the game for sure. =] Edit: Have returned to enjoy a bit more. Devs asked for input- - 1. Include more hazards to shoot. More ways to kill enemies = more variety. Will edit after a little more play, with more. Want to see what may have changed ;)
Glenn Stone 2020-06-15

I am not sure what happened. Today the game reverted to an older version. I lost all of my purchases, upgraded weapons, extra lives and special weapons (grenade, oil drum and road spikes). My progress was saved and achievements. But unless this gets fixed, I\'m scoring the games experience with a single star and deleting the game. Please fix, this was a great game to spend some down time on.
Phaz ON 2020-05-17

Pretty fun game. The missions need to be explained. What is a \"Fade Kill\" or \"Tear Kill?\" Too many other levels have no active settings like the Beach, Mountain Road and Icy Road. It would be cool if those settings were interactive. The drones somehow are ghost drones and are unaffected by objects...stupid. Also when shooting road signs only every other sign can be shot down. Whats the point in that? And the update was ok. Hard Road is fun at best. Not much reward is given for defeating it.
J Leab 2020-05-15

I payed almost $5 to remove ads. It did not remove ads. I have to watch a 30 second ad between each death or level progression. It is extremely time consuming. I immediately requested a refund by contacting the developer by the email given to no avail. A week later no one has responded, and Google won\'t refund because it is past 48 hours. That\'s nearly $5 for absolutely nothing and then no response from devs. So upset.
Jim Griffin 2021-01-06

It\'s a great game, I think as a person advances the drones get to be a entirely stupid, especially 2 in a level, it really does take the fun out of it. I just delete the game reload it and start over once the drones start showing up constantly in each level.
Wendell Patterson 2020-04-17

This might be the best game I\'ve downloaded all year. It\'s a really fun game to play a simple action packed shooter. What makes it great is that every level is different and if you fail the level will still have a different set of vehicles/people shooting at you. You never know who\'s turning the corner first. The physics are good for this game because if a car is tumbling the people inside should fall out and if a truck hits them it should flip or be diverted. Great Job!!!