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Description of Rakuten Link

This is an all-in-one dialer application for Rakuten Mobile’s 「Rakuten UN-LIMIT V」 subscribers to use free calls, messages and SMS, and access Rakuten services and Rakuten info.

Rakuten Link's basic features

[""Calls"": Free voice and video calls]

「Rakuten UN-LIMIT V」 subscribers can use unlimited calls and SMS to Rakuten Link users, as well as to other mobile networks and landline numbers in Japan and in 66 designated countries and regions through Rakuten Link. Calls / SMS to mobile phones and landlines including other carriers in Japan are free when calling to a Japanese number.

[""Messages"": Fun group messages]

You can create chat groups for up to 100 people, and share photos, videos, and documents, as well as messages.

[""Discovery"": Find new services with recommendation! Access your favorite services anytime!]

Use a variety of Rakuten services and partner services from Rakuten Link. You can use the favorite features to use your favorite services right away, and also get suitable services recommended to you through AI.

[""Missions"": Earn points by using the app and participating in campaigns!]

Earn Rakuten points by using the app and participating in good deal campaigns. You can also check the completion status of Start Bonus Chance and SPU (Super Point Up program); and participate in membership campaigns of your interest such as Mamawari, Gakuwari, Petwari, and MyCarwari.

[""Wallet"": Check Rakuten point status and access payment services easily]

Check your ""Available points"", ""Time Limited Points"", ""Rakuten Cash"" and ""Future Points Grant"" anytime anywhere with ""Wallet"" feature. Status check of Super Point Up Program is also available. You can access the Rakuten Pay app and Rakuten Points Card easily from ""Wallet"", making smartphone payments and collecting points easy.

[""News"": Get latest news and good deal coupons across the country as you need]

You can get the latest news every day and clip news for reading later. Good deal coupons across the country are also available for use just by showing in stores.

[""Navigation menu"": Customize the menu as you like]

Add/delete/rearrange the app menu from the navigation menu for easy access to various features. More menus are coming soon.

* Free calls and free messages in overseas are available in designated 66 countries and regions. When roaming outside of the designated 66 countries and regions, Rakuten Link is available to use over Wi-Fi only.

* From Japan to overseas, or from overseas to overseas, calls are pay-as-you-go (SMS is free for 66 overseas designated countries and regions).

* Using Link in Japan or in the designated 66 countries and regions does not count towards your domestic or overseas roaming data usage.

* You cannot call emergency services in Japan or overseas via Rakuten Link when roaming internationally.

* Calls and messages are available even in low-speed data mode.

* Please note usage fees, overseas roaming (data communication) and international calling, international SMS and international calling unlimited service areas are subject to change without notice in the future.

For more detail information, please refer below links (Japanese).


How to use





If a problem occurs, please delete the application and try downloading it again.

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More Information Of Rakuten Link

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:2.1.13 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Rakuten,Inc.

User Reviews


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Masahiro Otani 2020-12-17

かゆいところに手が届かず、無駄な機能は全面に出て来る。 IP電話の品質は、回線状況に左右されるようで、とても悪いときもある。全体的に、このアプリは、システムへの介入が強すぎ、そのせいでうまく動かない場合が多々ある。現状、品質があまり良くないし、でも安いので仕方なくこのアプリにログインするといった具合で、ポジティブな意味で使っているわけではない。 そして、このアプリに私が最も求めているのは通話録音機能で、これが必要になるのはいろいろな理由があると思うが、録音機能が必要な場合、現状ではこのアプリを使わないようにするしかない。まだ、受信はアプリで受けないような設定でもあれば多少マシになると思う。 留守番電話をかんたんに確認できる点は良いと思うが、それ以外にいい点がない。
Ali Emre Kepenek 2020-04-09

It works, but I think many people don\'t know that you have to select your carrier in your phone settings manually and not automatically. After manually selecting Rakuten as carrier, you can receive phone calls and SMS (which you need to activate this app)! Because this process is not clear for many, I give it 3 stars.
Muhammed Nasir 2020-04-08

Awsome, even when no signal I can get call over WiFi
Garima N 2021-01-10

Not able to receive OTP and not able to call. If you are Android users. You can get OTP only if you are requesting it within Rakuten line network. To solve the OTP issue Step1) check Rakuten line map available on Rakuten site. Step 2) go to nearest Rakuten line area Step 3) go to sim and network settings and select Rakuten 4g manually Step 4) request OTP and do remaining settings. After that app will work
Balagopal Kumar 2020-08-20

Love this App. Love messaging features similar to Whatsapp but can send to anyone in the world. Also like wifi calling feature because cell coverage at my home is not good
Jurefa Rayson E H Dongoran 2020-04-29

This apps is good for free call and free SMS as long as you have internet connection. Its not using your phone signal. The really minus point is some phone number cant go through this apps. I tried with one of my friend number, it have the notification that you re being called by that number, but can\'t connect. And last one I dont know if its only my phone or not, when you lock your phone, if there is incoming call, it just vibrate like receiving incoming message only and does not pop up.
AqousSH_08 NewUser 2020-05-07

I called my friends by using this apps. Some of them can see my phone number on their phone when I call them. Some of them see \"private number\" on their phone when I call them and they did not pick up the phone. Because they did not know who was trying to reach them. Also voice quality is not not good. If this issue continue then I will switch to another provider soon.
Manish Kumar Jain 2020-07-13

Rakuten Link is just like another app, which is an internet platform based app and Id is our SIM base Phone Number which is run through internet and which seems to be given, first priorty but Rakuten doesn\'t think so that wise never work on it but they update the app adding with new function like News, Wallet, etc. 1 If Rakuten Link App on call, another app should be on hold or show busy 2. If there is a Call on another app, then another app should go on HOLD and Rakuten Link should pop up.
racy gomes 2020-08-22

One of the worst possible app for communicating. Very very bad UI/UX, neither a messenger nor a proper dialer nor a news app either, simply good for nothing.
Carl Rei Saito 2020-10-18

It works OK, with some bugs (mostly that I don\'t receive phone calls occasionally). However, the biggest annoyance is that I can\'t set it as my default phone app. I\'ve tried every guide, contacted Rakuten support, even looked at the XML file, and still can\'t do it! Please fix this, otherwise the app is so annoying to use.