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Description of Random Number Apps

One of the best Random Number Generators on the store, it can be used to generate numbers from a range of different items, from Tombola and Bingo Balls, Cards, and even dice. You can even create a random set of items in a list and have it pick an item from there.

There are 9 different apps to choose from, you should be able to find one that suits what you need, and all of them have various settings so can be altered.

The app now speaks ( this can be turned on / off ) the value that get's generated in various utilities within this app.

[ Single Random Number ]

You can pick a random number from a minimum and maximum value, with some extra settings thrown in. The values can range from -99999 to 99999.

[ Single Large Ball ]

This will create a single large lottery ball that will show a number as it rolls towards you, you can choose values from 0-999 ( you can modify the minimum and maximum value ), great for those bingo games.

[ Globe ]

This shows a globe with bouncing balls, you press the button to draw one ball from the globe. It will show the current drawn ball and all the balls drawn before it, just scroll to see all the drawn balls. Use full for Tombola, Keno, Bingo, Lotto or maybe the Lottery.

[ Random Numbers ]

It will display a set of up to 32 numbers all picked from a minimum and maximum value, press the button to regenerate them. You can choose a number from 0 to 99999 it will also allow duplicates if required.

[ Random Lists ]

You can create multiple random lists of your favourite items and let the program pick an item from the list for you, once set up it will save the lists out so can easily be recalled later.

[ Spin the Wheel ]

You can spin the wheel with a flick of the finger, you can have from 2-16 segments within the wheel, the quicker you flick the faster the wheel spins.

[ Roll the Dice ]

You can roll a selection of 1-10 dice, it will show you the rolled dice, and store each roll. It will also add the dice up and give you a running total. You can scroll back over the previous rolls as well.

[ Random Cards ]

The app will pick a set of random cards from the deck, you can choose to use all the suits or pick a suit to use. You can also pick the amount of cards to show from 1-8. It will keep picking cards until the deck is used up and then reset the deck.

[ Whack-A-Ball ]

This is a bit of fun, click the balls as they bounce around, it will then give you a random number that will be generated from a minimum and maximum value. It will display the previously hit balls below.

With its simplistic and colourful UI, its ease of use makes it perfect for any situation. Do you need to pick lottery numbers or just a set of random numbers or items then this is the app for you.

It also has multiple languages to choose from: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese, you can change the language without exiting the app.

Will scale to fit any size screen, it will work across all phones and tablets.


- Multiple Utilities

- Simple and Easy to use UI

- Can be used for various activities

- Multiple settings in each utility

Languages Supported

- English

- Simplified Chinese

- Italian

- Spanish

- Portuguese

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More Information Of Random Number Apps

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:19 Publish Date:2021-10-09 Developer:E.B.S.

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