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Description of RaspManager

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General Information:

Check and control your Raspberry Pi ® easily from your smartphone with RaspManager. RaspManager sets connection with your Raspberry Pi ®, via SSH, anywhere**.

RaspManager has three sections: Status, Explorer and Terminal


Get your Raspberry Pi ® information: Running processes, available memory, network status, temperature, etc.

- Allows restart and shutdown your Raspberry Pi ® remotely.

- Allows mount and dismount drives and filesystems remotely.

- Allows kill process remotely

+File Explorer:

RaspManager includes a simple file explorer, in order to send and receive files local and remotely.

- Allows copy, cut, paste and delete folders and files from your smartphone.

- Allows send folders and files from your smartphone to your Raspberry Pi ®.

- Allows copy, cut, paste and delete folders and files from your Raspberry Pi ® remotely.

- Allows receive folders and files from your Raspberry Pi ® to your smartphone.

- Allows download files to your Raspberry Pi ®, setting the download link.


RaspManager includes a simple console terminal, where you can have a full control for your Raspberry Pi ® anywhere.

- It has a commands used history (up to 100 commands).

- To navigate through the command history, you can use volume keys, from your smartphone.

- You can create custom commands and use it in Terminal


- For those who have the Pi Camera you can take photos and preview it on your smartphone (in continuos development).

Requirements to work correctly:

RaspManager needs the following to work correctly:

- A SSH server: Most Raspberry Pi ® distributions has a SSH server installed. Otherwise, you can install the openssh package.

- To show bandwith correctly, it's neccesary have installed the ifstat package.

More Information:

*: Although RaspManager was designed to work with Raspberry Pi ®, due to Raspberry Pi ® is Linux based, RaspManager can run on any Linux distribution , as long as it takes into account the prerequisites.

**: To user RaspManager on external networks it's necessary get your Raspberry.

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More Information Of RaspManager

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:v3.6.1 Publish Date:2022-03-04 Developer:Jesús Cea Oliva

User Reviews


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SuperCookie 8000 2017-07-29

This app has everything I need for my coming raspberry pi. I have a few questions, does it work with retropie and the raspberry pi zero w? If it does, this app might make it to my raspberry pi YouTube video, Thanks, Levi from SuperCookie 8000
A Google user 2018-02-25

I have been facing a problem lately, contacted the developer via email, fast response and the issue is fixed!
Secret Saturn 2017-06-26

Well I haven\'t tried the app yet but it looks so good and I am running retropie so how to connect.
Cico Mico 2020-04-25

I bought it to support developement, but it really needs a lot of fixes on the code but also cosmetics, it is quite ugly made. Please further develope this app, as slowly more people are starting to use raspberry pi, this app comes second best and is not that stable, so a lot of them will go for the other one, which i personally do not like because of the privacy issues it\'s got. But not to many think like me...
甘忠仁Diantokam 2016-06-04

Can\'t Shutdown Raspberry Pi 2 I\'m able to reboot my raspberry pi 2 with this great app, but unable to shutdown with this app, when i click Shutdown button.... There is no reaction at all not even popup message like i click reboot button. Please help me with this problem, your app is great, I\'m using Zte N986 Rooted. Thank you
Oclee de geek 2020-02-04

Fairly simple and good app, used a few to manage my pis at home. But this one is good and simple to use. Just for aesthetics, the tutorial text is very blurred and messy to walk through but the normal screens are clear.
Camille Roy 2017-03-20

I am new to the world of the Pi and I am trying to use your application to issue a reboot or shutdown and both buttons fail. If I open a terminal session and issue the sudo poweroff or restart command it works. What am I doing wrong? Otherwise this is an excellent app and would certainly rate it at least a 4 if I could get this to work with the buttons siince I plan to control the Pi in headless mode. Looking forward to use the paid version once I get this solved. After a quick response from the développer I am giving this app a 5 star. Here is the solution he provided. : Press \"Edit\" button in the toolbar, to edit your conneciton configuration.  Then, write your \"sudo\" password in the \"sudo\" field and save the changes.  After that, when you press the \"shutdown\" or \"reboot\" button the application shows you a confirmation dialog with 3 buttons (please, check this because in previous version some people report me that only shows 2 buttons), The buttons are :Yes Yes, using \"sudo\" password <<<<<< No
Kevin 2016-03-12

Great but needs restart Why doesn\'t it connect first time? On the same wifi. If you kill the app and restart it connects first time...? Baffled. Any ideas?
Mat Fen 2018-11-17

I\'ve been using this app for more than 1 year, 10/10 stars
Vivek Vaz 2016-04-05

Great app. I used the ssh terminal built-in to record videos on my Rpi whenever I need through the internet. And if needed stream it to my phone afterwards. Cool !