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Description of Rayman Fiesta Run

★ Included in Google Play Picks: Best Games of 2013 ★

***Pocket Gamer - 9/10 - “A spunky, joyous, addictive gem [...] Another giddy and breathless mix of memory and reflexes”

Join legendary platforming hero Rayman for a new adventure on your favorite mobile device!

If you enjoyed Rayman Jungle Run, you will love Rayman Fiesta Run and its new wacky Fiesta world! Lunge for cocktail umbrellas, leap on limes and punch those piñatas…the sky’s the limit!


* More than 75 levels welcome you for the Fiesta!

* Bounce on sausages and make your way through 4 new festive worlds

* Beat all 3 new epic bosses to reach the dreaded Land of the Livid Dead Island!

* Collect Lums to get awesome rewards and power-ups


* Rayman could jump, fly, punch and run up the walls…

* …he can now slide, swim or shrink on the fly into a tiny hero

* Unleash the power of the Super Punch!


* Play all the levels you thought you knew in a totally different way

* Avoid new traps and defeat even fiercer enemies

* Get ready for more great challenges!


* Rayman Jungle Run was pretty… Rayman Fiesta Run looks absolutely delicious!

* Immerse yourself into the Fiesta thanks to the increased depth of field

* And if you like great lightings, Rayman has put a brand new disco ball up for you!


Share your activities, post your achievements on Facebook, and follow your friends on the world map.

This game can be downloaded over the air, no Wi-Fi needed to play!

Bring the Fiesta to your Tablet ! Rayman Fiesta Run is absolutely gorgeous on big screens

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Arabic.

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More Information Of Rayman Fiesta Run

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.4.2 Publish Date:2021-09-10 Developer:Ubisoft Entertainment

User Reviews


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brandon heat 2016-04-30

Fun I\'d you\'ve ever played Rayman legends then this is a must. Same graphics, same music. It\'s wonderfully charming. it\'s just a constant running game though, so no freedom to explore like the console games. In app purchases aren\'t necessary, they just give you advantages to speed through the game quicker
Phil Kovoor 2016-05-03

Great but some major problems The game is fun when actually playable. I have had this on 3 high end devices and it NEVER performs correctly. It needs to be connected to the Internet to turn on because it checks the license and then when it is on its music is distorted or the sound effects are totally gone. Then sometimes the thing lags on other devices. It is horribly implemented on android and is really unacceptable
Ryan Bloom 2015-12-26

This is a premium game that you pay money for, but they still make you watch video advertisements and have microtransaction coin packs for you to buy like this was a free-to-play game. That\'s really, really gross. Even if Rayman Fiesta Run might be fun, the fact that they make you pay for the game and then beg you to pay even more is difficult to forgive.
bobloblaw 2020-06-01

This game is super fun and addicting. I ended up playing for around 9 hours and I mastered every single level. Levels have variety every now and then which keeps things fresh and new so it doesn\'t really get boring. One thing that I loved as an addition to the game was the powerups. They really help new players and also help master levels a bit easier. Another thing that I loved about this was how easy the controls were to learn. Easy to learn but hard to master. This game is well worth a dollar
Kim Miku 2019-09-07

The first game I\'ve played was Rayman Jungle Run so it was amazing, magical graphics, nice soundtracks and an extraordinary gameplay of course. Now I try this one and as a result.. I can say I definitely love these Rayman\'s games especially this one. Similar to JR just that with a different enviroment and new levels but with the same comfortable and relax gameplay. I think it was a good purchase. Best wishes Ubisoft.
komodo gamer 2019-04-21

Man it says 15.2 mb,then just to play it you have to download 169046 kb just to play it. Due to my garbage a$$ internet,it says internet connection timed out and restarts all over again. So it\'s taken me well over,2hrs,the time to get my refund. Dammit I knew it was a bad idea to get this game and done it anyways,it\'s my fault. Tell people how much is needed to (play) the game before they buy it,just waisted 99 cent,it\'s not alot but to much for garbage. Thanks for a waisted 2 hrs and $1.
Philip Witowski 2020-08-24

Pretty fun, but not as good as original as the level design seems a bit worse/bland. In particular, the micro transactions are a bit too in your face and create lag loading them in each level. Frustrating paying for something than still having to deal with mtx.
Henry Denner 2017-05-05

I absolutely love the levels. Visually exciting and colourful. I can get frustrated if I keep doing the same thing wrong over and over, but that is the learning process. I neef to comments on the soundtrack however. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT (Same for Jungle Run as well) ❤❤, and especially the ones where the vocals get involved. Sooooooo catchy!!! I hope Ubisoft brings us another version of Rayman \"whatever\" Run soon. Great game!!! Love Jungle too. But Fiesta my favourite!
Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini 2019-03-05

Absolutely gorgeous! 1 tap play, amazing! One of the best platform on Android!
Nurul Syahilah 2020-02-19

It said download error.. When i tried to download the addition data that was required.. Is there any ways to make it works? I\'m very frustrated right now.. The screen only show \'\' download error n not connected to any network\'\'.. The heck not connected🙄🙄🙄