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Description of Real Chess 3D

The best 3D Chess game is here! Play Chess in immersive 3D graphics.

Challenge your friends to matches or play against the AI players in the best chess game.

Real Chess 3D is one of the most realistic and enjoyable chess games available on mobile.

Customize the look and feel of your game by choosing the chess board, checkers, piece type, table. It's like you are actually playing chess in real because of the realistic 3d graphics.

Tap on a piece to choose it and then tap on the desired target position to make your move.


● Play against the AI with 4 difficulty levels.

● Play against another human opponent.

● Customize the look and feel of the board.

● Relaxing music.

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More Information Of Real Chess 3D

lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.26 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:EivaaGames

User Reviews


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Andrei Roșu 2019-01-08

Why is the table rotating in two players? Why?! Doesn\'t it make sense that the two human players are sitting face to face? Yet the table rotates after every turn. So stupid. Just change the perspective of the viewing angle (tilt) after every turn instead...
Omkar Sawardekar 2019-05-25

Best chess game ever played! Amazing graphics and animations with soothing music. The difficulty levels are good with CPU. The 2-player mode is also great. Cool customisations and good interface. We can rotate the board for playing at different angles for real-chess experience. Only problem is that there is no sound of moving checkers and also for new people, there is not any tutorial mode. Otherwise the experience is like playing a real chess. Great work team!
Anastasia Botella 2020-06-08

I really love this game, the board and graphics are beautiful, and there\'s a nice sound in the background. It has different levels of play and several different avatars who can play with you or you can play other people. Really fun and no ads pop up to distract your game. You can also customize the table, items on the table, colors and types of boards. Very nice app♥️
Jezinho 2020-04-20

I like this. I find I make the odd mistake, especially not noticing bishops, which I don\'t do on a real board, but I get a much better feel than on a 2d view. I prefer an oblique view to see what\'s going on. One problem is that you don\'t confirm each move, so any slip ends up in a move. Of course you can undo the move once the AI has moved but it kind of feels like cheating. I am not good. I can beat the \"Normal\" AI about 25% of the time at the moment. So it works for me.
technical Lion Sandeep 2020-04-10

It is a good and interesting game. I have been playing this game for last month . And my experience is fantastic with this game .It is also good for mind . It makes mind be sharp. So I want to say to all person please try this game. And those person who doesn\'t know how to play chess . They can learn chess play with computer. So I suggest you please download this app and enjoy.
A Google user 2019-01-31

wow!, greater than any other chess games on play store. We can adjust the camera angle this feature is very great I love it. graphics are very stunning. MAN! I can\'t express my feeling in words. it is the greatest game I\'ve ever played my friends also liked this game when I show it to them. They also downloaded this game. This game should be awarded for its graphics.
prashant mahat 2020-03-03

I love it. It gives experience as if palying in real life. I have been palying this Real Chess 3D since last month and it has been great experiene and all functions, sound quality, video quality, graphics and all are very real amindbbbowing .I just love it and i will surely recommend my friends to download this Real Chess 3D .Hope a more and best version of this chess come in near future and make us feel as real while palying this game .And lasty thankyou to the creater of this amamzing game .
A Google user 2018-09-13

The best 3D immersion possible on a board game of chess. Especially the graphics at checkmate or pawn turning to Queen etc on reaching the other side are so magnificent and lively. The background music is both soothening and refreshing during the game play. We never feel tired or bored during the game play because of these features. The in game ads are not irritating too. The controls can be made slightly better if at all I have to say a constructive criticism
Lamborghini Diablo 2020-04-05

Good casual chess that every one can play because of its difficulty. The elo rating from easy, normal, medium and hard can be defeated as I have tried every difficulty so this is a good chess program for casual players or just like to kill time playing chess. To players who have an elo rating of 1,400 - 1,800 you might not enjoy this even playing hard because the computer artificial intelligence is not that strong. No algebraic notation saving your game and there are ads so 3 stars only!
daschel upton 2019-03-23

pretty good for a bad player like me. had problems with start up because how to start up is intuitive for young people but not so much for non tech old people like me. got it figured out so now i like it. probably the best chess game. good graphics, can manipulate the board to see better, move reset but not infinitive so you cant cheat. so play well, with minimal regret. the cpu plays well even on easy, so great chance to learn or get angry, your choice.