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Description of Real Piano

The best piano keyboard on the Google Play!

For pianists, keyboardists, musician, performers, artists, amateurs or beginners!

Enhance your fun with different musical instruments(Piano, Flute, Organ, Guitar).

Real Piano app with musical instruments to help you learn chords and music notes for free! Learn how to play the piano keys in many interesting ways!

Download right now and learn to play the piano keyboard on your Phone or Tablet for free!

This App will ensure the development of the your musical abilities.

Allows your children to learn while they are having fun and improve their intelligence levels.

Play piano with different kind of music with pleasure.

You can record while playing the piano. You can set the size of the piano with the plus and minus keys.


* 88 Keys

* Multitouch

* Adjustable piano size

* A complete keyboard

* Studio audio quality

* Instruments like Grand Piano, Synth, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Flute

* A perfect real piano keyboard set

* Very easy to use

* 7 octaves

* Record mode(sound file or touched key)

* Recorded music can be shared on social media.

* Play in loop

* Grand Piano

* Works with all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets

* Free

Have a good time!

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More Information Of Real Piano

lable: Music - Games Current Version:1.21 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Bilkon

User Reviews


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Chaitali Pistolwala 2020-06-19

This game is really nice , Ads is coming to but really nice game their is recording symbol also first time when I saw I thing it is not right game when I am familiar from them then I understand Wow ! What a game then I play everyday and I listen to my sweet family and they also say me to give this game link and they also say me this game is nice .........
Spacemonkey 2020-10-24

Underrated! This one is really good and underrated! Good sound, convenient control and the ability to resize the keyboard and show key labels. Doesn\'t look like one of those copies! And the ads are not blocking the view. Nice one.
Rajas Shembekar 2020-12-27

This app is simply FANTASTIC for both music lovers and those who want to find a creator in themselves. It would have been more fun if there were movie songs... I hope it will come in an update. But how do you view the recorded keys? Also please remove the ads. Otherwise it\'s AMAZING!! Keep it up!! And please create a harmonium app too! 😊
Emily Light 2021-01-21

This app is absolutely amazing!!! It\'s not like the other piano apps at all, It haves everything like a real piano, and you can save your recordings. It dosent have adds, whitch is great beacuse most of the piano apps have SO MUCH adds...Overall the game is great, before I got a keyboard, I used this app to learn the note. Oh and one more thing, this app is 100% FREE, no premium or that stuff. GREAT APP ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ START
Michael Deatherage 2020-08-24

I like this is great for a small little application for my small little phone my only problem is I have a small phone for my hands are too big but the application is fine I would recommend it to anybody just wants to remember a song or certain roof to a song you know Melody ask your driving down the road or are you riding with somebody else you hear something you can figure out how to play it and then you can go home and go to town on it
•Exotic Nora• 2020-11-16

I recommend this app very much it\'s Amazing! And for the people who said too much ads or it does not sound like a real piano He/she tried their best to try and make it sound real And I haven\'t seen any ads for a Whole day thank you for reading this Have a nice day/night.
DSM 10210 2019-06-14

I love this game. Thy sound effects are sooo good, but not piano, for it is too faint and distant. my brother has it and plays it ALL THE TIME!But he knows how to play the first line of Moonlight sonata(I have a piano book of classics so I know) p.s.I use a lot of language from the 1600s (Thy)
Athul Vidya 2020-12-13

Is GOOD, AMAZING, FANTASTIC👌. It would have been more fun if there were notes of the songs and so on. 🎼Notes of movie songs🎶 and features for learning it. If so, this is a GREAT app👍. Overall I liked it. Hopefully there will be positive changes in the coming days😃. I mean, in the coming UPDATES. Thanks for reading this review🤗. Thank you so much for making this app. 💞💞😊🙏🏻
KH EY 2020-12-28

It\'s a amazing app, and good for people who loves to compose songs and love music. too bad for me who doesn\'t even know a lot about piano haha. But good work! i\'ll try to learn soon but maybe it will be the best if there are chords in this app so it will be easy to remember.
Tammy Hagerman 2020-11-07

I love this game. I have had this game for 2 months and I have only had about 10 ads. I might not be able to get a real piano but, this is good for starters like me. The reason that I rated this game 4 stars and not 5 is because it takes a long time to load.❤