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Description of Realestate

The realestate.co.nz app is a speedy, visually-engaging tool that New Zealand’s property seekers use to find their perfect home, business or investment. With a second-to-none map search (location, location, location!) and highly-insightful market data, it’s no wonder realestate.co.nz is the preferred property portal for so many.

Whether you’re house hunting, looking to lease or buy your next commercial property, after a rural lifestyle, or looking for somewhere to rent, there is a simple way to find out what’s on the market at your fingertips.

Available for both iOS and Android, this realestate.co.nz app is dedicated only to property and helps you find your perfect one faster on an innovative, map-based search platform.

The realestate.co.nz app lets you:

- Discover properties for sale, rent or lease throughout New Zealand on a map

- Tailor your search by almost any property requirement

- Save your favourite properties so you can refer back to them during your search

- Get directions to the property you’re viewing and see what’s in the area

- Use a mortgage calculator to check the home’s affordability

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:4.3.0 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Realestate.co.nz

User Reviews


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Abner Chaves 2016-10-25

Prepare to be Frustrated Layout is OK but there are so many issues with this thing that it makes you wonder how if this app helps or hinders sellers yo sell their properties. Price brackets too far apart, lack of multiple region select, the fact that every time u go back to the list of properties u looking at the list goes back to the top to name a few. Overall very disappointing.
Fred Taivairanga 2017-01-25

Why does the app need location sharing turned on? I shouldn\'t be penalised just because I don\'t want to turn it on. If I say no to sharing my location then let me use the search functions just like on your website.
TIM AZURE 2016-12-22

With a few tweaks could be good Ap is ok but need full pricing selection as on the website (150,200,250.. not just 100,200,300) and when finished viewing a listing it scrolls back to the top when going back to the searched listings, rather than where you were at in the list. Also can\'t select multiple property types or areas so just end up searching all and scrolling through non relevant listings. Prefer to just use the website and save space on my phone.
Tamarin Howse 2016-10-24

So much potential Just downloaded the app and tried to find my saved searches...no luck. Can\'t select multiple areas. Only loads first 10 listings. Crashes when it gets confused. Less than five minutes of using it... I wont again until the bugs and ux is improved. Positive it will get there though. Ill try again in 6 months if im still looking for a house... When you select your area it takes you to map view...not of the area/district you selected. Also, can only select one town and listing type.
A Google user 2016-08-14

Crashes without gps Wants to know your location for no reason and crashes if you don\'t give it permission. Totally stupid decision by the app developers. Fix your app!
Stuart W 2017-03-04

Difficult to navigate between map, listing and filters. Often find I\'m back at the home screen and filter criteria reset. Hard to filter out the crap, missing criteria like freehold, exclude auction, min car park. Auctions need guide prices so they appear correctly when filtering by price range. Making them equal zero and appearing in all price ranges is frustrating.
Karl Hendrikse 2016-03-01

Bad logo I just installed so I can comment on the incredibly poor app icon design. I know it\'s supposed to be a silhouette of a house roof, but it\'s also a graph going down and to the right. No one wants their house price to do that! Depressing. It should be going up and to the right. Optimism. This really struck me as soon as I saw the icon. It looks a lot like a graph. Edit: And the icon doesn\'t even have an xxhdpi version - gross.
Malani 2017-10-05

Your website is great however the app sucks! You don\'t have the same options as your website and the price option should be in 50k increments. Trade me is so much easier to use and their map function is great too! Sorry but uninstalling this app, it\'s too frustrating to use
Jane Currie 2019-09-07

Stops working all the time. Also when you view a property from the list then go back you end up at the start of the list again. Really annoying. Not a user friendly app
Steven Bridson 2019-10-26

Viewing photos have bugs, and don\'t scale to full screen