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Description of Record your music, sing - nana

nana is a Music Collaboration app that provides Instant Online Music Session in the palm of your hand to all music lovers for free. Use your smartphone as a song recorder & overdub your singing to collab! You can also use it as a karaoke app to enjoy free karaoke. Record your music and share it around the world right now!


- Your smartphone becomes a recorder of your creation! Record your music with simple & easy recording option

- Collab to make new music by overdubbing and layering sounds together with musicians across the world

- Sing a song like a star using various voice effects

- Use special effects to spice up recording even more (Chipmunk, Monster, Echo, Chorus etc.)

- Sound streaming feature ”nana Party”! Sound stream with every posted sound on “nana”
. You can sing or play with every posted sound on “nana” while you streaming. 
Host can hand over the mic and enjoy nana with everyone in same channel.
Show your creativity with any type like Karaoke,Session,Voice acting Radio DJ.

- Find the instrumental tracks from our song book for online karaoke session!

- Search for your favorite song & discover original covers

- Applause & comment when you discover a new talent! Get connected to enhance your music life!

- Share the song on Whatsapp, Facebook and get connected with more audience

More Ways to Enjoy nana

- Use it as a music recorder to record your original song, rap, script, etc

- Relay & sing along the song on karaoke tracks

- Try acapella collab by building on voices

- Mimic the voice of famous artists, singers, divas, musical actors

- Use nana as an instant recorder to save important songs or lyrics…

- …And more!!

nana Premium

VIP features included in nana Premium are…

- Additional Effects

- Pin your Top Track on your Profile page

- Ad Disabling

- Sorting Function

- Play-count Insights

- …And more coming!

Price: 5.49 USD (Pricing may vary in countries other than U.S.A)

Duration: 1 Month

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:3.35.0 Publish Date:2021-09-03 Developer:nana music Inc.

User Reviews


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Josh Genius 2020-04-02

This app is pretty cool but what I don\'t like about you guys is the fact that one has to pay for almost everything, even going live. That\'s so weird. I mean, imagine, unlike StarMaker that has an embedded instrumental for popular songs and aslo a platform for freestyle which is a video and yet doesn\'t charge a dime, you guys\'ve none of these but places money in front of everything. I mean everything. That\'s inappropriate. I\'d say you work on this app and remove all the irrelevant monetary demand
LadyTeeBossTM Museic Network 2020-11-02

🔥🤩🔥😍🔥🤩🔥Ive been using this app for almost 2+ yrs never won a contest but now have a musical fam dat i 😍dearly🙏.cons, every org creation should be downloadable, espclly,as a premium member, forced to compose on another free platform.other than that..Pretty Awesome App, overcoming stage fright.😂 thx Nana..waitn for the developers to cut the ropes on our talent..ps check me out when u download this 🔥app #Ladyteeboss Museic & 🎧Greatest 🙌fam ft Light Warriors 👼🙏🕊⚜
MR SHO 2020-08-15

Love this app. Lots of Great collaborations!!! If it had a little more time (2.00 min to record) and video chat and more ways to share your music it would be AWESOME!!
Lyneice Haynes 2020-11-15

I love to sing with headset with microphone. I really enjoyed using headset with microphone from Nana music with Karaoke. I will continue to be a female singer because I love singing.
Suresh Babu 2020-08-21

Worst app I installed it and went in but it asked me email address and password I entered it but it continuesly telling something went wrong something went wrong pls it doesn\'t tell me in which there is problem so I am really upset I am not telling anyone not to install but pls suggest a way to find in which there is problem
James Linen 2020-05-28

I personally think this is one of the best recorders out there, but the problem is; as a musician, I would like to download and share the music I record with this app so I can put it everywhere that I post. I would like to see a download button so we can multiplatform. EDIT:: You can no longer play music as back ground. You can no longer have hidden tracks. The app is literal trash that they want to be paid for. Long time user gone. Everything that was good is gone and now pay wall. Gj. Not.
A Google user 2017-11-30

Hi i just wanna ask if i can add my own music to sing in this app? Btw the app really good . But if u can help me figure up this problem bcoz i wanna sing the song that doesn\'t exist in this app , thank you.
Daisy Dobrev 2020-03-25

I love this app a lot... It is so interesting... But i think you guys should increase on the length of the songs recorded... Not just 1:30 please... It will be really great if you do... Thanks

Free application is good but you can\'t save your recording on your phone and I don\'t like it for that.
Oluwabusayo Fakuade 2020-12-30

The app is great. You get to sing without interruptions like ads, app breakdown and all. And one gets to choose if you want to go natural or not👍😉❣️