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Description of Recovery Path: Addiction Recovery & Addiction Help

Your personalized recovery journey companion. Suitable for people struggling with or recovering from substance or alcohol addiction.

Built on research. Made with love and compassion.

Recovery Path incorporates aspects of Motivational Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Community Reinforcement to boost your treatment and recovery plan.

Use for self-help or link with your treatment team’s Recovery Path Clinician App, Sponsor/Mentor App and/or Friends/Family App.

Easy to use: Launch the app and get started in minutes

Secure and reliable: All industry-standard security practices are met

Overcoming addiction is tough and, to get results, you need to put in the work, but it can be the most rewarding thing you ever do in your life. Recover Path makes the journey a little bit easier.

What can Recovery Path help you do?

Link with your care team:

Clinicians, Sponsors, Family & Friends Apps

- Easily share your progress

- Collaborate on identifying triggers and risky situations, and celebrate in the little victories

- Create an extra layer of accountability

- Receive motivational messages and images from your team

Meeting Finder:

- Search for community meetings based on your location

- AA, NA, Refuge Recovery, CA, SMART Recovery options all listed in one place

- Save meetings and sync to calendar on your phone


- Morning and evening check-ins help keep you aware of your motivation, progress and strengths of the day.

- A check-in often takes less than 1 minute.

Daily schedule:

- Keep track of daily tasks, hygiene routine, treatment activities, enjoyable plans and risky situations.

Places to Avoid Feature:

- Add places that are important to avoid in your recovery

- Customize messages to send to yourself if nearing a place to avoid

- Receive alerts when approaching location

- Option to notify your team, sponsor and family/friends

Beacon Messaging Feature:

- Send a message with the help of RP in moments of need

- Pick from pre-selected messages or create your own

- Send via SMS or WhatsApp to friends, family and sponsors

Recovery-oriented Activities:

- Reasons to Recover

- Words that Describe You

- Enjoyable Activities Planner

Abstinence calendar

Supportive Suite of Apps

- Recovery Path for Clinicians

- Recovery Path for Sponsors & Mentors

- Recovery Path for Family & Friends

Learn more at https://www.recoverypath.com

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User Reviews


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SiN Ergy 2020-09-25

This is really the BEST app I have ever used! It\'s better than i even hoped for, really. I have tried almost 30 other, I can\'t even say similar, apps but they are no contest! this has everything available all the time any time for any reason! you need to talk to somebody, or to find a meeting, or if you want to read resources or reach out to other people going through the same thing you are, this is the perfect app! I love it! Life changing amazing! thank you for creating it!
Leanne Clark 2020-09-07

By far this is the best recovery app on Google Play. It is not only FREE , but it is full of information, affirmations and makes you accountable for your day. I use it with their other app Moodlinks which helps me deal with anxiety and depression.
Michelle Deeney 2020-08-08

Best addiction recovery app I have tried. Has everything you need to help with addiction and some mental health issues (which go hand on hand with addiction). Not patronising at all and very nicely designed. Loads of options to customise to your specific needs. This has been a great help to me.
Cristal Foltz 2020-03-21

I discovered this app by typing in \"Sobriety.\" Although I don\'t struggle with drugs or alcohol, I do struggle with Binge eating/food addiction. The app still accommedates to that addiction aspect. I\'ve only used it for a few days now and already feel confident that I can succeed. Also, having my coping skills and triggers near has been helpful not only to myself but my supports as well. I\'m very thankful I stumbled upon this app. Thank you!!
C Forbes 2020-02-07

I can do as much or as little as I want with this app. I like it because its not too intrusive and is quite simple to use. There is no judgement, just mild acknowledgement of slip ups and positive communication. I don\'t feel put upon or bad for tracking my behaviour and understanding a bit more about myself and my problems. I haven\'t been asked to purchase anything either which is really encouraging!
Meaghan Furey 2020-03-12

I love the check ins 2 times a day it helps me take a minute to really think about my sobriety and where i am at. You hear the same old skills with every app but here it takes a unique look and gives you different ways to approach those skills. Im able to be open and honest here and my sponaor is able to check in and we can talk about these things
Brandon Perry 2020-04-09

Absolutely mind-blowing. For the first time in my life Ive become really serious in my recovery. Ive tried a few apps. And there are really good ones out there. But this app here has it all! Any and everything to keep you focusing on your sobriety. What a tool this is. Thank you so much for helping be apart of a life saving and changing Journey. 5 stars all the way
Simone McBride 2021-01-06

The Recovery Path app is truly a Godsend. This is therapy, self exploration and realization, and education in the palm of your hand. This app has many features that I havent even discovered yet. The ones I have, however (self-affirmations, logging cravings, journaling, etc.) are a blessing. I recommend this app for anyone willing to depart on the journey to love and healing...not only those of us healing from childhood trauma and substance abuse.
D W 2020-08-06

The app is super helpful, and I wanted to give it 5 stars but its best feature is also its most frustrating: Check ins. I do not consistently get notified to check in on my phone. Sometimes check ins do not appear on time within the app, and there\'s no way to add them (or I can\'t find it) If you hit back during a check in, it closes the app, and you cannot edit check ins. EDIT: Upgraded my rating to a 5. It\'s a great recovery tool, minor issues aside.
Miranda England 2020-04-17

I have used so many different recovery apps and they all eventually grew old to me. But recovery path is one of the most interesting apps I\'ve ever used or seen. Instead of just assuming all addicts are the same they actually have different things for you to fill out to make your experience with the app alot better and different then others experience.