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Description of Red Ball 4

Red Alert!

Evil minions want to squeeze the planet into a square shape.

Who's got the balls to save the world ? Oh yeah, that's right!

Red Ball to the rescue!

Roll, jump and bounce through 75 exciting levels full of adventure.

Make your way through tricky traps and defeat all monsters.


- All-New Red Ball Adventure

- 75 Levels

- Epic Boss Battles

- Cloud Support

- Exciting Physics Elements

- Groovy Soundtrack

- HID Controller Support

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More Information Of Red Ball 4

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.4.21 Publish Date:2021-08-14 Developer:FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

User Reviews


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kristy saucier 2020-12-28

A very addictive game. I would recommend for users. There is only one problem, you have to wait for lives. It brings the game out of wack, and makes it harder to injoy. I recommend to take it off. Also no adds and unlimited lives, I get that but, all levels unlocked, you think it is a bit much? Please re-think the game, other than that it is amazing! These problems fixed, it will make it better, trust me. Edit: when you get to level 60 (3 boss hearts) it is CRAZY how hard it is, please fix it!!!
GamingWithTeaneck 2021-02-09

I like this game so much! It is fun! But, the reason I gave it a 4 star is because, you have to pay with premium to get unlimited live and the free version takes so long for the lives to restore. Can you please remove the premuim version and let the free version get unlimited lives? If you remove it, so much more people will like the game. Also, please make some levels easier.
Blue Leaf 2021-01-02

This game is amazing, except for one thing, the lives. I can\'t tell you how long I\'ve had to wait for more lives, only to get killed again and have to wait even longer. Speaking of lives, sometimes it will give me an option to watch one ad for a full lives refill, and even if I watch the ad and wait for the exit button, I won\'t get any lives. Fix both of those things, and this\'ll be a 5-star game in no time.
Jellyfish 2021-02-01

Very fun. No long ads. Lives recharge time is acceptable as I only play this once a day so no rush there. Some who want to play this a bit quicker may find it irritating though. The boss battle was hard, but it balanced with the other levels that were quite easy actually. Overall, I find it very recommendable. So, have fun. Oh and also the bgm, very exciting. 😁 I have finished all the levels..! Finally ! Thanks for such an exciting game. Definitely gonna download other games from this source..
Major Rafa 2021-02-03

Red Ball is a great, fun, joyful game. If you get an ad, you can click right out of it in seconds. The game is smooth, and I love the fact that it tells you when your lives are going to be full, and I think it\'s everyday that you get to watch 15 or 20 second ads twice to get full lives super quicky. This game is perfct. Not only that, but it gets you to the point when your not addicted, yet just interested.
Meet the Artist 2021-01-18

Absolutely loved it! Reminded me of the same old game of the keypad phones named as \"Bounce\". In that game as well, the ball used to bounce, as name suggests, and try to avoid obstacles by bouncing to clear the level. Except the old one doesn\'t have a face, the villains, a storyline, and oh... That old game\'s ball floats in the water to complete the level. This one get drowned. Just joking. Still, it\'s really a fun game and I\'m just absolutely loving it, adding the whole nostalgic vibes for me ❤
Cavin Ludema 2020-12-23

The game is fun and all, but it takes so long to restore lives, plus on the speed running levels there are some that you litteraly can\'t get gold on because it\'s impossible! (Trust me, I\'ve tried). To add to all this the controls take forever to respond back. For example when I\'m moving and I want to turn back it doesn\'t turn for a while and instead makes my stay still for a long time.
mohitur Rahman 2020-12-28

This game is a very fantastic beside the lives system (dose not really make it harder). I am very happy this game got 100 m downloads because it is a great flash type game ( rip Flash games) with a lot of fun for Free and is really good for kids to play. However the lives system is really bad but the levels are not that hard and making kids have to stop playing the game ( helps eye sight). Hope people notice this to realise the lives system: ..)
Max Uribe 2020-12-21

I really like this game, I\'ve been playing this game ever sence 2016. Like I said I really like the game a lot but theres some problems you gotta fix. 1. When I try to stop moving it just keeps going, now you might be thinking i just moved to fast but even if I go slow it will just keep going! 2. WHY ON EARTH IS THE MOON BOSS SO HARD?!?! The lazer things are Impossible! Please make that a bit easier. 3. On the 3rd level of the Box Factory it\'s almost as hard as the moon boss because of the lazer
Lara K. 2021-01-01

I really had a fun time playing this game. It has cute graphics, is easy to controll and has some nice challenges even when you finished the main story. But after some time you still have done everything. In the free version are short ads after like every second level, but those can be clicked away instantly. Additionally you only have five lives which sometimes are gone very quickly and then you have to wait or watch a longer ad. But the paid version isn\'t expensive too.