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Description of Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas

Red Imposter is a fun and engaging Action game. Your mission is simple: Execute all living crewmates in the spaceship. Let no one survive.


- Hold and drag to move around the ship, kill the crewmates, and sabotage the objects.

- When you kill everyone without getting noticed, the level is completed.

- Be careful with crewmate, they may discover you are The Imposter


- Incredibly simple to understand.

- One finger control

- Countless challenges from easy to expert.

- Absolute free to play.

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More Information Of Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.2.9 Publish Date:2021-08-15 Developer:OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

User Reviews


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Jr Gamer 2021-01-28

It\'s good, but crewmates shouldn\'t be able to see you kill through a door. And it says in description that you can sabotage but I havent been able to. Also there should be meetings, and not just instantly lose. And vents should connect. In my opinion you should work on these things I stated, and that other people stated. Thanks for reading this if you have.
Yep Just Yep 2021-01-24

Ads, ads, ads...there is nothing but ads on this game. Just get among us because this game is just ads. I give it 2 stars because it has some good gameplay but it gets ruined because of the ads. You get an ad for everything you do, like every two times you lose you have to watch an ad. Just please don\'t give too many ads for something like mistakes.

This app is terrible. Firstly the ads, there are too many ads. Whether you win or lose or even do anything, you get ads that takes you to the Play Store. Secondly, the gameplay. The graphics are bad and the controls are terrible. I couldn\'t even move the character properly. It\'s dull as well since all you can do is vent and kill. Character customs didn\'t have much effort. All they did was throw in a bunch of anime stuff and more. This game sucks. Would give 0 stars it could. Uninstalled forever.
Fred Dains 2021-02-10

Aside from the obvious fact that this is an attempt to rip-off the currently very popular game, Among Us, things get even worse once you start playing. The devs for this \"game\" haven\'t made a game at all. This is nothing more than an attempt to get you to watch as many ads as they can throw at you in the shortest time possible. As you can see from their respons to my rating, they don\'t actually read the reviews, and it\'s more proof that they don\'t actually care about the game or the customer.
CloudyProfessional Playz 2021-01-19

This game is the definition of a bad 3D Among Us. The rounds are seconds long, ads appear everytime after a round, and most of all, the crewmates are really stupid. I vented infront of a crewmate and they didnt do anything! How come you cant lie and say its the crewmate that you killed right infront of him? At least add cash into the game giving that ability an oppurtunity to make the game better but its already a heap of junk so whats the point? I got voted off when I didnt kill. Uninstall now.
Blackice 2021-01-12

So, let\'s be honest, what type of name is that the reviews are bots, I can\'t form a sentence to show how bad this game is. Also littered with ads. Controls are horrible. Literally 5 seconds per level. And an ad after it. My pet fish can make something better than this and it\'s dead. If you play one level of this game you\'re uninstalling it I\'m betting on it. This would go on I\'m desperate section of games. If not a worst section.
LiLYdrAwS 2020-12-31

This game is decent. It\'s better than Imposter Solo Kill. The crewmates do tasks and if they finish them you lose so watch out for that. I have a few complaints though. 1( Sometimes when I want to customize my character, an add pops up an then it won\'t let me. 2(sometimes there will be a crewmate waking out of a room and then I kill him. Another crewmate comes and I hit the kill button but it don\'t do nothing and I lose. Overall great game. Fix those thing and I will change my review. Thanks. 😁
John Kellon 2021-01-05

Giving the game 3 stars because its really fun at first, but then the game just starts all over again at a very low level unfortunately. It just gets boring and I wish u could have more levels to play and beat! It would sure be great tho, and I also wish they could lower the ads a bit more. The ads are literally horrible! My game with lagging is not bad at all, and I have no problem with that stuff, but, the 2 things I mentioned steals all the fun for the game. Please make sure to add on! Thanks
Cody Melancon 2021-01-19

Every time I finished I got voted out I kept on getting ads And if I didn\'t do that it would be way easier for me but since it just kept on and kept on doing it I was like yeah not doing this anymore so I gave it a one star 😠😠😠😠 do not download stupidest game ever Oh yeah and one more thing about this game who just wants to have 10000000000000000 ads.
Free Books 2021-02-22

I do not do any interviews but I needed to do a interview on this. I love the game but ads ads ads every time you finish a round. But I like your always the imposter. I think there needs to be emergancy meetings. So in my opioin this needs to be edited no ofence. And you never get to be a crewmate so you can not check out tasks.