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Description of Redecor - Home Design Game

Start a new creative hobby! Play with home decor styles, express your creativity and improve your design skills. Have fun while gaining inspiration from a vibrant creative community and apply your new ideas in your real life. If You like home decor, you will love Redecor!


* Daily Design Challenges let you style photo-realistic spaces with various design styles

* Express yourself with an incredible variety of high-end choices

* Relax and learn about different interior design styles.

* Vote on the designs and be part of inspiring community

Make your selection from over a thousand of high-quality choices. Customise your decoration and express your style, from the most classical to the trendiest! Redecor offers unique 3D design possibilities that let you show your style in full.

Terms and Privacy: http://redecor.com/privacy

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More Information Of Redecor - Home Design Game

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.1.107 Publish Date:2021-11-25 Developer:Reworks Ltd

User Reviews


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Nilupulie Sumanasiri 2021-01-14

I honestly love the game, although it is VERY hard to win in challenges. But the reason that I put 3stars is that when I try to design a challenge, a black screen with a white outlining for objects appears (It\'s a bit hard to describe). So I can\'t design a challenge when all I see is black. I contacted the support, provided them screenshots etc. and they replied to me they are going to resolve it within that week. But a Month has been passed since they said that, but nothing has happened.
Jasmine Denton 2021-02-26

I like thisgame, especially since there are no puzzles involved. However, i have two major issues with it. Number one: in the challenges you will find yourself competing with designers more seasoned than you, which means they have access to better materials. I dont think thats fair. And two: i find myself waiting hours for another challenge to open. I think there should be more challenges available whenever you are ready to design, not the other way around. Still, 5 stars for awesomeness.
Celeste 2021-02-06

I like this game a lot, It\'s addicting. I like the real life voting aspect & that the rooms, items all look real. It\'s nice that you can earn gold in the voting process now too. The thing I would change is that when you buy items with star coins, you should be able to get the item you want to buy instead of unlocking random items.
Amanda Swanson 2021-02-23

I would give this game a five star in regards to what the game is. It\'s fun. And I play it daily. However, about 3 updates ago the game started getting really buggy and crashes at random. It has only continued to get worse with every update. It just crashed on me 5 times in a row in the last 10 minutes, and has crashed on my about 10 times today. It either just closes at random while you\'re designing, or it will say HTTP 500 Error, or it will just say \"the task cannot be completed.\"
Katie Fournier 2021-01-06

I really enjoy making the designs and I like how realistic the materials are. On that note however, certain metals don\'t show up while creating as they will actually look in the final design which is very annoying. My biggest complaint with this game is the voting system. I have a background in interior design and I have noticed that when anyone makes a bold color choice they seem to get a very low score even if it\'s amazing from a designer\'s perspective. I find this to be extremely unfair.
C R M 2021-02-11

As far as design games goes this was a pretty good game until recently. You used to get a freebie for every level of the season pass. With their new changes this company has become more money grubbing than ever! Because now you only get a freebie every 3rd level, unless you buy the new season pass, in which case you\'ll get something every time you go up in level. They just want to empty your bank account faster now! So, BEWARE!
Butch Logan 2020-12-30

Very fun and interesting what others come up with in the beginning. Software design is fantastic. About 2 weeks in, you realize that it\'s impossible to improve without paying more and more. You end up with the exact same choices for every design. You can\'t open up more interesting choices in able to compete. The voting is definitely strange. It seems completely random with no logical explanation. This app would be amazing if the developers listened to their users.
James Moody 2021-01-31

Initially, it was great. But... The interphase is great, the graphics are good, the rules, merely suggestions. If you want to play with colors, textures and design, great. But, if you want to actually check your ability with the challenges, prepare to be disappointed. \"The Challenge\" could be create a colorful, cheerful area, easy! But, monochronatic black or grey or white wins. Every time. Warm and inviting? Blues and greens. Winter chill? Red seems to set the mood.
Kelly 2021-03-02

The game has potential, and to decorate is fun. However, when you have to decorate to a theme and all the decor items for that theme are locked, it becomes more frustrating and lessens your chance at winning (meaning no money for the next challenge). You don\'t build up star tokens quickly enough to unlock anything, nor enough money and gold to keep going. What will happen is that I will run out of money and won\'t be able to do anything. Voting doesn\'t give much back. May just uninstall.
Lisa B 2021-02-05

I do love this game, but it is absolutely designed to make you spend your cash on it. I bought two season passes: the first time I got free items for every level I advanced. The second pass only gives you free items every FOUR levels. Are new players getting them every level, but now that I\'m sucked in, I get less? Who knows? Unlocking new decor is ridiculously expensive since you can only do it with star coins. Sometimes the challenges are set up to force you to unlock items, and when that happens, I just refuse to play. I\'ve probably refused to enter 3 challenges in the last week for that reason. I feel like I\'ll get too angry at being cornered in this way to keep playing after a while.