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Description of RegexH

RegexH is your app for working and / or learning regular expressions at different levels.

With this application you will be able to understand a regex expression, thanks to the complete explanation of each of the elements that compose it. In addition, it allows you to design regular expressions by just selecting pre-established components.

Moreover it has other functionalities as:

-value expressions

-recognize captured groups

-to make replacements

-generate common expressions

- save the regex you use most *

It also has the necessary information about the different elements that make up the syntax of regex expressions.

The design of this application is specially meditated to facilitate navigation to the user.

I trust you like it


Translated much of the application to Russian.


-Ramzan Elmurzaev


*Help translate the app to more languages via GitHub https://github.com/sky10p/regexh-languages

*This is the free version. Ads have been deleted when saving regular expressions. There is a paid version that adds some non-essential functionality (In Default Terms submenu, you can use regular expressions by default)

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More Information Of RegexH

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-02-23 Developer:skynet apps

User Reviews


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Ralph Bigio 2018-11-28

Finally someone that made something useful! Need to have clipboard back and forth. It would really be awesome to run a replace or match on any clipboard item and put that back on the clipboard by a button. (This is the primary thing I am looking for.)
Greg McAuliffe 2017-09-05

Seems really good, of all the other regex apps I\'ve tried. 2 suggestions: 1. make the pop-up cheat sheet (? mark) sticky so it stays on the screen until you tap again, and 2. offset the text fields from the edge of the screen a bit. It\'s difficult to move the cursor to the far left, for example, esp with a screen protector. Update: wow, implemented both suggestions overnight! Crazy response time ;)
Zeeshaan Ali 2018-02-15

(1)There is no alternative color highlight (look for Regexpal). Having only single color it all looks same. I am expecting at least two alternate color highlights in the next version. ---------------- (2)And also it would have been nice if the count of matches was shown above the text. In case of large text we only get to know after scrolling. ---------------- (3) Editing the large text is also painful, very small text box. It should have got expanded while editing. ----------------- All other features are good, this app has the potential to be the best regex app. I will change my rating if the above problems are solved.
Moses Katsina 2020-09-30

Font size are too big and when typing a regex, my keyboard seems to cover the results that has been matched which forces me to close the keyboard and review what has been matched
Luis Alves 2019-07-12

Really amazing app! Congratulations developer, it is super light and well done.
Karthi Kn 2019-07-06

if i try to paste long text, app isn\'t responding edit : Fixed by developer,within 1 day..
Mio Akiyama 2017-05-17

Has text replace, exactly what I was looking for
Don Tessier 2017-08-23

Best regular expression tool that I have found. Easy to use and very clear explanation
nora luto 2019-10-26

Good app. However, it seems that tab(\\t), newline(\\n), etc do not work when replacing words. I have updated to the lastest version but the issue remains.
Alex Plumbley-Jones 2019-06-04

Using this pretty regularly in concert with fd and rg on Linux. Still using regex101 on the web.