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Description of Relaxing Soundscapes: Binaural

Brain Waver allows full control over a Binaural Beats Generator with 18 high-definition relaxing background audio tracks also included for free!

Note: Brain Waver is available in English, additional languages will be supported in the future. Thanks for your patience!

Binaural Beats use a theory called Brainwave Entrainment. Your brainwaves will naturally match the generated beats per second over approximately 15 minutes when using headphones at low to medium volume. This technique allows you to enter many different states of consciousness for Meditation, Sleep, and Concentration. Close your eyes and focus only on your breathing for best results!

The second Advanced Binaural Generator, found in the left slide out drawer, can fade between initial and ending Beats Per Second values to gently guide users towards their desired brainwave state. This second Generator can be played on top of the first for interesting multi-Binaural effects. Using the same Center Tone for both Generators (or slightly offset, I.E. 198 Hz for Basic and 200 Hz for Advanced) can also create mind bending Binaural interference patterns.

This app can also be used as a White Noise Generator for sleeping by setting the Binaural Beats volume to low or zero and choosing a background audio.

Terms and Conditions:

IoT Switch LLC takes no responsibility for any harm, bodily or otherwise, you may cause to yourself or others when using this application. This application integrates many different technologies and therefore has many different potential points of failure. Because of this, we do not guarantee that this app will work 100% of the time. All purchases of in-app products are final and no refunds or exchanges are required from us except for as required by state or federal law. This app gathers some anonymous usage statistics in order to better craft the User Experience.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.0025 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:IoT Switch

User Reviews


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Keith House 2020-05-04

Wow. I love how this app not only has deep configurations and adjustability, yet it is also informational and instructional. There are presets, as well as the option to add your own background music. But what there\'s more! You can play multiple waves at the same time! I\'m a beginner at this, but looking forward to experimenting with this for weeks to come.
Tracey Roberts 2018-09-24

I just used this and experienced the worst nightmare I ever had! Absolutely a dangerous app.
Scungilli Man 2020-03-05

Wonderful app, straight to the point. No brian eno jamming with orca whales, no glittery floaty new age background music that distracts you, just tones, pure and simple. The way brainwave entertainment should be. Will be recommending you guys.
Jeremy Lovelock 2020-05-08

I waded through a bundle of BB apps - this one takes the cake as it is clear, fully featured (including optional ramping), yet simple to work. And it\'s free without ads. Thanks dev! One nice addition might be a handful of theme colour options :o) Incidentally if you want to play background music from Spotify or whatever, using an EQ app such as Eqfy is very handy for adding independent gain control for the audio mix.
Alicia Seal 2020-05-23

I love this app,and in all seriousness, one of the coolest things I\'ve done with it was cure my annoying ass hiccups! (*Used the Schumann resonance theta wave preset) Literally they were gone in minutes. And these were the really disruptive hiccups that you can\'t control, the embarrassing kind. I also listen to this app to help me fall asleep. TL;DR Awesome app, great job, many surprising benefits
Michael Vermylen 2020-03-19

One of the best apps you can find on the playstore. Very useful for relaxation and going to sleep. Hard to believe that it is completely free, and no ads. The developers of this app are setting a huge example here.
Robert Winslow 2020-02-26

I listen to this for 20 minutes using earbuds when I first go to bed at night and read a book at the same time. It is a great way to wind down. I am not sure if the effect would be the same if I did not wear the earbuds and just played it on my night table. Some instructors would be useful.
olly love 2019-05-19

wow, great app!!.. I\'m not an expert in sound frequencies, but from the technical point of view this app is well made.. the advanced generator takes some time of practice to wrap your head around it, but the result is excellent and at low frequencies I can feel the sound waves affecting my brain (and thus my thoughts, feelings, spirit, body...)
Rob Butler 2019-11-07

I love the granular control this app gives you on selecting binaural beat frequencies, beats per second, duration, volumes etc. The one area where I think it is slightly lacking is in the limited number of background audio tracks. The best I\'ve found for background tracks is the Atmosphere Relaxing Sounds app but Binaural Beats Meditation outscores it for control on the binaural beats side of things. Well worth paying a couple of quid to remove the ads as well.
Francesco Ferrante 2020-04-27

Great app, they have preset frequencies and you can customize each sound to your liking. Use with headphones for max effect, earbuds will work but it\'s not the same in my experience. I discovered binaural beats 6 years ago and as they have become more popular the quality has begun to suffer. All these YouTube pages and apps where they layer different musicals instruments, nature sounds and all this fluff that bury the binaurals. Thank you for making this simple & effective app.