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Description of Rememorate | Remember People's Names

We combine tech tools with tested psychological techniques to help you remember the people you meet. It’s a contact management and CRM app with a focus on easily retrieving and finding a person you've added, even if you can’t remember their name. The key is through association, or as the psychologists call it, the encoding specificity model.

How does it work?

📷 The first step to Rememorate someone is to take a photo. That photo will become a visual cue to help you remember that person -- it could be of the person, a selfie with you and the person, or even a photo of something that reminds you of the person/place/time.

📇 If you take a photo of their business card, it will automatically scan in all of the text, place it in the appropriate fields, and make everything searchable. It'll also poll social media, and if they have a public profile it'll automatically populate their LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Facebook info.

➕From there, you can add any other contact info you might have, such as name, phone, email, notes, mnemonic devices, personal anecdotes, or any other info you want to remember later.

🕵️When you are ready to find your contact again, you can search your address book by photo📸, location on the map🗺️, the date/time you met⌚, keywords📝, or all of the above!

Other Features -

✔️ Export and backup contacts with Dropbox.

✔️ Memory training game.

Our Mission -

The more people you remember and connect with, the better your life will be. We believe a contact management app should do more than just store your contacts. Over time, it should help you remember more information about the important people in your life.

Rememorate stores your address book the same way your brain does, through associations. The more those associations are made, the more likely you are to remember someone without actively needing to reference them.

What we mean is, the more you use Rememorate to find who you are looking for, the less work you'll need to do to find them again. Rememorate helps your brain solidify those connections while keeping all their info ready just in case you need a quick reminder.

Want to speed up the process? Rememorate subscriptions include a memory and brain training game using your contacts so you can keep everyone's names and faces fresh in your mind.

Rememorate is your personal contact assistant. It isn’t just a remember names app, it helps you remember the important details other address book apps can’t.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.4.1 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Rememorate, LLC

User Reviews


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Halldor 2019-06-07

This app is exactly what i have been looking for. Its simple and easy to use with great features. Wish you all the best with the development. The only thing that would be nice to add is grouping contacts by company, industry or by user defined list etc and connecting two or more contacts together e.g. acquaintances or spouses etc. Therefore if in one contact i could see another profile connected to it.
Dustin Mook 2020-04-03

Good idea, but bugs make it hard to use. I have about one horizontal pixel of space I can tap with my finger to let me make notes on a contact. You can imagine how difficult it is to tap with a human size finger. Takes about 60 seconds of trying before I can get it to accept text. Because of this issue I\'ll be uninstalling. This app needs more development presently. Also no option to add contact without taking a picture of some kind.
Christopher Down in Brazil 2019-11-20

If I could just have been able to group people into groups I would definitely have given this awesome and necessary app a 5 Star!!!
Daniel B. Lee 2018-08-01

This app replaces my old method of writing down notes on my phone when I met people. It makes it a lot easier and more fun to be able to add new contacts, and then actually be able to find and remember their names!
John Schauer 2019-06-12

The interface is buggy. On the contacts screen, other people\'s picture get substituted in for contacts that have no picture when you try different sorts. Editing the date and time is a special kind of hell. Why must we enter edit mode to view date and location? Offers backup via dropbox. Doesn\'t allow cropping of pictures. Take photo and take selfie both start the camera in selfie mode.
Julia Farrell 2018-09-26

This app is a great way to remember new people you meet for forming more meaningful relationships!
Sunshine Shellina Trujillo 2020-06-21

Not very useful fields. It made me create a new account and I just lost my prior inputs. I like the concept of this app, but I wish I didn\'t put info in it because now it\'s lost and I don\'t remember my neighbor\'s name and it\'s been too long to ask her again.
John Davis 2021-01-10

Every time I have to remember when I meet somebody what to say, I have to go online because this app won\'t let me just put it on my own local drive.
K 2020-01-29

After staring at the splash screen for 30 seconds (yes I literally counted 30 secds) I decided this app has a serious problem. Yes I restarted and got the same result.
Abhi 2265 2020-06-07

App is too slow to open ,rest it solves my purpose but it takes lot of time to open if internet is slow.