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Description of Remote Spectrum

Remote Spectrum is an App designed for cable operators that allows a technician to view the full downstream RF signal passing through any compatible customer premises equipment (CPE), such as cable modems or set-top-boxes, without the use of a meter, and without the need to drive to the customer premises.

While downloading this Remote Spectrum app is free, there is a subscription fee to use this mobile app and other client applications, as well as a fee for the associated server software that collects the spectrum data from the compatible modems on your network. This still provides a significant savings over the cost of traditional test equipment, especially as more technicians make use of the app who would normally use a meter. The Remote Spectrum server software is available for download here: http://www.zcorum.com/solutions/broadband-diagnostics/remote-spectrum/app/. There is also a desktop application available on that download page. Please contact ZCorum at 800-909-9441 or info@zcorum.com for pricing and additional information about how to obtain licenses for the server software, the desktop client and this mobile client.

**IMPORTANT NOTE ** -- You must have the Remote Spectrum server software running on a server in your cable plant for Remote Spectrum to display the captured spectrum information. You will not be able to use the app until the server software is in place and users have been added by your administrator, and you will need a license key from ZCorum to run the server software and client applications.

-- Save on Test Equipment and Truck Rolls --

With Remote Spectrum you don’t need to roll a truck to the customer’s home to view the full spectrum. You can see all video and data channels without being at the customer site, and without connecting a meter, regardless of what channel the device is tuned to. Remote Spectrum gathers the spectrum data from any compatible CPE and displays it on a tablet or smartphone wherever you happen to be. You can also overlay the RF signal from a second CPE device so that you can make a quick comparison of the spectrum at two different points on your cable plant.

Remote Spectrum allows you to significantly lower capital expenditures for test equipment, as well as save on operational costs by reducing the number and duration of truck rolls. With Remote Spectrum you will see the same familiar spectrum signature that you would see on a meter, including issues like:

- Excessive tilt

- Overdriven channels

- Spectrum suck outs

- RF notches

- Standing waves

- Resonant peaking

- Ingress and other interference

With Remote Spectrum you control who in your company can have access to a powerful, spectrum analysis tool, not your capital budget.

-- Cable Modem and Set-Top-Box Compatibility --

Remote Spectrum is compatible with DOCSIS cable modems and set-top-boxes that have the ability to capture the full spectrum passing through the device. This feature is supported on the hardware side by CPE that have the Intel Puma 5 and 6 chipsets with MaxLinear receivers and CPE that have these Broadcom chipsets: 3128, 3383, 33843, 3384, 3385. Compatible CPE includes cable modems and set-top-boxes from Arris, Cisco, Hitron, Motorola, Netgear, Ubee and others. Note: While the CPE hardware may already support spectrum capture, the firmware on the CPE must also be updated to a version that also supports that ability. It's possible that the manufacture will decide not to update firmware on older model CPE. ** Please check with your OEM to confirm hardware and firmware compatibility. For the latest list of CPE hardware that should support spectrum capture go here: http://www.zcorum.com/solutions/broadband-diagnostics/remote-spectrum/modem-compatibility/ Again, this is only hardware compatibility, and does not indicate whether the firmware on a device is compatible.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.1.0 Publish Date:2021-06-13 Developer:ZCorum.com

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