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Description of renshuu - Japanese learning

A cute, ad-free, and enjoyable learning experience is waiting for you in the Renshuu community! The free version is unlimited: there’s no timer before you are forced to pay!

★ A path for every learning style and every goal ★

Whether you are getting started with the alphabets or have been studying for years, jump in exactly where you belong! Don’t waste time going through what you already know.

Renshuu maintains learning paths for most textbooks, the JLPT, Kanji Kentei, and for those who just want to learn. You can also carve out your own path! Our community has over 10,000 user-made lessons for even more focused learning.

★ Cute, relaxing, and fun ★

Our mascot Kao-chan is here to let you enjoy learning Japanese, whether it’s through collectible coins every time you quiz, a character that evolves as you learn, manga pages that you unlock, or hundreds of hand-made illustrations.

Additionally, we have both single and multiplayer games to help you keep your learning and reviewing fresh!

★ Personal service ★

We are just a two-person company - and we don’t use chat bots. That means that every question you have gets an answer directly from us.

★ Rich, in-depth materials ★

■ Vocabulary: over 15,000 native-recorded audio files, 17,000 hand-picked images, and 160,000 example sentences make understanding vocabulary a breeze. Our growing library of accent/pitch data can even help you with accent reduction.

■ Kanji: 12,000+ kanji, with no limits on what you can study! Over 2,000 colorful mnemonics help you to understand and retain the meanings.

■ Grammar: Over 800 different expressions, each complete with native-written model sentences, construction diagrams, audio, and over 7,500 hand-made quiz questions.

■ Sentences: Thousands of sentences complete with audio, divided by theme and difficulty levels.

★ A superior quiz system designed around Japanese ★

Our SRS-for-Japanese system doesn’t treat Japanese materials like flashcards to be memorized, and breaks every item down into individual components so you can understand, and not just memorize. Mastery schedules keep you studying only what you need to, pushing weaker materials to the front for you to focus on.

Dozens of different question styles keep things fresh, while a flexible input system (multiple choice, typing, or writing) lets you answer the way that you want to.

★ Customizable down to the last character ★

Renshuu doesn’t believe that there is a single way of studying that everyone should adhere to. Our expansive settings and customizations let you adjust the learning environment to what works best for you.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.0.20220502 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:renshuu.org

User Reviews


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Kenokai 2021-02-20

Haven\'t really dug into all the app has to offer but just the amount of customizability the app has astonishes me and the interface is a little hard to use but I personally got use to it pretty quickly. One thing i didnt expect is there to be games. I have a terrible tendency to stop if i find something boring to do (aka learn Japanese) but this app is definitely going to help. Keep doing your best developer! Great app so far!
Piyali SR 2020-12-31

I wonder why I didn\'t find this app before. This is gold! It\'s the best for reviewing grammar points and kanji. Based on JLPT levels, which makes my work easier. Cute interface too! Love this app so much. If you\'re investing money for other apps then first check out Renshuu because this is the best. Love it so much. Thanks!
Hriman Mukherjee 2021-02-02

Amidst the sea of language learning , renshuu stands as the beacon of hope for beginners in Japanese. An extensive database of kanji,grammar and vocabulary awaits the user in a neat ,organised UI. It has some really innovative ways to learn -including manga, sentences and cute drawings of the words . The best part is that there are no ads and a premium version which enhances but doesn\'t overshadow the basic version. Easily the best app for learning Japanese hands down.
James Wright 2021-03-04

I don\'t often leave a review, but this app is my one to shop for learning 日本語. Dictionary, daily quests and a cute and friendly user interface. It\'s clear a lot of time, effort and dedication has gone into the creation of this digital study guide. The creator is also extremely friendly. I\'ve yet to explore the community side (since I\'m a little shy) but I\'m sure its just as good as the rest of the app. Thank you for this amazing piece of work and keep up the amazing job!
Hannah Clare 2021-02-19

I have used so many Japanese learning apps, and this is BY FAR my favorite!! It is so engaging, simple, but Also contains basically ALL the information you will need to learn the language (not only vocab, but grammar and kanji, as WELL as a full dictionary where you can even WRITE the word or kanji in the search bar!!) 10/10 would HIGHLY recommend this app!! Join the community and delve into this language with confidence.
Thomas Harrison 2021-01-29

I\'ve only used this app for a few days now, but it\'s actually so pleasing to use. There really isn\'t anything to complain about, I really hope it jas alot of depth the further I get in because as it stands it is a 5 star app in my opinion. Unlike some other apps it really make me want to turn it on each day, I really hope there is enough content to help me progress. Would love to get to JLPT 2. Also just to note the lifetime pro membership is fairly cheap, I definitely see myself getting it.
Jared Skinner 2021-03-01

I love this app! It is more engaging than a lot of other ways of learning! One minor thing, I am on an old device, and after a while the app starts to lag out. It could be a memmory leak, it got up to 156 mb of memmory usage, but that may just be normal operation. I don\'t mind restarting the app if I am using it for 20-30 minutes anyway 😂, which I usually don\'t.
Erin Evans-Walker 2021-02-24

Renshuu is a fantastic tool and has gotten me motivated to get back into studying regularly. The combination of vocab, kanji, and grammar study options is incredibly helpful! Plus you can write kanji out to help drill it into the memory, and there are audio aids as well. A lot of apps focus specifically on beginner levels, so the broad coverage all the way through JLPT N1 words and concepts is brilliant. Also, as someone motivated by daily challenges and unlockables, it ticks the boxes for getting me to check what the day\'s specific tasks will be. There are manga pages and a cute mascot to evolve. Plus, in addition to gamifying study, there are ACTUAL games that are super helpful too. There\'s a whole crossword game system in here! I looked for something like that for years! It may not be a substitute for full classes, but it\'s definitely the most fun and comprehensive tool I\'ve found for keeping sharp on my own!
lukas_ 2021-02-04

Been using it for a week, it\'s a wonderful app to learn Japanese. You can learn all aspects including grammar, kanji, sentences, and vocabs. They also have complete materials necessary to learn Japanese, so you\'ve got everything in one app. And what differentiates this app from the rest is its flexibility. You can set up and modify the schedules, lessons, and quizzes to your needs. There are also fun games and forums. Ah, and the creator is very friendly and responsive! It\'s very good overall.
Ben 2021-03-12

This app is hands down the best one I\'ve used to date for learning japanese. The layout is simple, and it is very easy to get started with learning. However, it still has a TON of helpful features you can use to aid you. If you have a tablet with a stylus, this app has an option to let you draw the characters you\'re learning without any aim assistance, which I\'ve found to be very helpful myself. And if you have an issue, the developer is extremely quick to help resolve it.