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Description of Respawnables: PvP Shooting Games

The PvP shooting games madness and TPS multiplayer shooter that will make you forget all other FPS shooting games is here! Feel the thrills of the fighting and killing in this TPS and become a top sniper assassin! Enjoy this dynamic free multiplayer. Get ready for some action with your shooting guns . Have you already? Run, shoot, laugh, and respawn!

…you are NOT expendable, you are… RESPAWNABLE! The duty is calling, beat your enemies!

Join this fun third person PvP action game now! Play this online shooting game for FREE: Complete challenges, join a special forces squad, or just kill them ALL shooting a gun!

Become whoever you want: sniper, special ops soldier, shooting expert, or just a combat killer to feel the thrills of the adrenaline in this online shooter! Feel the action of a TPS fight while you defeat your enemy army on all the battlefields.

If you like special ops modern games, you will love this creative multiplayer army with PvP destruction mode. Will you become the last man standing? Join different sniper teams and define your online strategy and combat tactics to defeat the military rivals in the battle lands!


- More than 185 single quests. Choose your player and start leveling it up!

- Test all the weapons and plan your offensive in this pvp!

- Short battle for entertainment on the go!

- Practice your TPS strategy: Be the best third person shooter!


- Seamless connection and matchmaking

- Two shooting modes: Free For All & Team VS

- Play with allies on a war with a single goal: the survival of your army!

- Jump into sniper maps like you do with a battle pass in other first person shooting games.


- 60+ customization battle items with FPS, TPS, and military attributes

- Customizable Elysium, Men in Black - MIB 3 & Ghost Busters content!

- 30+ weapons for attack and defense: Choose your favorite guns, equip a grenade, use a hunting rifle, a machine gun, a colt, any military gun such as an MP5!

- PvP epic online game: In-Game multiplayer shoot 'em up and achievements for legends. Get the largest number of kills!

- Various free battle lands maps


- Super quality 3D third person shooter: Sniper combat style!

- Smooth TPS gun controls

- Mix-&-match content

- In-Game rifleman and weapon achievements

This third person shooter will make you forget any other multiplayer TPS game! If you love third person shooter games and multiplayer or epic combat games, this PvP will make you forget about any other online shooters up you played before! Bring the victory home in this TPS. Take your heroes out of the fort into the battlefield at night! Win the war while avoiding the bullets!

Assassin, gunman, elite soldier, thumper gun man, or just a killer… Which one will you choose? Make your sniper or gunner aim at the shooting target and with your favorite thumper gun, prepare the assault with a shotgun or a rifle and attack and counterattack with violence with the fire of the bullets of your weapon!

Choose your sniper thumper gun and mark your target in this shooting struggle. An FPS multiplayer shooter never was so funny! Start the PvP in this third person shooter online!

Please note: This shooting game is free to play, but extra content can be purchased with real money. To restrict in-app purchases, adjust the settings on your device.

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Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRespawnables

FAQ: http://www.digital-legends.com/game_respawnables_support.html

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:10.9.2 Publish Date:2021-08-24 Developer:DIGITAL LEGENDS ENTERTAINMENT SL

User Reviews


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Elbryan 242 2019-05-30

I really enjoy this game for all its worth and have been playing it for a long time because of all the funny events and stuff.My only complaint is that the game is really pushing you to buy the limited packs so you can adavance in the event faster even though they didint used to do that.Overral love this just please stop making packs that boost event progress
Uzair Ahmed 2019-06-06

you know it\'s bad when I\'ve been waiting 4 months trying to get back my purchased items. the support team just seems to be ignoring me. no I didn\'t send multiple emails. your game has issues and the support team. this can all be summed up with one word. Pathetic.
Travis Osei-Asante 2019-07-31

Pay to compete at all. Heavily unbalanced. Terrible Customer Support. They won\'t listen to advice as long as they make income. Bot replies to make it seem like they care even slightly. Do not install unless you are willing to spend at least $100 AT LEAST to be on par. Do not install. 3rd time posting review as other 2 were removed.
kevin 2021-02-28

nothing ever gets fix. people please do not wast your money on this highly unbalanced game this comment from a $100+ player. dev care not for players just the same genetic reply to get your comment pushed down just look for your self.
Jeffery Lulay 2020-01-31

I want to say thank you to the digital Legends team I had a problem and they fixed it this is why I stuck with them for five years they always had a great quality game so thank U digital Legends and I will keep playing and respawning lol PS thank you for everything
ExoAddict 2019-04-06

This game is GREAT. Well, just that it is hard to get into as a new player. You will find yourself getting one shotted every tine you see someone if you get into a high level lobby. But after a first good event that you complete, the game will become fun for you and it will be worth the rage :)
Jason Erickson 2019-08-23

I\'ve given several reviews over the years, some good, some bad. But this game overall is the best game in my phone/tablet, that I\'ve ever played. I recommend it to whoever reads this review! I haven\'t found any other game that compairs to Respawnables. Keep up the good work!
diamond martial 2020-11-27

Fun game but 8th anniversary is the worst event, this event is too buggy and the worst bug doesn\'t even let you progress, several times I collect the four pieces to get the points but it doesnt it give the any, , worst yet I\'m at tier 15/16 and it\'s like 2500 for the reward and it\'s hard to to even get 16 pieces and since I don\'t even get the points I\'d pretty much have to collect 2500 pieces so I think I\'m just gonna quit this event. BTW tier 32 is like 16000 so imagine not getting the 50 point
Pouya Jalali 2019-09-12

I don\'t know what to say. This game has a huge downside and that\'s the absence of Google play games login. My Facebook account has a problem and I can\'t login, so every time I run this game my progress is reset. what\'s the meaning of this persistence to only use Facebook account login for so many years? All developers toil to make their games better and better, yet this game is lagging behind and it\'s developers are just idling by and doing nothing.
The ESG 2019-12-23

I really love this game and I recommend it to EVERYONE! It is fun to play, and you get to play against the system on missions. It is really easy and I am first every match with the most points. To inprove the game you should add building and pickaxes to destroy buildings but with a border around the map. This will add pickaxes to the store to buy or earn as you level up. This will improve the games so please add it.