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Description of Resultivity - Daily Productivity Motivation

Do you want to have a better control over your time? Or maybe you want to free up a few hours for your hobby? Then Resultivity is a tool for you!

Resultivity saves your time by:

- reducing distraction;

- helping you to complete your tasks faster;

Overall, Resultivity brings gamification into everyday work or study. Positive, game-like routine makes it easier to battle through mundane or difficult moments of work or study.

Resultivity works like a regular game where you score points and the difficulty level gradually increases. New levels unlock more productivity patterns or tricks.

Points system provides a convenient reference point throughout the day. Like in fitness, you can simply look at the number of steps per day - 10k or more – boom, it’s a great day, a small victory. In the same way, in Resultivity – if you score 1000 points per day – it is a productive day! Just a few of these days per week guarantees hitting your productivity goals for a whole week.

Many people focus too much on the destination, when instead, they should be focusing on system of habits in place to get them there.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit” (с) not Aristotle 😊

We believe, that with the right habits, your goals practically take care of themselves.

Therefore, Resultivity offers you a system of 5 steps:

1. Answer the QUESTION - how productive you are right now?

2. Take control of lost, “wasted” time

3. Make one step at a time

4. Track your priorities

5. Crush your To-Do list

We hope you will enjoy the Resultivity – a digital assistant, who never gets tired and is always ready to help you to live the day to the fullest.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.9.32 Publish Date:2021-08-22 Developer:zababahano

User Reviews


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JB Harland 2020-10-07

Excellent and superior to other pomodoro apps. I\'ve tried a number of them, and found this one works best for syncing btwn pc + 2 phones. It live syncs sessions almost to the second. You can set types of focus sessions, length of focus, breaks, reminder countdown to pack, and (in PC app) can edit, add or delete sessions. Data and stats for weekly, monthly show total boxed packed focused vs. distracted
Isha Sheth 2020-12-08

The overall app is brilliant. I loved it alot. It\'s like a good addiction. I loved this app alot. Thank you for making such a free of cost app. Bt there is one lil problem with this...If I am writing my notes from my phone and my timer is on then after 15-20 mins this app goes off like we are not studying doing fun. Then we have to open the app again and we have to resume the session again. So there is one request from my side to work on this problem. Thank you one again..... ❤️❤️
Chris Antonie Pieterse 2018-10-27

I think this app shows the most promise of all pomodoro style productivity apps! It\'s free to use, and syncs across all my devices. I really enjoy the \'packing\' phase, as the original rigid \"work/break\" biphasic structure would almost always lead to me working into my break to \'finish something off\', leaving me with a feeling of failure to keep to the schedule.
Arjun Raj 2020-10-27

I haven\'t even really started using the timer yet but this deserves 5 stars just for the idea behind the time tracking... This is a really unique time tracking and productivity app guys.. Don\'t leave without trying it! Spend sometime reading the intro and understanding what the crux of the app is. Good job Dev!
Anjali Didwania 2020-07-05

This app has become my one stop solution for studying in an organized way. The levels keep you going, and every new level brings more and better ways to plan your day. I tried and downloaded multiple apps, but this one really helped me out. Thanks for providing what was needed!
Layo Xavier 2020-02-04

I tried using apps,95% of others apps. When I found this app and started using this ,I uninstalled all other apps. This app increased my productivity. I have only one request please don\'t charge in future.plzzzzz I really love the app I recommend this app to all (not only students) The special thing about this app is ,it won\'t show all the features when starting,if you are doing will it will give you more features.will make you work more productively Thanks a lot
Dani V 2020-04-12

I have struggled with productivity for 10+ yrs and the Pomodoro Timers and other Task-based Timer apps I have tried so far just didn\'t cut it. So far, Resultivity has helped me much more than any other apps! The ability to track your past productivity performance really helps me adjust myself. The Game feel of this app also helps increase Focus sessions streaks and break the the unfocused or \"idle\" sessions streaks. So far, a Game-Changer! Innovative Productivity app that I definitely recommend.
Sabbavarapu Ramesh 2019-12-19

The app that can hang out with your day towards goal in step by step!
Jue Ling 2020-05-22

Great app. But I can still deceive myself by skipping idle boxes and recording focus boxes when I\'m not actually focusing on my work. So I guess it still requires the basic self-control to make this app work, but unfortunately I do not meet this standard.
Oluwatosin Giwa 2021-01-10

This app is really great! It has rrally helped my focus. But I am having difficulty syncing my phone and pc together. Also, it would really help if for the phone app, the actual time is shown instead of simply having \"focused mode\".