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Description of Retro Grid

Retro Grid is a fast paced retro space shooter inspired from 80's arcade games.

It’s an endless arcade game with nostalgic graphic style and modern gameplay.

Shoot the invaders, avoid getting hit and travel as far as you can.

Master the one-touch controls and fight your way through enemies deep in the galaxy.


Simple controls, easy to play

Endless gameplay

Retro graphics


Power-ups & Boosts

High Scores & Achievements

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More Information Of Retro Grid

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:0.1 Publish Date:2021-07-07 Developer:Gameguru

User Reviews


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Jeremiah Dau 2015-10-13

Only one thing left This game is incredibly addictive. I only have one suggestion. The reason I never gave this game 5/5 is because there are no boss fights. Please add them, like after every five levels. That would make it more challenging. And increase the limit of the damage powerbars from 4 to maybe 6 or 7. This is a really good game, but it can become a really great game!
Sage Master 2015-10-16

Add bombs Can you please add some bombs because there\'s to much enemies at the same, so a bomb will be a really good idea to clear everything away when there\'s to much enemies. / The numbers with the circle\'s moving around can you explain that because I don\'t get it. What does 3,2 and 4 mean
Mohamad Darwish 2015-08-07

Bug Great game but after a couple of days the game started to lag a bit so its probably a bug, since my device is powerful enough to play the hardest games, and i have been testing it , and i found out that the game isnt taking the full power of my phone, just a slice of it, increasing this would make the game much better.
w 2015-08-19

Great... But Boring I mean, dont get me wrong. The game is amazing, but its just lacking in one thing that makes it great: A storyline. I remember this one game, the gameplay was boring but it had a great story that kept me going. Also, if that\'s too much, maybe you could just add levels, with different bosses at the end
Lloyd Roark 2016-03-13

Great game Very addicting, can get hard but keep trying and figure the pattern out.
Ed Kolis 2015-12-11

Awesome game! I did find a bug though. The achievement for reaching level 10 doesn\'t work. Also a volume slider would be greatly appreciated. This game is much louder than most of my other apps!
Film Whore 2016-10-23

Good bordering on great This is a fun as can be game that really does harken back to the days of Galaga and Space Invaders with a solid but fair challenge. The one issue? It needs variety such as more weapon levels or choices (such as a spread shot or explosive slower rocket) and enemy types since grinding higher and higher forces you to slog through the same bad guys. Not asking for a whole redesign, just a tweak or two.
Rex R.H 2020-02-09

This is a very good game BUT at times is very jumpy and the screen flickers and makes game play very difficult. Plus if there was a tilting mechanism in regard to steering the ship that would make it better still, other-wise my finger on the screen gets in the way, which also makes game-play difficult. This game still gets a thumbs up from me with 3* stars!!! (^-^)
David Rees 2016-09-18

Need a shield in game Good game but it\'s to easy to get killed. What would make it a bit fairer would be to add a shield thing that drops down, u know like them that drop down to give u coins or 2,3,4× damage or slow motion. It would make the game more enjoyable because u wouldn\'t get killed as quickly. Or a couple of bombs which kill all attackers because occasionally there r 2 many to fight.
Erazon Dolera 2016-01-29

My Hands Tired and Need Bombs This is cool game! But my hand is tired when I played it but its OK.. Yeh need bombs