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Description of Reuters News

Your world, your news. Catch up on what’s happening in the world 24/7 with Reuters News.

Breaking news, analysis and market data, completely redesigned with more personalization, better video news integration, catch-up cards and more.

• The resources of the world’s largest and most trusted news organization at your fingertips — 2,000 reporters in 180 countries.

• Global coverage of everything from Politics to Markets to Science and more.

• Alerts for breaking news and the stories you care about the most.

• Additional personalization features.

• Catch up quickly and on the go with new Editorial Highlights.

• Your personal Market Watchlist, plus stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities analysis.

• Deeper integration with Reuters TV, award-winning video news for busy people. (Available on supported devices.)

• Constantly updated with new features: Save stories to read later, Night Mode,Editorial Highlights, Offline Access, and more.

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More Information Of Reuters News

lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:4.1.12 Publish Date:2021-08-04 Developer:Thomson Reuters

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Greg Naas 2019-05-10

Bring back the wire headlines only! \"Better fits a busy lifestyle\" ??? How is having to constantly scroll down to find the stories that interest me save time?? They removed the widgets because they want you to see more ads. Always about the money.Text seems smaller also. As a news junkie this was my go to app. NO MORE. Looking for a different news portal and uninstalling Reuters. Don\'t fix something that\'s not broken! Still no widget. Uninstall. Greedy B...
Justin Czok 2019-08-16

Update 8/16/19: Still no fix for the screen turning off during video playback. Hundreds of reviews pointing out the flaws, no fix. Dont waste your time with this one if you consume video. 6/4/19: The content is solid, but the Now feature fails to keep the phone from sleeping no matter what app and background settings i use. Every time it goes to sleep, it starts over from the beginning. This broke with the latest UI update. Please fix so i can fix my review.
Mirz Moma 2019-05-12

This latest update turns the product from useful on a cell phone to a total waste of time. Headlines are so large that they wrap the screen. Formerly one could see the days stories at a glance, now it is endless, useless scrolling. Unfortunately, this update means I will spend a lot less time on your site as it is not worth the hassle scrolling endlessly through Grandparent-sized text just to read the same stories everyone else has, too.
Scott Sminkey 2019-05-31

This formerly excellent, formerly five-star app has taken a big step backwards with its inefficient and confusing new user interface. The need for both horizontal and vertical scrolling is confusing. Trying to read all the stories in a single category is confusing and I\'m never sure if I\'ve seen them all because I end up unintentionally in another category. Some categories seem to present days-old stories first, but don\'t people use news apps to keep up-to-date on the *latest* news? Not only is the app inefficient to use, but it\'s also inefficient in how it uses screen real estate, e.g., pictures are too large, too much white space. This app used to present its info in a compact, easy-to-navigate way, but since it no longer does that, I\'m moving to the Associated Press app which is formatted just like the old Reuters app. I\'m disappointed because I really like Reuters\' reporting; that\'s the only reason the app get two stars instead one. Yes, the new UI is that bad.
Avi Tavalin 2020-03-12

The best news source I could ask for, quick and concise, little to no political bias either way (minus the opinion pieces, which are clearly labeled), quick, immediate news. I\'ll get a notification about a story three hours before anyone picks it up sometimes. Some technical issues, but a quick reinstall solved it all. One thing I\'d like is archive access, but other than that, no complaints whatsoever!
Arthuro X 2020-08-08

No change. Still a joke! I really enjoy the glitz & half screen ads for things I have no interest in! Going from bad to worse. Get rid of the gamers & hire some human factor engineers that understand how your product is used. New update sucks... Give me just headlines or I am gone. Get it???
Mihir Ganu 2019-08-19

Excellent app - fast, convenient to scroll thorugh the news and does not have annoying ads. Most importantly, it Reuters - Good news reports and nothing more.
Donna Pastucha 2018-09-28

I thought I was getting finally an unbiased news app... no such luck. I watched the entire hearing yesterday and both sides had very poignant meaningful moments. Reuters discounted Kavanaugh, piecemealing his testiminy in the worst light, I\'ll continue my search
Chris Crasto 2020-04-07

I love Reuters reporting and news articles. It is almost always unbiased and straight to the point which I appreciate in this age of mainstream media propaganda. However, I am sick and tired of seeing the Davos tab and the nearly three-month old Greta Thunberg articles on the main screen of the app. It seems like whoever works on the app has gotten lazy hasn\'t cleaned up the frontpage. There are only so many times one can read the same article...
Collin F 2020-08-16

Reuters news is a great source of unbiased news. Once you switch from CNN or Fox to Reuters you will immediately find a platform devoid of loaded language, with unbiased story selection and factual information. There is one big problem, though: the app. The saved stories tab refuses to load, clicking out of a story sometimes takes you to the wrong place, and selecting which topics you wish to see is a now painful process. Reuters, please fix your app!