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Description of Reverie: 30 day meditation Challenge

Start a 30 days Challenge to boost your self-confidence and build indomitable self-esteem.

Each day, discover a new session to rewire your brain and reset your habits.

** Day 1: Mental Toughness

The most popular training in Fabulous Sphere: strengthen your mindset and create an indomitable resolve using the same visualizations and meditations employed by elite athletes.

** Day 2: The Mind Bus

A scientifically proven session to help you extinguish your mental hijackers. Get rid of the stressful thoughts that become an obstacle between you and a fulfilling life.

** Day 3: Uplifting Fabulous

Feeling down? Let Fabulous lift you up again! Based on resilience studies, you will go through all 5 stages of remission and feel the energy flow through your spirit once more.

And 27 other challenges.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.53 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:TheFabulous

User Reviews


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Rodalis S 2020-03-31

Taking this out of the Fabulous app and making it into its own app, not only is it annoying to have to download a 2nd app to do what we were able to do with one app! But now Fabulous is changing everything it stood for... i cant even add habits now unless upgrade only 3 self made no more... ive been with this app since 2016! As a person with a disability. Now it sucks looking for new apps... all the cash grab is annoying it was great as it was before pay for more journeys if you want.
Zach Desjardins 2018-09-27

Randomly laid out modules with half hidden behind a paywall.
Justin South 2018-09-11

They\'ve literally gutted their own app fabulous, and laid it out here, marketing it as new. This is obviously a simple cash-grab. In doing this, they\'ve lost my respect, and cast doubt on their prime basis of their main app, them actually caring. Sad.
Zo Shannon 2020-05-09

The mediation was so fast and urgent sounding it made me anxious. I felt like I had to hurry up and meditate , so, the opposite of meditation. Kept talking about letting wandering thoughts go, but didn\'t actually shut up long enough for my thoughts to wander. Weirdest meditation I\'ve ever experienced.
Jared Pratt 2018-09-30

Fabulous has just taken the \"Make Me Fabulous\" part of their Fabulous app and made it it\'s own app. Just use the full main app instead.
Kenny Jane 2018-10-19

I have definitely lost a lot of respect for developer\'s. It is the same as the main app\'s Make me fabulous section.... They should definitely add some new meditations which are different from the main app :) but for now I\'m uninstalling sorry.
Guillermo Alvarez 2020-04-13

It\'s good, love the content. Would give 5 starts but didn\'t like the following: Audio quality can be really low specially when playing bells, power nap endings are terrible. Meditation would like to chose other voices. As well as talking less and leave mediators have their own meditation. The outlook of the activities look like tinder, the phases pass really fast, for mediation it feels like it\'s rushing the mediation.
Valerie Grob 2018-12-31

i just downloaded the app today, but so far i have noticed some really cool content that i didnt get with the free version of the fabulous app. I really liked the guided stretching and exercise. i think this works great as a companion to the fabulous. thanks!
Pip 2020-01-21

It\'s still nice, but I liked this much better when it was integrated with the fabulous app. Here, standalone, it\'s not half as convient, and the fabulous premium without context makes it 50% behind a paywall.
edie h 2018-09-07

I love the fabulous app and have had it downloaded on every phone I\'ve had I was excited to see this app however it\'s not that great honestly, it has functions available on the main fabulous app it\'s still wonderful and has a very lovely look but it\'s not anything different for those wondering 😊😊