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Description of Reversi

★ Top Developer (awarded 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015) ★

Flip your way to success in this classic game, where a position with the most counters can turn into an overwhelming loss! .. or a few remaining counters can still win the day! Try your hand at this unique popular game. As ever, designed with the polish of a standard AI Factory product.


- User friendly interface

- 10 difficulty levels, plus hints

- 2 player hot-seat

- 4 Reversi Piece Sets and Boards

- User stats (wins/losses/draws/scores)

- Designed for both Tablet and Phone

This free version is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, and therefore subsequent data charges may apply. The photos/media/files permission is required to allow the game to save game data to external storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.

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More Information Of Reversi

lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.622 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:AI Factory Limited

User Reviews


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Anthony Paquette 2019-01-27

your game is challenging, but taking control of My system to force me to watch ads is unprofessional, lncompentent and rude! uninstalling all of your products.
Behzad .A 2019-07-16

Simple but well-designed. I enjoyed the UI the most. The pass-and-play feature is also great and lets you play the game with another player in the same device. No need for any network connection or having the game installed on other devices. You can also set the desired difficulty level of AI in single player mode.
David Covey 2019-03-19

Smooth and flowing AI play. Having played Othello for over 40 years, the AI can be a little predictable, but I simply started making unorthodox moves, 3-4 times per game, and the AI became more unpredictable. Reminds me of the old Atari Othello. I only wish the old Atari version had advertisements. 🤒
Dave Trufen 2019-09-30

This is a strategy game. I do not appreciate ads with violent video games popping up and i especially do not appreciate ads i cannot cancel without quitting or ads that are timed for a long time. Uninstalling. The advertisers are obviously a greedy bunch lately. Used to be much better at one time. In fact when you are forced to click on an ad i did not want that still generates revenue and is not a good honest business policy
Inna Pinch 2020-06-21

Great game. Learned to play on this app many years ago (using the hints at lower levels). Bought an actual tabletop version for the whole family. Coming back to it now to play without the hints at higher levels for the personal challenge. I love that it was still here when I came back to look for it again.
Diane Pelham 2020-06-14

I have a VERY difficult time following the action. The pieces turn over too quickly. There have been many times when it appeared that the CPU got an extra turn due to action happening on one side of the board and then the other in rapid succession. A slo-mo option would be much appreciated. Over the course of an afternoon I have come across so many illegal moves by the AI--in the early rounds where they are easily detected--that I have deleted the game. Too frustrating.
Samuel Clemens 2020-01-23

Decent game but way too many ads that locks your device. Once ads start all you can do is sit and wait , won\'t let you back out to keep playing
Bryan Jung브라이언 2018-11-22

Good game. It is hard to beat level 10, but sometimes I can see some bad mistakes even from level 8 & 9 (Is this a program bug?). Overall, it is a solid game for who needs a strong Othello opponent.
Bret Taylor 2019-01-08

Game play is just fine but the ads are relentless. Update: I appreciate the feedback from the developer. I get they need to make money, but 10 second ads between every 2 minute game just seems like a high ratio. Found that on airplane mode it doesn\'t have ads. Still using and considering paid version.
vidhi bansal 2020-11-21

This is the best game no ads. just there is no option to play online but I like this game in this game we can change the token style we can change board also there are 2 option one to one player that is with computer and another one is play with two player that is with who is with you to play and I realy like this game this game is spurebbbbbbbb!