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Description of Rhonna Designs

You become the graphic designer, when you edit and embellish photos, create word art, and make memorable posts with unique designs and beautiful, original fonts.

Need to come up with stunning invitations?

Have a deadline for a marketing post?

Need to create branding for a sophisticated client?

Want to record baby’s first week/month/year?

Enter Rhonna Designs! Fun! Easy! and High Resolution! All the tools you need to create beautifully branded posts, fabulous invitations, or clever, eye-catching memes.

AND… the power of this app is amplified when you open your current project in Rhonna Designs Magic and Rhonna Collage to access even more design features, such as: adding a water mark or logo overlay, using the powerful erasing and mask tool, and saving time with predesigned collage templates.


Select from designs and fonts, updated monthly, from multiple artists and designers.

Adjust transparency, color, shadows, outlines, size & angles as you create with the text & design features.

Add masks to any photo using the variety of unique designs; even has the capability of allowing you to add multiple designs or fonts to the mask!

Video Tutorials can be found on the front page of the app under the yellow heart

Follow the creator of this award winning app on Instagram for tutorials, news and sneak peeks! @rhonnadesignsofficial

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More Information Of Rhonna Designs

lable: Photography - Apps Current Version:2.79 Publish Date:2022-06-05 Developer:Rhonna Fresh

User Reviews


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Kate M 2013-12-18

Great but... HATE in app purchases, especially when it is already a paid app. It\'s just tacky. If you are going to charge for little extras, charge for everything up front or don\'t include it at all.
Hack Lagi 2016-06-23

Nikki S 2014-04-17

Love the app, but... Just saw a new update for the iphones. Now Androids are at least 2 updates behind. I\'ve been patiently waiting for the update for Android. The video on the site shows all sorts of colorful new stickers and such. Even though the video claims it\'s an update for iTunes apps and Android, there is still no update on Android. I\'m getting a bit tired of seeing all the \"new\" items on photos/creations from iFolks, when I can\'t join in the fun. Once the update comes out for Android I\'ll go back to 5 stars.
Shauny Dee 2017-02-09

Please stop leaving Android users out! I have put a lot of \"investment\" in this app. This quality is amazing, you cannot find an app remotely close to this and be able to do as much so it is worth every penny HOWEVER, I am constantly seeing snippets on Instagram of what Apple users are getting versus Android and it stinks that Android cannot get the same set ups. We\'d love to have Magic!
Kris Mac 2014-06-10

Wont work I\'ve done everything I\'m suppose to and the app brings me straight to my photo album and I\'m not able to create from a blank canvas. I contacted support and the website with no response.
Ana Halbur 2019-06-02

I have had this app since 2013 and I bought a lot of their packs of stickers, designs, and so on and the changed the app and I lost everything I bought. I had invested about 100$ not trustworthy nor very helpful when it came to asking for my stuff I bought or an explanation.
Christina Bennis 2019-11-18

Barely functional on android. No search function. Many items are blank when you click on them. Waste of money.
Faith N 2014-05-15

last update is horrible! I love this app a lot but the last update is making me upset, it refuses to open the app so I can\'t even use it at all! I have to use other editing apps now. grrr!
Aisha Rizkia 2016-01-23

Very helpful tools It helps making so many publication for some events, very usefull and great app. But please make it more for android..we also powerful user as iPhone, so please make more good package for android user
Elliana Martinez 2020-04-13

For a paid app and then having to pay for the packets of graphics it\'s too much. If its paid everything should be included.