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Description of Riddle Master

Riddle master is the most addictive free tricky puzzle game which challenge and test your mind and iq.

It is a free game that you can have mini word search games, mind games, brain games, tricky puzzles, and mini hidden object games.

While enjoying and solving your riddles, challenge and exercise your mind & brain.

Can you solve all riddles without any help!? So Challenge yourself and your brain!


• Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers

• Find the hidden words and objects.

• Easy and simple but tricky riddles.

• Download this funny game for free.

• Tons of riddles with the find word games.

• Addictive and fun game experience.

• Great exercise for the mind and brain.

• Simple and highly addictive game play.

• Great time pass with Brain Teasers.

Get READY for challenging Riddles, and be the RIDDLE MASTER!

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More Information Of Riddle Master

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:4.0.0 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Ruby Game Studio

User Reviews


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Lani Euwer 2020-12-01

I like your game, not your ads. I literally cannot launch this app without it crashing immediately, no opportunity to even start playing--unless I put my phone on airplane-mode. I really have no problem with ads on a free game, whether just in general, or to provide progression while playing. In this case, however, I am pretty damn sure the only reason my game was crashing in the first place is because YOU HAVE A BUGGY ADVERTISMENT SYSTEM 😡 Get your house in order, damn.
Caitlin Zweidinger 2020-11-25

So when after each time you click there is always an ad. So when I need a clue/hint I have to want an ad to get it. And if you still need help you have to click it again but you have to watch an ad. And it will show the same clue/hint. So don\'t waste your time to watch so many ads. Because their is more ads then playing time. So please fix so I can play it.
Thomas 2021-01-03

The game is half fun, with the exception of the stupid hint button that floats across your screen every 10 seconds. I\'ll find an item, and end up clicking on it just as the stupid clue button floats across, and I\'m forced to watch an ad, or restart. It\'s happened enough that I\'ve deleted the game out of frustration.
Panic! Everyday 2020-10-18

The thing with this game is, you have to have patience. It is a very good game, but there are a lot of ads. After you beat the first 10 levels, those 10 levels do repeat themselves, but with some different questions. Which makes the game look repetitive and boring. But no; if you actually play through those 10 levels again, you get brand new levels and brand new pictures after, brand new questions. So it may start out looking pretty bad, but with a little patience, you will see a lot more!
Shenay Mbemba 2020-12-19

4/5. One star away to being one of the best mobile games I\'ve played. The only flaw that is keeping me from giving all 5 stars is: that after a couple of levels, the game will freeze which\'ll require me to close the app and reopen it. It\'s becoming frequent. Please fix.
Belynda Cuthbert 2020-11-24

In the first level you guess I clues. There were 4 ads. Completely spoils the flow of the game and would recommend that you rather then do the 30sec ads after a level. Too frustrating to play. Uninstalled.
col brezzy 2020-12-16

First of all the floating hint thing gets in my way when i am trying to click the answer so it makes me watch an ad, there is a hint thing at the bottom. Also when you finish the first level you already have an AD! I was installing this game th8nking it was goong to be fun but instead it has.It is terrifying companies make games this bad. Fix your game. THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE SO FIX YOUR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Brooks 2020-10-16

Paid for it to remove the ads, then it just repeats the same levels over and over again! Total rip off and really pissed me off! Just to really rub salt into the wound a floating \"hint\" icon had now started appearing that screws up your view and just gets in the way! Don\'t waste your money folks, bored rigid after seeing the same levels time after time!
Angela Umeobi 2020-11-24

Why isn\'t it opening? I don\'t even understand why I even have to rate at least one star when I don\'t know how the game works? Honestly, the one star is for fancy. This game I downloaded that I haven\'t played because its not working. Please do something about it until then I am uninstalling it.
John Beswetherick 2020-09-24

Game was quite fun to begin with, even with the amount of ads. But then you start getting the same puzzles which is repetitive and boring. Even worse there is now a floating hint icon that gets in the way and if you accidently touch it you have to watch an entire ad, I just want to solve the riddles without hints