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Description of RIDGID Level

RIDGID Level features three different level formats to suite all of your leveling needs:

Bubble View: The standard bubble level you're used to.

Horizon View: A horizon line that twists as you rotate. Enable the camera feature in this view to level things from afar.

Flat View: Placing the phone on a surface activates this view where an optional beep can indicate how level the surface is without needing to look at the screen.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.3 Publish Date:2022-06-03 Developer:RIDGID Software Solutions

User Reviews


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Theron Fisher 2016-03-22

Rigid my left <3 Ok i thought it would be ok for a wing it. But hold up this is the horn telling the bull he\'s got some funk to his you know. You have to calibrate it on something level or everything will be trash, just like the app.
Anthony White 2016-06-06

Dont trust it No. Maybe for a general range of levelling, but dear god this thi g has me in shambles. Its close, but not for the OCD individual.
Bob Wise 2018-10-12

Best one I found so far. No ads, no pop ups. This app has has a calibration function, is graphically pleasing easy to read with two choices a line or a bubble. Its Not junk like all the other ones I\'ve tried and uninstalled in disgust
Christian García 2015-10-09

Exelente La aplicación esta superior nítida es bien precisa lo probé con uno análogo y es lo mismo y la gráfica son super agradables. Gracias. RIDGID.
Deb Denham 2016-06-27

Crap Can\'t even switch from horizontal to vertical without manual adjustment on phone screen. MANY free level apps which are better. I\'ll take worthless apps for $600 Alex.
Kent Kesler 2017-05-19

I second the fact that the app is extremely well made it\'s just a matter of your phones hardware. My Droid turbo 2 is almost as good if not as good as a handheld level. I\'m a lead maintenance tech at a resort and I use it almost every day now making it much nicer than carrying an actual level with me whether I\'m fixing a tp holder or installing new cabinets.
troy owens 2018-03-19

For those few who say it somehow doesn\'t work, it\'s not a problem with the app....the problem lies in your phone.
duane ward 2016-03-10

Awesome essential tool This level is dead nuts accurate! At least on my LG G Stylo it is. Allows you to check for level without looking at it with sound indicator. Nice GUI too!
Kansas Jayhawk 2018-05-27

Great app! It is what it is. There\'s no reason for reviews to be negative. If there is a problem, its your phone, not the app.
Alphonzo Davis 2017-06-22

I dnt understand any of the negative comments you must be smarter than the smart phone your using and smart enough to use it correctly or either your just negative ppl I love it. I\'m a hvac sheet metal Mechanic and service tech and as soon as I saw rigid on the app I new it wouldn\'t be a waste of time.