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Description of Rimi

Make your shopping a little easier – download Rimi app. Browse tasty recipes, create and share shopping lists, check your personal offers, coupons as well as best weekly deals. You don’t even have to bring MyRimi loyalty card – just scan the QR code with the app!

QR code scanning - Use your phone as My Rimi card at checkout or terminal.

Personal offers - Check and activate your personalised offers.

Offers - Browse through the best weekly deals.

Shopping list - Make a shopping list, share it with family or friends.

Coupons - Activate your coupons.

Recipes - Discover tasty recipes.

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More Information Of Rimi

lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:7.30.0 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:Rimi Baltic

User Reviews


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Adele S 2020-05-31

Same issue as everyone here. Cannot log in. All the time get an error: \"We are having difficulty performing a task. ...\" Then it blocks you for 10 minutes. Reinstalling doesn\'t help. Rimi, do you even read comments here ?)
Aleksandra S. 2019-12-10

Unable to log in, constantly getting a message that they\'ve encounted an error and a suggestion to try later.
Pauls Grandavs 2020-08-04

App logs out after every time it\'s been used, problems with log in - \'Something went wrong\'
Kalle Rattasepp 2020-07-24

Every time I try log in, I see \"Something went wrong. Please try again. Not crazy about apps where something goes wrong the first time I try to log in.
Inga M 2021-01-09

I downloaded the app mainly because it replaces also the plastic client card. Unfortunately it\'s QR scanner/reader is not working properly. But last few times I have noticed that it won\'t work when my in app \"home shop\" is not matching with the shop I am in/shopping at that moment. Do I really need to check and change the \"home shop\" in app every time I go to a different Rimi? That would be pretty annoying. Make your app as useful as Rimi\'s plastic card - one for all the shops!
Konstantins Lesovojs 2019-10-23

Can\'t login, every time I try it says too many login attempts. Despite that, can login to the website. Update: same behaviour, different error message. This time a more generic \"neizdevās izpildīt \" +1 🌟 for effort
Andrius Butkus 2020-11-21

Horrible app, why l have to re-log every time l need to use it. Can\'t it be pin number. QR reader doesn\'t work, just given up at cashier\'s. Not sure if it\'s worth it. Maxima has much better app.
Margrieta Kalniņa 2019-07-10

Not convenient. Loggs out every time you close the app. You have to re-enter password every time. Otherwise works fine.
Minna Metsa 2020-07-27

Like eveyone else cannot log in. Have been waiting for a fix for a long time but still nothing.
Ken Kuusmaa 2020-06-14

Login doesn\'t work