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Description of RingCentral Meetings

RingCentral Meetings is a powerful HD cloud web conferencing and screen sharing app. Hold face-to-face meetings with up to 200 participants* in high definition and share photos, files, documents, websites and even your screen with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

RingCentral Meetings is available for RingCentral U.S., U.K. and Canada Office customers. Anyone invited to a meeting can download the app and join the meeting for free.

• HD Video conference: From your Android phone or tablet, hold meetings with participants and connect in high definition video. ***

• Screen share: Share your screen and files with anyone, anytime. Host and attendees can present any document including files from cloud storage, such as Box and Dropbox. **

• Dial-in conference number: Join the meeting using your device audio or telephone dial-in. ***

• Host controls: Hosts can invite participants, mute/unmute attendees, spotlight speaker, lock meeting and remove participants.

• Integrated chat: Host or participants can initiate chat with individuals or the entire group during the meeting.

• Safe driving mode: Automatically turns off the video and microphone enabling the attendee to just listen in.

• Works over Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE and 3G networks.

• Connect with anyone on Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows or Mac.

* 75 participants with RingCentral Office Enterprise edition, 50 participants with Premium edition, 4 participants with Standard edition, Additional add-on's for more participants are available.

** Screen sharing requires Android OS 5.0 and above.


1. Video and voice quality may be affected when using this app outside of the U.S, Canada, U.K. or RingCentral International Branch Office supported countries.

Tell us what you think at rcmobilefeedback@ringcentral.com

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More Information Of RingCentral Meetings

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:21.1.40033.0329 Publish Date:2021-08-25 Developer:RingCentral

User Reviews


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Code Smith 2021-01-21

Much worse than Zoom. On the PC, Zoom remembers who you are, but even when you tell Ring Central to remember your name, it makes you type it in every time. I\'d recommend sticking with Zoom. RingCentral also steals your information. On the app there is a sign up for free link. You sign up, they get your info, then you log in and it tells you you don\'t have access to the application. Well played. I wonder how much they are selling our data for?
Kenneth Dellaquila 2020-08-05

Not terribly good. Rather cumbersome and if I go to the chat screen my camera freezes up until I return to the main screen. Unfortunately I\'m on a chromebook and the RingCentral Meetings app for Chrome is utterly unusable so I\'m stuck with this.
Leif Clements 2020-09-15

This app is garbage on Chromebook and crashes immediatly. The support is non-existant. Chat support is automated and doesn\'t help. There is also no contact email for support. DO NOT USE THIS ON CHROMEBOOK!
Kristine Wright 2020-12-11

Good for the most part. Except every time I use it, it starts me off as muted and I don\'t always realize it at first. And sometimes if I move my phone, I accidentally turn off my video. But, it\'s never cut out or glitches. Once or twice it\'s lagged but nothing so bad that it caused issues with the video meeting.
Shawn Paul Jr. Bertrand 2020-03-20

I only take one star away because of the interface issues with not being able to click on someone\'s Name handle to open a private chat with them or link to see their cam &/or profile. You should be able to private video other members of a room. That\'s my only real issue with the app other than that it\'s awesome. Thank you for making it.
Nechama Schafer 2020-07-06

It doesn\'t work well for school. students can edit and i can\'t remove their ability so they draw on the slides. I need something that gives the host more control.
Bruce Wrigleys Gumchewz 2020-04-02

First, this app works ok for what I had to use it for, which was a doc appt. My problems with it tho are AWFUL BATTERY DRAIN and VERY high data usage. Was on a video call for about 52 minutes. I lost 35% of my battery in that time. It also used a MASSIVE amount of data. 740MB Received, 380MB Sent. This is 5 TIMES as much data used than what was used in my last video call in \"Advanced Calling\". Ridiculous! PLEASE fix the battery drain & add an option to adjust video quality. 35% is UNACCEPTABLE!
Disney Mom#LFC 2020-03-25

Been trying to download multiple times to use , and neither me or my husband can get it up and going on any of our devices. 🙁 big set back. With getting my kids the therapy, they in our current situation with the Coronavirus and the social distancing. Due to the virus. Can\'t have face-to-face therapy anymore of course so we have to do it on this app well I can\'t even get this app to go and work. This sucks 🙁
George Moran Jr. 2020-12-09

The app is basically usable but the computer program works better. I don\'t see the improvement over Zoom because it uses Zoom anyway. Using it on iPad is a hassle because when you schedule a meeting, it automatically tries to set up an email. I don\'t want this feature so have to hit cancel, delete draft, etc. Cumbersome.
Owen P 2021-01-21

It only works if you don\'t switch apps or tab out on your phone. The moment you do the whole app hangs and you can\'t go back in, mute/unmute or anything. You have to hard reset to fix it. Very annoying and poor testing team. I\'m on Samsung S10