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Description of RingCentral MVP: Message, Video, Phone

Get messaging, video and phone on one simple app. RingCentral gives you the freedom to grow and run your business from any device. Get started for free with RingCentral Video™, or sign up for RingCentral MVP™ and bring your modern PBX business phone into the new era of voice.

Are you new to RingCentral Video?

Create a free account to access your all-in-one communications platform for smart video meetings and integrated team messaging.

How RingCentral makes it easy for you to connect and collaborate:

- Video meetings that let you connect with up to 100 people with the free version - or upgrade to host 200 people

- 24 hour duration—that means your video call lasts for an unlimited amount of time - plus it’s free!

- Built-in team messaging to chat with others before, during, and after the meeting for easy business communication

- Free—no credit card required. Upgrade to RingCentral MVP at any time

Already on RingCentral MVP? See what you’ll have access to with the app:

- Superior team messaging with file sharing, task management, and a shared calendar

- Smart video meetings with screen sharing, chat, and markup tools for real-time collaboration

- Cloud-based phone with carrier-grade reliability to take and manage calls, voicemails, faxes, and business SMS on any device

- Schedule and join meetings with one, simple click

- Easily switch between your mobile and desktop app to message on-the-go

- Auto-attendant and advanced call management features for streamlining processes

- Out-of-the-box app integrations to boost productivity

- Centralized, portal-based access to your system and robust, in-depth analytics reports and dashboards

A RingCentral MVP™ (formerly known as RingCentral Office®), or RingCentral Video™ subscription is required for certain product features. Features will vary by product and plan. A free subscription is available with limited capabilities.

Download RingCentral today and say hello to possibilities.

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User Reviews


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Brad Gray 2019-04-10

This app is trash since the latest update. RC rings my desk phone, on the Mac app, and on the Android app at the same time. Since this latest update, the app on my Android phone never rings. It used to do that on occasion before but it would still work half the time. Now it never rings my cellphone. :-/ It\'s completely useless when using it for that purpose.
Sean Marrs 2019-06-12

I love having an app that centralizes all my communication avenues. I am in and out of the office a lot and this helps me keep up on all my internal and external correspondence. The ability to call and text external contacts while using my office number is huge reason I use the app. The Glip-to-SMS feature is fantastic. Very pleased.
Eliseo Hernandez 2020-12-02

When I \"like\" a message on my app it does not show on the online platform, I have to re-like the message online.
David Costanzo 2018-09-10

Cannot ignore an incoming call without sending caller to voicemail. Previous Ring Central Phone app allowed android user to hit the back button which would ignore the call on that device but allow the call to continue ringing to other devices. Also would like easier switching between functions since they combined the phone with all other ring central apps. Maybe tabs for each function at the bottom to switch between phone, Glip, messages, etc.
GoldfishLover.67 2019-08-13

easy peasy ... one thing that bothers me though is the marked difference between the iPhone version and the Android version. the iPhone GUI is much more user friendly and has more functionality
A Google user 2018-10-25

Been using Glip for two days in our small office of 10 plus three contractors and it sure is a winner.
Jason Costa 2018-11-09

Until we found glip we used 3 different types of software to do what glip does. We recommend this software for anyone that needs IM, calendar, and tasks all in one app.
Ken M. 2020-03-08

My company used Flock before switching to Ring Central for our Dispatch to Field comms. I would give it 5 stars if it had a message delivered and message read feature like Flock. It eliminates wondering if the intended recipient has read your message or if you are being ignored. Other than that its really great. Hopefully the Devs read this and add that feature so I can give it 5 stars.
Richard Simpson 2020-12-22

We switched our business over from a traditional PBX to RingCentral and have been very happy. We have a blend of physical ethernet phones, softphones that run on our computers with webcams and speakers, and mobile devices. Some users use mobile only. RingCentral is so much easier to manage than the old PBX. We really like being able to switch from voice to video and start screen sharing without having to reestablish the call. You can even text. Pricing is very fair, support is helpful, and there is a large community which is responsive to questions. We even found some voice talent to record greetings for our IVR menu, generic voice mail messages, and group names. It was easy to upload the voice files. My old PBX phone used to just sit there and collect dust. I never used it, preferring to use my mobile phone instead, even for work calls. But now I\'m on RingCentral all the time. Even when I work from home, I just login with a browser or load the app, and I\'ve got my work phone and video right there. Being able to start a call on your PC and then flip to your mobile device while you take a walk to the break room or get in your car and then flip back to your PC when you get back is also really nice. The most significant downsides we experience are: 1. when we first signed up for RingCentral, we also had access to RingCentral Meetings, a separate application. After a few short weeks they just cut off our access to Meetings and we were never able to get it back. Meetings allowed remote control so you could pass mouse and keyboard control to another user. Great for training or working on projects collaboratively. Sadly, RingCentral Video does not have this feature. RingCentral comes with RingCentral Video, RingCentral Meetings is an extra cost option. We really hope they will add remote mouse pointing or remote control in the future. 2. We have RingCentral voice setup to automatically record voice conversations for certain extensions. This is great to be able to review past phone conversations. It\'s easy to download and forward them as well. However when you switch to video the voice recording stops. You can record your videos and that is great, but you have to remember to start the recording any many times great content is lost because a recording wasn\'t started. I wish video calls could be auto recorded. Many of us are so use to ad hoc screen sharing that we just start video calls even if we never share. We have our camera settings off by default, Video is primarily used for screen sharing. 3. Some of us have Pixel 3a phones and the sending camera video when using a Pixel with RingCentral Video is distorted. I don\'t mean blurry or weird colors, I mean totally unusable with diagonal lines, and completely smeared video. Its like the refresh rate is wrong. The receiving video is fine but not the camera video sent from a Pixel. We have multiple buildings on campus and people in remote locations. Starting a phone call on your PC then flipping it to your phone is great, then wanting to be able to show someone some work that\'s been done or changes to the warehouse is great. But the camera video doesn\'t work on a Pixel :(
Stacy Ash 2020-04-01

I think it\'s a great app! It\'s given us a chance to still be able to have our meetings and that\'s essential to our well-being. The ONLY issue is that everyone I know has a hard time figuring it out. That may change once we\'re more aquainted with the app, but overall a great tool!