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Rise Up

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Description of Rise Up

Move your shield with one finger to protect your balloon. Clear your way as you reach higher and higher!

Shield control is very easy but it's very hard to reach high scores!

Challenge your friends for the highest score!

Game Features:

- Free to play

- One finger control

- Different obstacles and experience every time

- Endless gameplay

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More Information Of Rise Up

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:3.1.8 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Serkan Özyılmaz

User Reviews


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EJ Aster 2019-02-09

Super keeeeewl!! Sometimes it can get harder on just level 3.. 🤣! But that\'s okay! But it can help if my cursor can move a little bit faster considering how small a minority of objects are 🙃. But gameplay? Simply fivefivefivefive thousand stars (It\'s not a mistake.) Four stars I give yu! Kawaii out!
Josh Ong 2018-10-20

Rise up and pay for the ads-free version of this game. If not they\'ll take 30secs of your life each time you lose. That\'s how much you\'re worth to them. The game is nice to play and the trick here is to really use your finger and wiggle the shield for it to protect the balloon. Overall not bad if you\'re killing time with this game and kinda additive as well. Cheers!!
Paige Wirth 2019-01-30

this game is great but it is unplayable because there are so many ads on it. Just like every other game this company makes. For the first day it will only give you ads every once in a while and then as soon as you\'ve had it installed for over a day the ads are inbetween every two rounds you play. They are the ads that play for the whole 10 seconds before you skip them too, and after you skip they bring you to a second screen that you have to close out of. It is insane. and pro is 3$ PER WEEK.
yes. 2019-01-22

I like this game. I don\'t review much but this is kind of a good time killer with at least some effort. Here\'s what I think. Runs very fluently without problems on my Samsung. Gameplay is nice, especially with the fact of using bigger objects to block away the rest. Could be more better, overall. The controls are comfortable, too. (Protector is offset with your finger\'s position. Pops to the dumbasses who don\'t know how it works.🎈) Overall, this game is nice, but can be improved on 👍
A Google user 2018-11-14

It\'s good BUT I reckon they need to fix some bugs. 1) The guard protector thingy apparently likes to move on its own when it\'s NOT SUPPOSED TO 2) When you watch 3 adds for a balloon you expect to ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO USE THE BALLOON. I mean like It works for the protector so WHY doesn\'t it work for the BALLOON??? \\{•_• } / ( ) / \\ Please just fix this cause I don\'t wanna play a game that doesn\'t want to be played by me. •~•
Debbie Sharp 2018-11-12

The concept of the game is good,however you get ads every time you start again. The protector will move without you touching it when an additional appears. This causes you to loose control of the ball and die. It\'s sort of frustrating in my opinion but some people might thing otherwise. If you fix these issues,I will most likely change my opinion.
Christian Gibbs 2019-05-10

Slow response makes it hard to play. Instead of hitting targets in real time, you have to anticipate where they WILL be and try to move in front of it. I wont be keeping this game.
Lorenzo Molezzi 2019-07-03

It\'s fun gameplay, but the ads make it unbearable. Everytime I die I have to watch a bloody 45 second ad. So 20 seconds of gameplay and 45 second ads. I don\'t mind an ad every 5 times I die. But every single time it is very annoying. And means its too frustrating to actually get good enough. I quit playing after the first day.
A Google user 2018-10-27

The controls are rubbish and the so are the graphics. It keeps on pausing and ads keep popping up everywhere. They use all the time you are actually on there. Considering I am only eleven and like most games, this game is absolutely rubbish. Plz don\'t install this game as it is rubbish and uses all your data installing it even though it\'s not worth it. Thanks
Rushikesh Bagul 2020-10-03

I give you 5 stars because. I played a lot\'s of games means nearly 2 thousands game and this game is one of best game in my life. Yes, there are some missing things or some bugs. I think if we observe the game Defrently like it\'s music, it\'s theme, it will inspire us, this game will motivate us. And thing, if we play this game form our heart with Egnoring some bugs then this game will teach us how to survive in the world. It\'s my opinion. AND SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH. 🙂🙂