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RISK: Global Domination

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Description of RISK: Global Domination

Battle opponents in strategic warfare in the official digital version of the classic Hasbro board game loved by millions. Fight against the Axis Powers in WWI, survive war games against undead zombies and battle on fantasy, futuristic and sci-fi maps. Download RISK Global Domination for free now!

- Build an army to clash against your foes!

- Use diplomacy to gain allies and fight to the death for blood and honor!

- Command your troops on the battlefield!

- Engage in glorious combat and all-out war!

- Protect your allies & conquer your enemies!

- Use strategy to lead your army to victory!

- Play with friends!








RISK is a trademark of Hasbro. © 2022 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved

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lable: Board - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:SMG Studio

User Reviews


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Glacial Self 2021-01-19

Hope you like being forced to watch a 30 second ad anytime you want to do something. After being contacted by Hasbro\'s long black tentacle of a PR department, I\'d like to add that yes, you can pay them to take the ads away. Then you\'ll be able to play the world\'s worst version of Risk without interruption. Don\'t waste your money or time on this garbage.
Charles Ippoliti 2020-12-16

I love playing this game. The developers have set it up very well with the classic game board and interesting alternative boards. I also have seen no glitches when playing. My operating system is Android 10 on a Moto G7. I raised my rating up to 4 stars. The only reason I don\'t give it 5 stars is that the AI is still pretty dumb. Maybe taking, and protecting, continents should be the priority instead of randomly attacking? Great game
Thomas Widrow 2020-12-30

I love the board game and couldn\'t be happier about the online version. I\'m playing the free version and love the fact that I\'m playing a level field with the premium players. They also give you access to new maps for free and they change every week which is nice. The AI obviously doesn\'t match up to human players, but then again, we aren\'t playing with alphago here. Multiplayer is the place to be. Very smooth, faster games than you would expect thanks to timers. One thing I would ask for: the option to set the move timer to 24h+ so that we can play with friends throughout the day, wherever we are :) All in all, I\'m considering paying for the full version. The extra maps are all good so far and the ads are just annoying enough that I might give in. This would be a first for me!
Je suis Orange 2020-11-18

It\'s a good game! The blitz dice make the game faster but are a bit unfair sometimes but aren\'t that anger inducing, at least for me. There are alot of in app purchases but it\'s understandable and also can be reasonably played without any purchases. I would suggest avoiding the supermax prison maps though because you can be in a deadlock with all the players which is not fun. It\'s not perfect, but it can give you a good time.
Mike B. 2021-01-26

- The in-game chat needs to be vastly improved. - Players need to have the ability to choose whether to have bots replace players who have dropped out or have the territories redistributed. - Players need to have the ability to flag bad actors (suicidal players, teamers, players who only play for second place), so that they can avoid playing with them in the future. - The current scoring system encourages the most obsessive players to play for second place but discourages more casual players. - Players need to the ability to see the level of the players they\'re playing against before the game starts. - The dice algorithms need to be worked on. The six appears on the defensive side at a higher than normal probability.
Matthew Stewart 2020-10-31

GAME is Awesome. An old classic game still fun for hours. The scoring,Tottally sucks. People will join and just bail. Computer will take over bailed players guys at Expert lvl and kick your arse. The player keep thier points you lose yours .FIX THIS ISSUE . GIVE US THE OPTION TO SEE HOW MANY GAMES THE PERSON HAS PLAYED/BAILED ON before the game is started. Other than that Great game. THANK YOU.😁😁😁😁 edited, has gotta way better with improvements thumbs up. See you on the battle field.
Micheal Staunton 2021-02-11

Good game but recent changes take away from it. In the games menu you used to be able to see the person who started the game, now you can\'t. Not a big issue but it\'s annoying loading into the same gamer\'s game multiple times that\'s afk. I also used to enjoy looking at other people\'s rank, now it\'s just country. I get that change, but I still preferred the old way.
Peter Stanley-swope 2020-10-31

I can only give this game a 3 at most because I really like the board game. But this is very far from the board game. The most disappointing feature is how unrealistic the blitz dice rolls are. Absolutely unacceptable! How does someone with 20 troops absolutely wipe out on one roll, someone with 26? And that\'s just one example. Many times I\'ve experienced not just me but other players get beat with worst than that. Sometimes it\'s 16 vs 29 and the person rolls a blitz and wipes them out.
Ross DeRosier 2020-11-27

I grew up playing Risk. You can play for free, but opt to pay for the premium pass. I love that for about what it would cost to buy a real game board, you get tons of maps, and the games don\'t have to take hours to play. I have exposed my 4 and 6 year olds to the joys of Risk, and they love it. It holds their interest, and I don\'t have to worry about them jostling a board with hundreds of tiny pieces to get all mixed up from an errant dice roll, or over eager move. Love, love, love this app.
Wayne Feller 2020-11-06

I have had this game for two years. And I have always enjoyed it. However, there has always been an issue with dice rolls. Multiple people have mentioned that here. But rather than address that there may be an issue with their algorithm, so-called customer support sends you to a generic page that basically tells you to trust the algorithm. Having kept a record of my past 600 dice rolls, there is clearly an issue. The programmers need to stop ignoring customer complaints.