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Description of Road To Success

Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!

It doesn’t really matter how many wrong decisions have you made in your life and where you are now if you want to change your life! Having a proper plan, even a hobo can get a yacht! Of course, as Rome wasn’t build in a day, it’s gonna take some time… Still worth it, right?

Start believing now – and you’ll see how easy your way to success can be!

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.1 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:MobiGrow

User Reviews


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Casimir Wroblewski 2015-09-17

Once upon a time, There was a boy named Elrod. He had a pet goat named Steve. What happened to the public sector workers and their clothes? You usually get out of the car when they can\'t help with your lips. The kids are playing soccer and they can\'t handle negativity. We just left a baby llama on his doorstep. Good game btw.
Becky Nelson 2016-03-18

Great! I think it is more than fair for all the fun I get from game to boot up a couple bucks! No place else I could have that much fun for $2! I\'m very poor so I\'m thankful U keep the cost low so I can help You & it helps me. Not too hard for the most part. logical ways to solve puzzles. Nice Dev! Happy to donate for such a great game to help You folks take care of business so You can keep the games coming!!
Zer0 Studioz 2015-09-17

Keep It Up Every game MobiGrow has made in the past has impressed me. This one is no different.
Mitzi Mayhew 2016-05-15

Unspectacular room/escape game Solid if a bit clunky, not many envelopes pushed in the making of this one. Quite easy. But that smug wizard/grimy hobo type character Mobigrow have in these games is really ANNOYING 😠
Christopher Simmons 2016-06-08

Way too easy, too expensive for what it is. This game is no prize. The levels are very easy, and you only get 10 to start. The \"all in\" purchase is 2.40 usd. When you consider there are games like Xon, The Room series, and countless hog and escape games that are .99-2.99 and far better, this is no bargain. If it were .99, I would consider it, but it\'s more like .49 would be an OK deal.
Shanda Bettis 2016-05-11

Got this game to play with my kids. At level 16 we were prompted to pay $2.40 to continue to \"all levels\" and to remove ads. Little did I know that my $2.40 for a game would only buy us three more levels. Very disappointed.
Chris Briano 2020-06-29

Wasn\'t too hard, happy it\'s NOT cluttered with Adds, had a Problem with \'Secret Room\' the unlocking of \'Pens\' didn\'t work, I finally gave up and hit walkthrough and it linked to the swimming pool/walkie-talkie level. So after manually finding the correct walkthrough, and I had the pens correct, game just was glitchy I guess. Android Moto 4z. Overall did like the game, the company as a whole does make good games, this was the first glitch I experienced though. Bummer.
Julie Dickelman 2015-09-25

Best to get your credit card out This as are most games from this \"company\" usually a great way to past time and have fun. But... Past level 10, you better have your cc handy... To bad really, I was enjoying the game until that point.
Paul Gossett 2020-04-05

Oddly enjoyable for such a slapdash, cheap-feeling production (the soundtrack is literally a 15-20 sec loop...at least it\'s a nice little melody). Our hero\'s commentary at the start of each level is wonderfully insane. But I felt stupid for paying to remove the ads when I found that the bonus level is broken and can\'t be completed (the pen puzzle solution in the YouTube walkthrough doesn\'t work). Kind of shifty to stop updating a buggy game but still accept in-app purchases, isn\'t it?
Mand 2020-07-19

Like so many of these, unsatisfying puzzles and therefore a boring game. Poor UI, graphics so bad it\'s hard to tell what you\'ve picked up. I don\'t expect much of a story, it\'s only a vehicle for the puzzles, but this one\'s unrealistic enough to be a distraction. The translation\'s dreadful too - just one example: you leave things behind, you don\'t leave them backward... Not bothering to get a native speaker to check it through sums up the lazy approach apparently taken with the whole thing.