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Description of Robbery Bob - King of Sneak

Introducing the legendary thief…

Play as Bob, the sneaky burglar with a good heart. Unfortunately for Bob, however, he's going to be forced into a few final jobs before he's allowed out of the criminal life.

Robbery Bob is a fun and humor packed adventure that will get you into luxurious villas and past puzzles filles with guards, dogs and other enemies to come out with your pockets full of loot! And it's Free to Play!


These are just some of the things that make Robbery Bob such a fun game to play:


Sneak past security guards, residents and sleeping bulldogs as you recover the loot in each stage. Use your ninja-like skills to hide in some tight squeezes and avoid detection.


Your sticky-fingered missions will take you through a local neighbourhood, Downtown, and even through some secret labs. Can you get a perfect on every one?


Bob is going to have to pinch everything from secret documents, to old pairs of clothes, to those always hard-to-find TV remotes!


Get engrossed in the comical storyline featuring hilarious animations, a fun script and a genuinely twisting narrative.


Read what people are saying about our fun and casual free to play game, Robbery Bob on the store!

5 ⭐ "This game is one of the most fun I have ever played! My family and I find this game so fun and sometimes difficult."

5 ⭐ "So fun! I love this game. The animations on the people we are stealing from is really funny and cool."

5 ⭐ "This game is the best stealth game ive ever seen. I like it where you can customize Bob! I also like the levels! They are so creative!"

Download and play for free and start sneaking!

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.20.0 Publish Date:2021-10-19 Developer:Deca_Games

User Reviews


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Lolita Valdezco 2020-10-19

It\'s literally the BEST GAME I\'ve ever played! The levels are EXCITING, but they can be easy or hard, which is the exciting part! I\'m rating this game 5 STARS for it being the BEST robbing game ever! The controls are very easy, and I don\'t need to move my joystick to the right because I\'m left-handed! I\'m 11 years old BTW! Thank you Level Eight for creating this awesome game! 😊 😆 😄
Killua 2021-01-01

Awesome game, the skill of being sneaky is just a great thing needed in a video game, I have no problems with this game except for the button at the lower right, it\'s the running button, it gets replaced by a different looking button, whenever you get close, distraction, disguise are the buttons I can remember that gets replaced by it, if you can put another button that says \"use\" just like Among Us, next to the run button, itd be great, altough 5 stars its awesome!
AJ 2021-02-14

What An Amazing Game It\'s Super Fun And Not Boring To Play Just A Hard Work To Go To Other Level Hehe Yes Its Super Fun So I Liked It 10/10 Rating
Pramod Kumar 2021-01-20

This game is so amazing. However, having some difficulties, this game is the best which I had enjoyed in my life. It requires full concentration and hard work to solve the last stage of each chapter. I am still advising to my friends to install this game. So, please install this game who are addicted to thief games. You will not find any game like this. I am always supporting this game. 🙂
Olatoke Muibat 2020-10-27

I gave it five star because i can\'t stop laughing, but the only reason I am annoyed is that i can\'t stop playing this game. I think am addicted to it. It\'s a real funny game. Thanks for creating this type of GAME, please notify me any time you have this type of game i will always be you fan. I 💝💝💝💝 you
ayesha Ruksana 2020-11-23

Best game ever played. It\'s actually very interesting and addictive also and I really like to play but I wish there could be more helper gadgets. But it still makes the game interesting. I know some levels are really hard but it\'s still great. And yeah it\'s a big time eater
Abuzer Aslam 2021-02-13

This game is very nice but the reason I give it one star is that there is one level \"prison\" and its of money. I though that it was free. 💵😤😭
Anna Margarita Yamba 2020-12-13

I like this app. I played this before with my cousins, we enjoyed it. I remember this app and this app is like 2 or 3 years ago and now Its 2020. This is like a horror app cause it flinched me, but this is good and yet this is offline and I can play this without wifi or data. So download it now to complete a joyful experience. 😝🌸✌️🙊Anya Darren B. Yamba
rashidi baharum 2021-02-21

Very difficult to solve when higher level...more adventure and high thinking
Vidyarani S P 2021-01-16

It\'s an offline game ..overall good! , no bugs , no glitches , as I saw there was no glitches at all so I love this game , but the robbery bob 2 double trouble isn\'t good as this one cuz it have bugs and glitches and you can hack easily with the dogs or with the police\'s or with the grandma , I wouldn\'t dare to download robbery bob 2 again! It sucks..if your looking for a review on robbery bob 2 ,here it is and also you can barely complete an level in it , not too hard but the bugs are there😊