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Description of Roborock

*Feature support varies by product

Cutting-Edge Software and Hardware:

- PreciSense: Precision LIDAR navigation for efficient home cleaning.

- Sensient: A sensor matrix for safer movement around the home.

- OpticEye: Highly accurate vision-based motion control and navigation

- ReactiveAI: Artificial intelligence for recognizing and avoiding common home objects.

- VibraRise: More effective mopping through sonic vibration, with a mop that can be automatically lifted off the floor.

The Roborock app has been designed to give you total control over your Roborock robot, from home layout to cleaning schedules, cleaning strength, and more. Once you've set it up the way you want it, you can leave your robot to work.

---- Feature Highlights ----


After it's first run around your home, your Roborock robot will show you your floorplan and automatically divide your rooms, unlocking a world of customizations.


Set multiple schedules from hourly to daily to weekly, hitting different rooms with each one. You can clean the kitchen after breakfast and even the whole house when everyone's gone out.


Tailor cleaning to the demands of each room. Crank up suction for the nursery, use more water on tiled kitchens, and lower suction when you need things quiet. The control is yours.


Draw up to five zones, and clean each zone up to three times, for when you want to tackle more stubborn dirt or just don't need entire rooms cleaned.


Use up to 10 No-Go Zones and 10 Invisible Walls to avoid thick carpets, keep robots away from delicate art, and more—all without a single hardware add-on.


Save up to four maps in your home and tailor cleaning to match each floor. Your robot will recognize the floor it's on automatically, so you can simply watch it work.


Watch your robot move through your home, seeing the exact route it's taken and any obstacles it has avoided along the way.

Feature Compatibility:

- Multi-Level Mapping is available on [TBC] only

- Obstacle avoidance is available on S6 MaxV only

- Room specific suction scheduling is available on [TBC] only

- Room specific mopping is available on S6 MaxV and S5 Max only.

Contact Us

Customer Service Phone: 400-900-1755 (Mainland China)

E-mail: service@roborock.com (Mainland China), support@roborock-eu.com (EU), support@roborock.com (Other Areas)

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:3.2.18 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Roborock

User Reviews


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Sebastian Garcia 2019-09-15

How can the official roborock app not support s5? They are trying to make people buy s6 for the room division feature. If you make a product you should be able to update its software and make it better instead of trying to money grab. This speaks poorly of the brand.
Dana Liza Hernandez 2020-12-17

It used to work perfectly, however something happened and now it\'s impossible to connect to the Robot because \"the connection is too slow\". I set it back to factory settings, after lots of tries i finally connect it to my Wi-Fi and suddenly again it\'s not showing the maps and the message of slow connection, pleaze fix this as it was working perfectly a couple od months ago, now it\'s a pain in the a**!!
Thu Mper 2020-05-24

I\'m sick and tired of these apps changing and forcing people to accept their policies to use the app. If I don\'t accept it the $500 device I bought is basically useless. I paid for the device!! Why can\'t I just have an app and store my information locally on the device or my phone?? Why does every business have to know every detail about how I use things and all my personal information to use a device. When will we really have privacy!!!
Mihai Trandafir 2020-12-13

This gets ridiculous. The multi storey mode worked way better even in beta version, 2 updates ago. Now you can\'t select maps already saved and it tries all the time to define a new map. Recently it started passing through the same room twice in the same session. Please fix. Additionally, the obstacle avoiding algorithm needs an update. It sometimes gets stuck even twice in the same place: we have a table with the legs connected horizontally by a 2cm high metal profile
John Westland 2020-06-07

The robot itself is great. It does a wonderful job cleaning the house. However since the last update, the app has really let us down. The robot tends to have erroneously update where it is in the map causing the house layout to get screwed up. This used to not be an issue as you could easily reset to a previous version of the map. That is no longer an option and I\'ve now had to have the robot completely rebuild the house map 3 times! Building the map takes hours and requires me to babysit it
Khoo CK 2020-11-18

Roborock S5 Max was great pass 2 months when we initially bought it. Recent app update causing user unable to select the room for cleaning because all the saved map previously done are missing. I can see all the maps saved inside Map Manage setting but not at the main control screen anymore. I hope the app developer can look into this. Thank you.
Or Bokanet 2021-02-23

For those with the plain ol\' s6: gentle mode was a single valuable feature that was removed way, way back; when using the wet mop, gentle mode won\'t suck in any excess water left on the floor (spills, etc). Also, you could SLEEP in the same room with it being so quiet. bring it back! 😩
Juan Menendez 2020-10-21

Great vacuums and app. Some of the latest updates have added strange things. For instance that animation of people just takes up space for no reason.
Sebastian Potolinca 2020-11-28

I\'ve bought s5max a few weeks ago. For a few days I could change the different floor maps from a menu on the main map screen, that option is gone now. I have to go to my maps and hit restore on the floor I want to clean. And since I have added a third floor, there is always one of the maps, randomly, that fails to load and I need to hit recover button. What happened with the multi floor mapping???
Alan Lauer 2019-12-07

Doesn\'t support S5 at all. Roborock and it\'s parent company have a pattern of releasing apps that are poorly designed/tested and indicates to me they seem clueless. Their updates break even the most basic of functionality; ability to communicate between app and device. No multiple floor level support on map. Seriously? The disparity between reviews here indicates either poor app design across models/app devices or the good reviews are from less than authentic users.