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Description of Rocket Car Ball

Car battles and soccer go together like peanut butter and chocolate in Rocket Car Ball! This game lets you play football with rocket cars!

Strap in and rocket through the apocalypse desert arena, battle with off-road vehicles, garbage trucks & racing cars, jump and boost through your opponents and hit the ball into the opponent’s goal! Prove that you have what it takes to win in this #1 sports game with rocket cars!

Game Features:

- 10+ heavy weapons including rockets, missiles and shockwaves to knock out opponents

- Stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics simulation

- 3 thrilling game modes with hundreds of amazing levels in 4 beautiful apocalypse environments

- Dozens of racing cars with 50+ individual upgrades and characteristics

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More Information Of Rocket Car Ball

lable: Sports - Games Current Version:2.3 Publish Date:2021-09-25 Developer:Words Mobile

User Reviews


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Tejas Prasad 2020-09-06

This is a fully awesome game. You can spend hours playing this. The only reason I gave 1 star is because of the controls. It is very hard to control our vehicle and missions become so hard as soon we reach higher levels only because of controls. If the control becomes better I would definately change my view of this game and give 5 star to it. Thank you for such a good game
Kevin Gerrard 2020-12-10

I love your game! Its great... The graphics, different cars, and the maps that you can play on... I love them all... Keep up the good work and keep on improving this game... I wish many people can see your game to play it... My only request is that please put more different cars on the game... And another one is can you make the goalkeepers more smarter \'cause when the opponent is going to score... The goalkeeper runs away from the ball... I wish my review was helpful to you guys.
Sougat Satapathy 2020-08-20

This game is great. It\'s an unconventional fusion of death race type games and football. Graphics is decent and gameplay is really awesome. Shooting rockets and using various other weapons to crash opponents and score the goal it\'s truly fun. With such a low storage space requirement and great optimization for low end devices, great job developers. Keep it up.
alex flores 2021-01-03

Graphics are ok and gameplay was fun. However i have never seen such intermedial AI in my life. Its a 3v3 but its more like a 5 v 1. Your so called team doesn\'t do nothing but get in your way or moves the ball from their half to yours...it got extremely annoying after 2 games so I\'m uninstalling. Game would be fun but I don\'t see that getting any better
Vishnu Gaming 2020-09-05

I would give it 4 stars because,when I play multiplayer offline after sometime some car stop don\'t move from there and some just goes in the opponent\'s goal and starts to roam in the goal. The grafixcs are ok controls are good. I didn\'t found any other bad thing about this game and one thing that I found good in this is that they give 700 coin for one game and the cost of buy a new car is also less expensive . This is a nice game appreciate who has made this game. I love this game. Superb game
GOD 2020-10-19

The game is pretty good but there are some problems you should fix it 1.We can\'t rotate the car while doing a match. 2.The stadium ground should be clen or made up of grass 3.The first cars is very odd and dirty and you should give two or three cars in free like - Normal car, baggi and a truck. 4. You should add online multiplayer mode. 5.The game have low graphics. 6. Make the game clean and neet .
Zenel Yu 2020-07-16

Ok. This app is getting insane. I only got chances to 1shot into right in the goal so yea the reason why i gave this \"4 stars\" its cuz the cars. So there annoying for some how and almost every SINGLE ROUND 1 shot it but is hard to 1 shot ok ill make you pro. Jow to get 1 shot. \"1. Speed up! 2.blow up the explosion thing and thats how to 1 shot it so its too hard to try that so pay attention! At the 1 shot. So what if you cant do it? You need to kill the guard. And that. Bye have a great time!
bi9 E 89 2020-10-29

Good game I\'ll say but it is to like rocket League, I see no one saying this. Rocket league if free on like every thing so if I was you reading this I will play rocket league instead of this rip off. Rocket league is on the switch, pc, xbox and Playstation. If there is any other platforms that I missed let me know and say what it is.
Samuel Mwanza 2021-02-01

I am giving it a 3 because 1. The camera sometimes goes very up such that it becomes difficult to see where you are. 2. Story mood level 30 is so hard and irritating, I don\'t know what I should do to win the level. Every time i battle i come out with lots of points compared to the opponents, but it just says you lose. Please the makers , work on this. otherwise, this is a great game
Kiko Garcia 2020-11-16

I love the game it is fun and entertaining but I dont have many issues. I do have some opinions tho, I think you should add more cars, more stadiums, more modes, and especially add some more chapters to story mode. The last thing I think you should add is online mode so we can 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4. Another thing I think yall should add to the game is more car customizations. That is really is it. I love the game