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Description of Rondevo - Global Online Dating

Chat, meet new friends and date interesting people. Your special person is probably already waiting for your message. Rondevo has already helped thousands of people to connect. You can be next!

Join our hottest social discovery community in the world. Expand your social network. Chat online, share videos, and photos. Send cool stickers in chat to attract even more attention to yourself! Search, filter and browse profiles without limits. Text only who you really like. You will like this ultimate online experience.

After installing the app, you will be able to:

- Use search tools and advanced filters to find people who meet your criteria;

- Browse their profiles, view high-quality photos, and exchange videos;

- Send messages and chat in real-time;

- Send and receive photos, videos, stickers, and emojis;

- See your profile visitors, those who have Liked you and added your page to their Favorites;

- Exchange contacts and set up meetings with those who attract you;

- Meet new people every day!

- Free to download

Start a conversation, engage into talks, send and receive private messages and videos. You will get lots of attention!

Our app is safe and fraud-free - no bots, scammers and fake users. Only real people and verified profiles. All your information and private chat history is protected and strictly confidential.

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:1.9.20 Publish Date:2021-11-24 Developer:VHAPPS

User Reviews


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Todd Shannon 2019-10-15

Getting ttired of these apps charging or trying to charge both side to text or talk to each other this one is especially irritating as they try to charge you to look at photos that the girls have sent personally you can look at one in a thread and each additional will cost you more bologny same for messages is stupidest thing ever and I am sick of it
Charles Sidney 2019-11-01

Like that my friends can write and I can write or call or text write letters and so can they to me! It just works and that\'s everything! Good Job, Cheers
William Newman 2020-06-20

My experience so far has been pouring on the fact that it takes too long to sign up and you need to just make it a little quicker some that you can get to looking at possible matches that\'s what I think but who am I just another dude
Dave Gamez 2020-10-27

Very pleasant and easy to use. It is also easy for an elderly gentleman such as myself. Also it wasnt immediately asking for a credit card to chat or to view pics. Al Every single other site has been. Which made this site far more enjoyable to use than Any other site that i have tried. Thank you Rondevo for having such a enjoyable site to use. I tottally dont understand the previous negative comments.
Ray Ray 2020-06-28

Seems very spam base, you can\'t even search people with any meaningful filters. Seems very phishing, I made a profile and as soon as I hit enter, contact request starting pouring in, \"want to know what I\'m wearing\" so obvious this is all fake. All ads seems like from Eastern Europe. You can\'t pick country or distance.
Randall Hirt 2020-10-07

This app kinda sucks because you need credits just to talk to anyone. They make it a pain by making credits cost a lot, & they charge credits by the minute in their chat feature. So before you even realize it, you\'re out of credits & time when chatting with someone you like. All in all it\'s not a good dating app, especially given the cost of credits & requirement of 3,000 credits spent on one girl before you can get her contact info to possibly connect with her in real life.
Anime Alchemist 2020-08-18

I\'ve been using this app for 3 months, I found it odd that Ukrainian and Russian women don\'t seem to be bothered by people having to spend money in order to talk to them on the app. When I have brought up the subject they conveniently change to another topic. I have to refill coins just to talk to one person, I tried the contact exchange but that didn\'t work, I\'m wondering why we haven\'t moved from the app. It\'s clear that this app is meant to drain peoples money so they can talk in a chat room.
Rick StAmand 2021-01-01

All of these girls are from the Ukraine and Russia. If that\'s what you\'re looking for this app is for you, I prefer local. I am unimpressed with the interface. It seems like the information is incomplete when creating profile. This could be a great app if it included more regions and actually allowed you to choose a region. I\'m not a fan of moving someone halfway across the world to see if it works.
David Bruckman 2020-08-17

Having to keep buying credits to chat sucks. She should just have monthly fee. 4B the very first chat sites to have a weekly fee. because buying coins all damn days of pain in the ass. And I\'m not coming back here again to chat too much distraction. I had to stop and buy coins three times today in 1 hour because I don\'t have the big money to buy a bunch of them. I was very excited when they first joined a little bit ago and I noticed the women and girls you\'ve already had signed up
GG SWIFF 2020-12-04

This app is bias to people with no money they give 20 free credits to talk to people but when you run out then that\'s it no more talking they\'ll cut you of in the middle of a conversation when it\'s getting good like when you\'re watching your favorite TV show and it\'s getting good then boom a commercial come on just say money don\'t grow on trees think about the broke people we want to find some too everybody deserves to find that special some to have and to hold till the end of their natural days