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Description of Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game

The first and only official Rube Goldberg puzzle game. Solve everyday problems in Rube’s trademark elaborate whimsical style by creating hilarious machines. Is pouring a glass of juice just too straightforward and boring? Try using a jack-in-the-box, magnifying glass, string, and a cymbal-wielding friend to achieve your goal. The more creative your solution the better!

From award-winning designer David Fox, designer of the classic LucasArts graphic adventure games.

Rube Works is widely adopted by a growing number of elementary and middle schools and is fast becoming one of the years favorite educational games. Aligned with CCSS (Common Core State Standards) and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), Rube Works is a standout app that effortlessly bridges the worlds of gaming and education.


• Only official Rube Goldberg game, based on his original cartoons

• Google Play Achievements

• 18 Challenging Puzzles

• Beautiful Graphics

• Support for tablets and phones

• Aligned with CCSS/NGSS

• COPPA-compliant, no ads, no in-app purchase

• Text in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French

Designed and Produced by Electric Eggplant. Engineering and Art by Kalani Games. Produced by Heirs of Rube Goldberg. Originally published with Unity Games.


Founded by David and Annie Fox in 1992, Electric Eggplant has consistently garnered kudos on its games, educational software, and books and apps for kids, tweens, and teens. David began his game design career in 1982 as a founding member of Lucasfilm Games (LucasArts). During his decade there he helped invent the classic point-and-click graphic adventure genre. David is the Game Designer and Executive Producer on “Rube Works”. ElectricEggplant.com


Kalani Games is a game design & development studio in Austin, Texas. Founded by industry veteran, Kalani Streicher, Kalani Games has developed games for mobile, social and online platforms, pushing the boundaries of original, innovative and new game play experiences. KalaniGames.com


HRG (Heirs of Rube Goldberg) is a family-run company led by Rube’s granddaughter, Jennifer George. Their mission is to raise awareness of Rube’s work and to license the intellectual property to appropriate entertainment and media partners who will remain true to the spirit of her grandfather’s legacy. HRG works in tandem with RGI (Rube Goldberg, Inc), the non-profit arm whose mission includes education outreach programs for students and tinkerers of all ages through Rube Goldberg Machine contests around the globe. RubeGoldberg.com

© Electric Eggplant and Heirs of Rube Goldberg, LLC

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.5.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Electric Eggplant

User Reviews


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Peter J. Tamburro 2016-08-15

Glitchy... Cool game concept, but on level 4 the monkey did not use the banana peel so I did not get 3 stars, and on level 5 I assembled the machine properly a nd the boot does not stomp the horns in the shoes. I double checked with YouTube examples and I had it correct. It won\'t let me past the level! Running Android on brand new Samsung S7 Edge. Help!!! ***EDIT***: fixed after phone restart. Hopefully this doesn\'t happen too often. If it stops glitching, I\'ll give it a 5.
Chris Rose 2018-08-12

Loved Rube Goldberg stuff since I played Mousetrap as a kid. I love overcomplicated contraptions that do a simple task. The only thing not giving this more stars is lack of added level\'s and there\'s little replay value. Please add more levels, this game has great potential.
Absolute Ly intoxicated 2017-10-29

This is a fantastic puzzle game. With that being said it can get a bit frustrating to the point you will search the solved puzzle on YouTube. That is why I won\'t give it 5 stars. It\'s a .99 game at a 2.99 price. 18 levels make for a while of puzzle time, but it\'s $2 more expensive than it\'s worth
Tiffany Elaine Taylor 2016-11-14

Should be 5 stars but.... Love the game. Thank you for fixing sound and vibrate issues. New review: I redownloaded and now it\'s glitchy. Can\'t grab items easy. 10-20times I try. And I know how to solve first lvls. But they are not working now. Bummer. Was a great app. Please fix
Mark\'s Beautiful Landscapes 2014-01-18

Great Loads more levels plsss
Michael Martin 2020-12-07

Why the hell does this game request access to my dialer? It asks to be able to make and send calls. Why would that be needed. Also game is slow and laggy on a note 9. Also the interface is not great it didn\'t recognize a lot of touches and theres only one way to do things to my knowledge. Has potential for the future.
Steve Ritz 2014-03-07

Love it! Big Rube fan. Great little app for my classroom Rube Goldberg curriculum project.
Bil Bas 2014-06-01

Jimmy Skaggs 2014-02-17

Wonderful! Still my goto app on my Nexus. I would, however, love to see one big feature in the future - Sandbox Mode. We build our own levels/puzzles using a host of items and objects, etc. Still a 5-Star app. Love it!
Avi Schwartz 2014-04-07

Fun game but needs to turn off vibration This is a fun game but it urgently needs a way to turn off the vibration. Can\'t use it at night without vibrating the whole house awake.