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Description of RubikCalc Ultra: Programmable Calculator

RubikCalcPRO is a unique, fully programmable calculator that allows you to add all your most used functions at the swipe of a screen, having a very user friendly interface so just about anyone can program this calculator to be a physical, scientific or mathematical in one single custom formula calculator.

You can use your custom formula converted into calculator in no time without any programming skills or experience, just math.

Basic Features:

* Write your own custom calculator with your custom formula, with the ability to show/hide steps.

* Save your calculators to use them later

* Scientific Calculator with basic Trigonometric/Logarithmic functions.

* Customize your settings: Change the precision of the output (decimal places)

* Share with your results.

PRO Features

* Table Mode: you can enter multiple inputs and get the output.

* Chart Mode: You can create customizable charts and share the results.

* Statistical Functions: Standard Deviation, Variance, Mean, Median, and more...

* Logical Functions: If conditions and logical operators, >, <, ==, ......



* What is the "programmable/custom-formula Calculator"?

- It's an app that allows you to write your custom formula and convert it to custom calculator easily.

* How RubikCalc is different from any other programmable calculator?

- RubikCalc is totally different from other programmable calculator so that it's not a static app, it's totally dynamic, you can create your own customized formula calculators and save it and use it later.

* Is RubikCalc free?

- It's 100% Free and without Ads!!, however there is a bunch of extra features that you can purchase.

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More Information Of RubikCalc Ultra: Programmable Calculator

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.5.0 Publish Date:2021-08-09 Developer:Wisebay Solutions

User Reviews


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Quan Nguyen manh 2020-09-11

A great app like RubikCalc Pro that i used before. However, it will ben more amazing if you can combine calculations inside functions in calculator funcition, ex: Max(12+5,45-57,23+88),...and arrange custom calculators
William McDonald 2020-11-02

Does what I need. A bit difficult to figure out but once you get used to the user interface it goes okay. Wish it would keep the last used values. I have a custom algorithm with 4 inputs, 2 of which rarely change, but I have to reenter them each time I use it. Not a big deal, just a bit inconvenient.
Bob Light 2020-10-23

It took a while to get the hang of it as it\'s not intuitively obvious (thus 4 stars), but I can write, save, and edit several programs that I use regularly. Well done.
Armani A 2020-09-14

Input entry is not user friendly and it requires 2 steps. Please make input entry like a regular input box and include a calculator icon on the left side. If anyone likes to make entry by a calculator, he can click on the calculator icon. For a direct number entry, a user can simply use phone\'s number pad. Finally, this is a great and a unique app and thanks for that.
Fawkeia Radwan 2020-09-05

Amazing programmable calculator for all types of formulae !! I purchased the logical functions feature Strongly recommended
BOOGIE 2021-02-20

Best calculator ever seen and it is programmable
Avnish Thakkar 2020-11-22

In calculator tab or enter function should be there to move from one input field to another. Excellent job. Wonderful app. Appreciate. Exactly what I needed. Getting error in purchasing chart function
Ansh Wele 2021-01-12

Jus wut i was lookin for. but id b helpful if u cud add a function to round decimal points to neart multiple of 5, 10 etc
Hasan Radhi 2021-03-07

Amazingly good! I will list some issues I encountered: 1- there is no list type of data entry 2- Need to manually change the order of categories + under calculators so I don\'t have to delete the variables to change it\'s order 3- needs a description tab under each calculator that may include a picture of the real equation or a reference 4- needs export/import +- Cloud saving even with integration with one drive/google drive ..etc 5- It took me a while to figure out logics(no help inside) 6- ios?
alfred 2021-03-17

Useful app. It might be helpful if conditional statements (IF, WHILE, OR, THEN) can be incorporated which may increase flexibility.