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Rummy 45 - Remi Etalat

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Description of Rummy 45 - Remi Etalat

This is an online Traditional Rummy game also known as Rummy45. You can play anytime! We have more than 1 million registered players in our network and growing!

The rules of the game are slight different from the original rummikub game. For more information about the game rules you can access our site at www.remi-online.ro.

Game rules:

The game starts with 106 cards. Every player has to form valid card formations (ex: 12-12-12 or 3-4-5).

The cards from 1 to 9 have a value of 5 points and the cards from 10 to 1 have a value of 10 points. You need at least 45 points to place your cards on the table.

After placing the cards down the Joker card value is 50 points and the number 1 value is 25 points.

You need to draw a card from the card stacks or draw the card that the previous player placed on the table.

At the end of your turn you need to place a card on the table for the next player.

The game ends when you have only one card on your board (called the closure tile).

Enjoy the game!

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-04 Developer:Remi-Online.ro

User Reviews


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Chris Sonea 2020-10-28

The worst game ever. Full of annoying ads and abusive admins. I gave it one star because there is no lower option. Zero would be more appropriate.
Filip Mihai 2020-11-26

Forcing people to agree with you using the user data for market purposes is not cool. Every time I open the app I have to waste 5 minutes to disagree with the subcategories from your pop-up that you are forcing upon the users. If showing it so often is the solution for you, you should provide an easy way to say no. Or else the user will start not using the app anymore.
Alexandra Florina 2019-11-16

I like it. Especially that i can play it with my long distance friends :)
Bogdan-Mircea Bodnarescu 2020-03-22

This is a nice way to play remi etalat, especially with friends. The interface is ok once you learn it, but the communication could be improved for example to add better way to write messages, maybe audio? Also there is no way to track your friendly tables, to see what the score was or to make some rules for winning. Please make it more like real life playong with friends and this will become really popular.
CSC 2020-12-21

After the last update, it doesn\'t work anymore. When the countdown starts for the round to begin, it just stays on the loading screen and nothing happens or sometimes it just disconnects while playing. And no, I don\'t have Internet problems because everything else connects. And before sending me a message to contact you via email or other ways, just read my review because it is crystal clear and as far as I can see, other users reported it as well. It is called COMMON SENSE. Thank you.
Cristina Stefan 2020-04-07

I enjoy very much playing the app. The only minus it has it is that seldom it happens to disconnect and strange things happen with the cards once reconnected. Sometimes they are missing... Other times they are changed. I lose my turn, then it\'s my turn twice...i think that the stability needs some work.
Emanuel - Iulian Gheorghe 2020-08-12

I always lose because of a stupid bug. When I am at my last two cards and add one of the to someone\'s formation it opens a loading screen and i have to press back button and then say no to the confirmation message. I have a screenshot if it helps. I am looking forward to giving 5 stars for the game when this is fixed
Adrian Catalin Emanoil 2020-11-20

Forcing people into so many updates in the last couple of weeks, just to improve and adjust more ads into the game. Disgusting, the sad part is that it used to be such a cool and fun game. Just uninstalled it today after the last update. Don\'t waste your time
The Coffee boy 2020-04-20

A very nice and clean game. Constructive criticism - it needs to be able to chose when the game starts when playing with own friends, at times it takes a long time. Also, soon has started you need to keep going even if needs to run to loo (toilet), could you add a little pause even is for 2min? Other than that fantastic, and it does what sais on the tin!! A++
A Google user 2019-09-22

Won\'t let me draw opponents discard card. Won\'t let you use other cards on board when have 4 two\'s or 4 of other cards to make new run.