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Description of Rummy 500

Now with a brand new Online Multiplayer mode! Compete for Weekly prizes and enjoy all your favorite game modes with players from around the world!

Rummy 500 is the BEST Rummy game created for Android. Rummy 500 offers four levels of difficulty, 6 unique game modes as well as extensive statistics tracking. It is an unparalleled game play experience!

Now with 7 unique themes and great daily challenges! Customize your game to your liking and come back every day for a new chance to earn additional coins and unlock the latest theme!

Also includes Facebook integration! Personalize your game, earn experience with every game, never lose your statistics! Your statistics are now stored in the cloud and shared between all your devices.


• Realistic gameplay and graphics

• Intuitive single player gameplay

• 4 difficulty options

• 6 game modes: Regular, 3-Player, Speed Rummy, Team Play, Persian and Dealer's Gambit.

• Extensive Statistics, including games and hands breakdown.

• Facebook integration - personalize your game and save your progress.

• 7 unique themes to customize your game play experience!

• Daily Challenges! Come back every day for an additional chance to earn coins!

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More Information Of Rummy 500

lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.5.2 Publish Date:2021-08-27 Developer:North Sky Games

User Reviews


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K. Alexa Mitchell 2021-03-13

Good game, except only let\'s you play two games with a live person. Not to 500 points. Stupid. Also the ads are ANNOYING as all hell or I would give more stars. And it asks you to rate so frequently here I am telling you your game is TERRIBLE, just to get it to shut up on the rating, but I enjoy rummy so I\'ll keep it. Will never spend money on it because it is SO ANNOYING. Absolutely refuse. Updating because it wants me to write a review. Which I HAVE! So I\'m taking off yet another star. 👍
Natolie Blanchard 2020-02-16

I love this game! You don\'t have to earn coins or gems or any other ridiculous thing to continue playing. Play is unlimited. There are ads, but only one 5 second ad in between each game, which consists of 4 to 5 hands. If you do make a single in game purchase, all ads go away permanently. It has different difficulty levels as well as a new challenge every 24 hours. I find it very engaging and helps keep mind busy when things are slow at work or waiting for appointments etc.
OddlyAwkwardCas 2021-01-19

Pretty good game. Sometimes I feel like the computer is cheating (they usually hold one card that I need for no reason at all which is weird). It does suck how much you have to play to make money, or how much you have to spend to unlock more game types. I also wish playing online would go to 500 instead of 250. Other than that i love it!
Velvet Williamson 2020-08-28

This used to be a decent game but recently it glitches like crazy. Half the time, there\'s no one to play with so they assign you an \"opponet\" which is just the computer. You only win at certain times of the day-get to know the times you win. Lately I was playing a game and it went wonky! Made me lose my game when I didn\'t have a card to discard, sent my lay down to the other opponent. This wasn\'t the first time. Too many issues for me which is too bad because it used to be my favourite game.
TMW Hamlett 2019-10-08

Using a Samsung Galaxy S8, and I haven\'t experienced ANY problems! I\'m VERY pleased with this game. I enjoy spending late night hours when I can\'t sleep, honing my strategy skills on this classic card game. RIP, Mom, and thanks for teaching me how to play; and to the developers, kudos!
Brandon Uttley 2020-03-29

Really disappointed that you can\'t play with more than one friend without waiting a long time to earn coins or buying them with real money - What a money grab. I was starting to enjoy this game but will be uninstalling this immediately and moving to something else that is a little more focused on the user experience rather than sticking it\'s hands in my wallet.
Andy Bear 2020-01-13

The cards are constantly stacked against you when playing the NPC. I am not good by any means but I should at least one every now and then. It is even worse online. It is almost as if it is designed to give the opponent the advantage no matter what so you buy those dumb golden jokers. Would give 0/5 if I could. Tried again later on and when a computer can go out in two hands and put you -101 on a hand, that is impossible. I also fail to see how the computer can get A-8 in one hand.
Julie Cole 2020-07-29

Excellent game. The ads don\'t interfere with play but allows the game to provide income in a fair way. It would be nice to be allowed to sort cards from high to low while in suits. Not sure why but game stopped allowing double xp. Also one annoying issue is that when I have the cards sorted the way I want them, then I pick a card, it sometimes messes up my sorted cards.
Andrew Duddridge 2021-01-12

The only issue with this game is how long it takes to advance! Most games once you play around 10 games all options are open. This developer wants you to spend hundreds of dollars to play the other parts of the game! I would give this game and developer 5 stars 🌟 if they weren\'t so dam cheap and let us play all levels of the game in a decent amount of time! Heck you get paid for the ads we are forced to watch. Other than that I love playing this game
Josh Peters 2020-08-17

Could be a decent game, however even on easy the game seems extremely rigged. Every time the AI starts they put down at least half their cards, your discarded cards will be something they need 90% of the time, every time you put something down, they always have something to add to it no matter what it is, excluding of course 4 of a kind. Not worth it at all. No difference really between any of the \"skill\" levels.