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Rummy (Free, no Ads)

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Description of Rummy (Free, no Ads)

With Rummy Palace you can play live Rummy for free and without any advertisements. Find opponents from around the world. Thanks to thousands of members you will meet like-minded players online 24 hours a day for the popular live card game.

Shuffle your deck with your favorite card design and step up in our free ladder system. Or join one of the famous card clubs and find new friends to play with. Our standard tables are set to the most popular version of Rummy rules, but we also offer tables with custom rules like „Knocking“, „Cyclic Laying“, Without first meld“ and many more.

The Palace is a huge community for Rummy online and now available for all your mobile devices and desktop computers. Download the app now and play immediately, no registration required!

General Information:

Rummy-Palace is intended for an adult audience and does not offer any real money gambling nor is it possible to win real money. Practice or success at Rummy-Palace does not imply future success in real Rummy.

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More Information Of Rummy (Free, no Ads)

lable: Card - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-09-08 Developer:Spiele-Palast GmbH

User Reviews


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Grace Poole 2021-01-03

There actually are no ads. You can play people all around the world. If someones turn times out the computer takes over so no being booted out of matches.
maddie 2019-06-25

i only downloaded this bc it stated no Ads. not true
Fawzi Sharif 2020-02-26

This is a scam game...I went in with a starting chip count of 9,967 I created a table were the stake is 1,000 tokens and the jackpot is 1,600 (which is wrong also where does the 400 chips go?) anyway I played and won and now my total chip count is 10,567 this means that I only won 600 chips!! The 1,000 chips that I put in are back but with an addition of 600 chips. And the loser is deducted 1,000 chips when they lose, I know because it happened to me on many cassations. When I complained
terri larosa 2019-01-07

I have played on a lot of different rummy sites and this one is the best. I have been everywhere looking for something better and there is not one that I could find. Thank you all very much
Kevin Floyd 2019-04-06

ok after playing for awhile if you don\'t spend real money there is no point in playing they start you off with some chips to play but when that run out you have to spend real money to get more
Ellen Deluna 2020-10-17

Yes I love this rummy palace it\'s the best one out there ! ...#2. I\'m back, & YES! It is \" STILL\" the Best Rummy to choose to play. I never get tired of it Honestly , . . Go for it you can\'t go wrong ! ! . . .
Donald Polak 2019-05-19

When you first sign up you get decent cards but if you continue and i can only guess not spend any money you start getting absolute garbage cards. i have played probably 50 games with nithing but junk cards watching club joining premium players just come out on the first round over and over again. Time to walk away
Peggy Sue 2020-10-23

I dont know what people are crying about? This is hands down the best rummy game out there. Most of the complaints on here are petty little inconveniences and for the ones that say you cant win are just bad rummy players because I win all the time, you just have to play smart and not be a sand bagger that expects a rummy all the time. The only inconvenience I have is the time bar takes too long to time out a player that is either losing and being a baby or just not paying attention.
Laura Hickey 2021-01-07

Highly enjoyable version of rummy. I really am enjoying this developers games . Canasta is great! Looking forward to trying the other games they have!
J Strong 2020-08-25

Wierd. Jokers mandatory? Game play and layout annoying. Tried it for a few minutes and gave up.