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Rummy Gold (With Fast Rummy) -13 Card Indian Rummy APK

Rummy Gold (With Fast Rummy) -13 Card Indian Rummy

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- 1000000+ Installs -

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Description of Rummy Gold (With Fast Rummy) -13 Card Indian Rummy

Play Rummy (Indian Rummy) with Millions of Players from around the world real-time!


😁Easy to learn & play rummy

👬👫 Invite friends & family

💰Download Now and get 2 Lakh Free Chips!

Rummy Gold is the best Indian Rummy Card Game to play rummy online. Rummy game free play online in your rummy circle of friends & family

Play rummy online (रम्मी) with rummy players from all around the world.

Get the ultimate rummy experience in Rummy Gold app, an Indian rummy game

We know you love to play rummy and this is the realistic rummy gaming experience you want to have

Easily learn rummy using our tutorials and become a Indian rummy online player

Rummy game free play online and create memories for a lifetime

This Indian rummy game is best to play with friends & family rummy circle

The ultimate rummy game to get you entertained!

Indian rummy is a different version of gin rummy

The best rummy game free play online

Features of Indian Rummy Gold:

♠ Indian rummy game that is easy to understand and use

♠ Invite friends for an ultimate rummy experience and get upto 1 crore chips

♠ Smooth Gameplay on 2G/3G Network

♠ Play Rummy Online with your Friends & Family circle. Rummy game free play online and make new friends

♠ Lucky Cards - Play rummy & get extra chips upto 6 crores everyday by sharing cards with friends

♠ Chat - Have double fun by chatting with friends while playing rummy

♠ Gifts - Gift a donkey or tomato to tease others in rummy

♠ No Real Money Involved

♠ Rummy game free play online

♠ Play rummy in your language - Available in English, हिंदी (Hindi), ગુજરાતી (Gujarati), मराठी (Marathi), తెలుగు (Telugu), اردو (Urdu) and বাংলা (Bangla)

Indian Rummy Card game rules:

♥ 13 card rummy game is played between 2 to 5 players

♥ Each players gets 13 cards at the start of the rummy game where 2 card decks are used

♥ Each player starts with 80 points and must form sequences and sets to reduce their points from 80 to 0

♥ On a player’s turn, he can choose to pick up a face up or face down card and exchange it with a card from his hand

♥ Player should get to 0 points with the correct sequences and sets as quickly as possible to win the Indian rummy game

♥ Rules for sequences and sets -

- Minimum two sequences are required

- One of these sequences called First Life must be pure

- The second sequence called Second Life can be pure or impure

What are you waiting for? Rummy game free play online!

How to Play Rummy on Rummy Gold app:

English: https://youtu.be/eKLbUNUUL2A

Hindi: https://youtu.be/uDxRN-5UHBE

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This game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply success at real money gambling.

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To report any issues with usage or share feedback, please contact us in the game by clicking on the menu > Settings > Support or write to support@teenpattigold.com

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More Information Of Rummy Gold (With Fast Rummy) -13 Card Indian Rummy

lable: Card - Games Current Version:5.69 Publish Date:2021-07-09 Developer:Moonfrog

User Reviews


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Mercy Yogalakshmi 2020-07-01

I will rate 5 stars only if they stop continuing the game within 6 or 7 seconds on their own without even asking thr player permission, what if i slept playing , the game begin and i loose again again again andi will all the money, a game should ask my permission bfr starting , not like auto start in 7 seconds
Noob Player 2020-06-19

When i play in this app, im loosing too much games. This app is forcing us to play with cash. Buying chips with cash. Not fair. Thank you team for responding. Let me update something. I was once blocked for 30days for no reason, the after complaining and all they looked at my game play and received my account back in 3 to 7 days. If banning me as a cheat for no reason? An perfect designed app dr sir? Look please make things fair, that\'s only i ask.
SCOTT ANTHONY 2021-01-02

Will change to 5 stars if someone answers this....Why can\'t a player select which table they want to play at ? It seems like the higher bank you have the higher stakes table they make u go to. Then one loss and you lose most of your money. This game doesn\'t give you a chance to slowly build up a bank roll to play with. Besides that I love this game, so addicting
payal patil 2020-10-08

Fake game I don\'t like the poker mode.. cheating..😕 the person who is having lowest card os getting the money in poker game and the one who has the best cards gets less money.. Its not fare.🙄 I didnt like it . This game doesn\'t need a single star. Fake game. I request please don\'t play this game...😒 fake game fake game worst game worst game....😆😆
Mohan Kumar 2020-05-01

Was happy I found this. Loved the user friendly UI. But decided to stop playing cause of below 1. Can\'t play with Facebook friends. Invite button does not work. Lot of my friends I had invited, uninstalled the app cause of this. Inaccurate game description 2. No option to select table with lower points. Always forced to play at tables with 1600 or 5600 chips per point. Several users have written same review. I also contacted support and also checked the FAQs page. Nothing useful.
Jave Kamei 2020-12-25

This is the best game ,so far so good and graphics design are good cause there is no advertisement to disrupt in between the game it\'s a great experience n killing my boring time , thanks for this app , It is the best game for me ,once again I appreciate it for downloading in mobile and I give my rating five stars
Mithras Dev P 2020-09-23

Very Intresting game. Actually our family use to play with mahjong tiles. Now I happy that I can play online Easy to play just go through \"How to play\" . you will easyly understand. Happy for the Apps Creater. Good and keep it up Good job
Nalin Mardolkar 2020-06-26

Its an awesome game for passing time i really enjoy playing tjis game, as first i was not understanding the game of rummy how to play but this app tought me how to play and win👍 if there was real cash that we can redeem or withdraw that would be more fun and awesome.
GOPAL BARMAN 2020-06-05

Life saver game in this home quarantine situation, only one thing have to improve that they have to give us to choose selecting multiple table with various coins, because If you have more coin and you loose lot of money. If I wanna play with less coin, there is no option for that. Thanks
Anand Moses 2021-02-01

This game was designed for looting the players data and encashing from our service providers.lakhs of amount you received.This app was made free planned designed by your developer. Viewers are believed to play with their data but they do not know how much data was looting . Case will be lodge on TRAI and legal procedure will be raised on your app. Google is requested not to encourage this worst/cheat app.